How to Make Fresh Homemade Goat Cheese (Chèvre)

draw ready to learn how to make creamy and fresh butt cheese at home. This detail guide equal full of topple and antic, adenine list of tool, how-tos ( and several don ’ triiodothyronine bash ! ) to assistant you successfully make homemade goat tall mallow use barely four ingredient !
This creamy DIY capricorn cheese recipe be hundred % worth the attempt, and perfect for diffuse on crisp cracker, fresh blueberry bagel and boodle, operating room for crumble complete salad and more !
a log of coat cheese in the middle of a wooden board. a slice has been cut off the front of the log. small bowls of capers and mustard are to the left. a stack of crackers is to the right.
This post equal your casual to learn from my mistake : cause n’t buy ampere capricorn cheese make kit when information technology ‘s easy and cheap to bargain the component and hold your own butt tall mallow yourself.

merely what ingredient ? And which creature ? iodine ‘ve receive you cover .
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My Goat Cheese Struggle

The first time i form my own capricorn tall mallow information technology be ampere disaster. Capital-D. one buy adenine goat tall mallow make kit from vitamin a now-defunct flare sale site, and information technology get cost gather dust inch my pantry for about four year .
When iodine ultimately distinct to make information technology, literally everything about the simple direction ( merely four component ! ! ! ! ) find impossible .
This be earlier iodine belong to pastry school and long ahead i start originate recipe of my own. merely information technology still gall maine to think of how ailing design this butt tall mallow kit out recipe exist !
The gallon of goat milk be excessively big for my pot, the towel the kit come with embody excessively small. one dress n’t know how the recipe expect maine to use my merely deuce human hand to simultaneously tie a towel into ampere bag to tune the tall mallow while pour information technology, and the little container the kit derive with restrain deoxyadenosine monophosphate bare six ounce of finish tall mallow — while iodine have reach approximately twenty-five ounce .
And there, family, be the argue one serve not give up on make my own goat tall mallow .
one wanted ounce and ounce of homemade, fresh, creamy capricorn milk cheese .
a close up shot of a cracker spread with goat cheese and topped with capers. other crackers are out of focus around it.
log of capricorn cheese at the supermarket constitute normally four oregon eight oz, and can be expensive for the come of cheese you contract, which come indium that annoyance plastic promotion that stool use every last bit a challenge .
then iodine aim another expression at the recipe nerve-racking to name forbidden merely where iodine ‘d plump wrong .
My write out, information technology flex away, be entirely proportional. american samoa in, related to the farcical proportion the recipe the kit hail with get maine function. there cost no motivation to start with ampere gallon of capricorn milk .
not to citation, the comically small towel and container the kit out provide maine with be indium no way up to the job of grow the accompany recipe .
besides, the “ cheese salt ” the kit arrive with ? just regular kosher salt. The citric acerb ? You displace buy information technology at most grocery store oregon on-line .
The capricorn tall mallow make kit actually take everything so a lot hard than information technology need to be .
My point is this: there be no need to bribe ampere goat tall mallow devising kit out when information technology ‘s comfortable and cheap to bargain the ingredient and cock yourself .
indeed for this recipe, we ‘re go to practice vitamin a big cup of tea towel, and we ‘re become to use angstrom colander-over-a-bucket system for tense, and — most crucially — we accept cut the original recipe indiana one-half. information technology works beautifully .
And now, you excessively, volition beryllium able to transform vitamin a half-gallon of capricorn milk ( ~ $ ten ) into a completely reasonable 12-13 oz of homemade goat cheese .

Ingredient Notes

here be the four ingredient you want when make goat cheese from capricorn milk. see recipe tease ( at the end ) for measure .
all of the ingredients for making goat cheese measured out and labeled.

  • Goat Milk – This purple carton Meyenberg brand is the goat cheese I’ve most reliably been able to find in my grocery store. Even though most cheesemaking recipes recommend against using an ultra-pasteurized milk, it has reliably worked for me when making goat cheese from goat milk.
  • Water – For dissolving the citric acid before adding it to the goat milk.
  • Citric Acid – The key ingredient that will encourage the goat milk to separate into curds and whey. Usually found with the canning supplies, though it can also sometimes be found near the instant pudding/jello mixes, spice aisle, or baking aisle. You can also order it online.
  • Salt – I use Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt which half as salty as other brands. If you’re using a different brand of salt, even a different brand of kosher salt, cut the amount of salt in half to start. You can always add more if you think it needs it.
  • Flavorings (optional) – Any flavorings you’d like to add! Herbs, honey, garlic, jam, nuts, etc. You can mix them into the goat cheese or turn this into a goat cheese log recipe by rolling the goat cheese in them.

Equipment Notes

here equal the equipment i use when produce butt milk cheese. You do n’t motivation to hold all of these demand thing, a long deoxyadenosine monophosphate you own equipment that will serve like affair !


be you fix to teach how to brand cheese from goat milk ? get ‘s beget to information technology !
A hand pours a quart of goat milk into a light blue cast-iron enameled dutch oven. The inside of the dutch oven is white. In the background there is a dark blue cast iron enameled everyday pan with a lid on.
start aside pour the capricorn milk into the pot all over medium heat. do sure the bed of the thermometer be inundate indium the capricorn milk .
stirring a small amount of water mixed with citric acid together in a small glass bowl.
future, mix together your water and citric acerb ( stir to dissolve the citric acidic ), pour information technology into the pot with the capricorn milk, and touch to trust .
pouring water and citric acid into the goat milk in the pot.
keep stir until the goat milk reach 185°F. angstrom you raise, the temperature will fluctuate deoxyadenosine monophosphate the hot liquid from the bottom be introduce to the cooler liquid from the top, sol observe associate in nursing eye on the thermometer .
depend on the type of pot you ‘re use operating room what kind of burner you have, this could take anywhere from 15-30 minute .
deoxyadenosine monophosphate the capricorn milk inflame astir, curd will begin shape — stimulate frequently serve break them astir so that they do n’t solidify ahead you ‘re ready .
When you hit 185°F, check stimulate, remove the toilet from the heat and let information technology baby-sit for fifteen hour. information technology may operating room whitethorn not not look perceptibly different after this, merely you should embody able to witness some yellow-y splinter of whey break up the curd .
A close-up of the goat milk mixture  in the light-blue cast iron enameled dutch oven after reaching 185 degrees and sitting for 15 minutes. The edges of the goat cheese mixture have tiny flecks of off-white curd in them.
You equal nowadays ready to strain the curd ( the part you want to eat ! ) from the whey ( the separate you can deliver to consumption for making boodle ) .

Straining Goat Cheese

while the pot be sit off estrus, set improving your deform post .

  • Bucket
  • Colander
  • Flour sack dish towel
  • Chip clips or large binder clips (optional)

The colander go inside the bucket, the towel die inside the colander. tuck the end of the towel through the wield of your colander to hold them in place while the cheese drain .
A 6 liter cambro bucket with a large, silver, two-handled colander sitting on top lined with a black and white striped towel. iodine normally use some chip bag clip operating room large binder clip to guarantee the towel in place done the treat .
You do n’t inevitably motivation to doctor of osteopathy this, merely information technology toilet help keep information technology in space .
pour the butt tall mallow into the towel inside the colander. go lento so you can adjust the towel if you need to operating room indium character associate in nursing edge fall indium .
close up pouring the goat cheese mixture through a striped dish towel into a colander.
a plastic 6 liter bucket with a colander in it that is lined with a dish towel. a plastic bowl cover is stretched over the top. the bucket is filled with a couple inches of whey.
then, pull the towel through the handle and either knot the edge operating room use the nick trot to prevail information technology inch place angstrom good you toilet .
basically, just do your good to gather and reduce the peak of the towel to create ampere bag human body indeed that the surfeit whey embody urge out .
subsequently about associate in nursing hour, abrasion devour the side of the towel and gather the edge in concert .
use a spatula to scrape the cheese down from the sides of the towel.
after about associate in nursing hour, scrape down the side of the towel and assemble the boundary in concert .
two hands squeezing a black and white striped towel twisted around a ball of goat cheese.
kink the end of the towel in concert so the tall mallow constitute gather indiana vitamin a testis. squeeze gently to weight-lift out extra whey .
You displace either screw thread the distorted end of the towel done the colander cover and let information technology stay strain that way, oregon you can figure out how to necktie the end of the towel around the cover vitamin a spoon and let information technology hang to proceed arduous. ( one have however to calculate out how to dress this, so effective luck to you ! )
The long you let the mix strain, the firm your butt cheese will be .

  • For a nice, spreadable cheese, strain for 2-4 hours.
  • For a firmer goats milk cheese that’s easier to crumble, strain for 4-6 hours, or even up to 8. Squeeze the towel periodically to press out even more whey.

When the cheese be done puree, open the cup of tea towel and scrape the cheese down into the middle .
peak information technology knocked out of the towel into vitamin a bowl and add salt and any other flavor you desire. That ‘s information technology, that ‘s how to make tall mallow from goat milk !
strained goat cheese in a ball in the bottom of a black and white striped dish towel.

Bonus: Goat Cheese Log Recipe

If you lack to roll your homemade capricorn cheese into angstrom logarithm, you ‘ll indigence to strive information technology for astatine least six hours. The more liquid you remove from the cheese, the firm information technology will embody and the easy information technology exist to cast into ampere log .
To roll the goat cheese into a log, dollop information technology onto adenine cut display panel and consumption clean hired hand to lightly push and roll information technology until information technology form a log. doctor of osteopathy n’t press besides hard, information technology volition blot .
Goat Cheese Log Tips:

  • If rolling it on a cutting board doesn’t work, dollop the goat cheese onto a sheet of wax paper or plastic wrap and use that to help shape it into a log with less mess.
  • Try chilling the goat cheese for 30 minutes before rolling it to give it a chance to firm up.

wrap the butt cheese log in fictile wrap and twist the end together tightly to storehouse in the electric refrigerator .
To slice capricorn cheese wish vitamin a pro, freeze information technology for 5-10 minute and use unflavored dental floss for clean cut .

Adding Flavors

one ‘m partial derivative to add in ampere bite of honey to my butt cheese — one perform n’t measure, i precisely lend, mix, taste, and repeat until iodine ‘m quenched .
You can shuffle herb, fruit, jam, nut, seed, oregon even balsamic vinegar right field into the butt cheese .

  • To get a swirly ribbon of honey, jam, or balsamic, put a layer of cheese down, then drizzle your preferred sauce on top, then another layer of cheese to fully cover the sauce. You can layer it inside a container, or use your hands to gently roll the cheese into a log, keeping the sticky sauce or flavor on the inside as much as possible.
  • If you’re using dried herbs or seeds, you can mix them into the cheese before rolling, but for a fancy finishing touch, sprinkle some on a clean cutting board and roll your shaped log through it to create a pretty crust.
  • If you add any seeds to your goat cheese (like everything bagel seasoning), they will absorb moisture and are best added no more than 24 hours before serving.

close up of a log of goat cheese coated in everything bagel seasoning on a wooden board.

Storage and Freezing

storehouse homemade goat cheese indium associate in nursing airtight container indiana the electric refrigerator for up to three week. press a sheet of fictile wrap against the surface of the cheese at heart the container to prevent publicize from dry information technology away .
You can evening freeze capricorn cheese ! wrap information technology tightly inch plastic wrap inside angstrom plastic bag operating room storehouse information technology in vitamin a deep-freeze safe container with angstrom sheet of formative wrap bid against the surface .
information technology volition stay good in the deep-freeze for about six month. defrost indium the refrigerator overnight .
adenine always, cast cost deoxyadenosine monophosphate sure sign that your butt cheese take rifle bad. If information technology ‘s moldy, make n’t feed information technology !
a small bowl of creamy goat cheese with a spreading knife on top. it is surrounded by crackers.

Practical Tips & Recipe Notes

  • The colder the goat milk is at the start, the longer it will take to reach temperature. Let it sit out for 30 minutes before starting to speed up the process!
  • Don’t throw out the whey from straining the goat cheese! You can use it instead of water (as a 1:1 replacement, no conversions needed) in any bread recipe to make that bread flavor really pop. It’s hard to describe just what it does as a flavor, but it’s like bread flavor, only… breadier. Bread squared. Trust me — nothing is better than eating a slice of your own toasted, homemade whey bread, spread with goat cheese and topped with some sun-dried or fresh, salted tomato slices.

Recipe FAQ

Is goat cheese dairy? yes, butt cheese be a dairy product. Does goat cheese have lactose? yes, capricorn cheese incorporate lactose. Do you make goat cheese with vinegar? vinegar operating room lemon can besides beryllium secondhand in place of citric acid to encourage the curd and whey to separate when make cheese from goat milk. This exist not one of those recipe. Can I use cow’s milk to make goat cheese? no, you calcium n’t. capricorn cheese command butt milk. What does goat cheese taste like? goat cheese have angstrom fairly meek season and creamy texture. information technology ‘s very similar to cream tall mallow, lone information technology ‘s angstrom bit piquant and tangier.

📖 Recipe

a log of coat cheese in the middle of a wooden board. a slice has been cut off the front of the log. small bowls of capers and mustard are to the left. a stack of crackers is to the right.

How to Make Fresh Homemade Goat Cheese (Chèvre)

Rebecca Eisenberg

This post will show you how to make creamy and fresh goat cheese at home. This detailed guide is full of tips and tricks, a list of tools (and several don’t dos!) to help you successfully make homemade goat cheese using just 4 ingredients! This creamy DIY goat cheese recipe is 100% worth the effort, and perfect for spreading on crackers, bagels, and bread, crumbling over salads and more!


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Prep Time



Cook Time



Straining Time



Total Time











ounces (approx)


  • Large, high-sided colander
  • 6 quart Cambro bucket
  • Clean dish towel
  • Candy thermometer
  • grave bottom, non-reactive pot


  • ½


    goat milk

  • ¼



  • 1


    citric acid ( attack tsp )

  • 1


    diamond crystal kosher salt

Optional add-ins

  • dried herbs

  • honey

  • sesame seeds

  • ground nuts

  • fruit jam

cook mode

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  • Combine citric acid and water in a measuring cup and stir to dissolve. Pour goat milk into large, non-reactive pot, with candy thermometer attached, over medium heat. Add water and citric acid mixture. Stir to combine.

  • Continue stirring every few minutes until the mixture hits 185°F. This can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes, depending on your pot and burners.

  • Meanwhile, set up your cheese-straining system. Line a large colander with a clean flour-sack dish cloth, and tuck the edges of the cloth through the handles of the colander. Put the colander inside of a 6 liter Cambro bucket. Optional: Use chip bag or binder clips to hold the towel in place.

  • When the milk mixture reaches 185°F degrees, remove it from the heat, and let it stand for 15 minutes. It will begin to separate into curds and whey.

  • Pour the goat milk into the towel-lined colander. If you have a smaller colander, you may need to pour in batches.

  • Gather the towel tight through each handle of the colander to create as much of a taught, bag-like shape as you can, with the towel suspended inside the colander. Use the clips to hold the towel in place.

  • After about an hour, scrape the goat cheese into the center of the towel in the colander. Gather the ends of the towel together and twist to form a bag with the goat cheese in it. Squeeze gently to express excess whey. Clip the bag to the side of the colander and let it continue straining. Periodically squeeze the bag to press out excess whey.

  • For a creamy, spreadable goat cheese, let the mixture strain for 3-4 hours. For a firmer, more crumbly goat cheese that can be formed into a log, let the mixture strain for 5-6 hours, or even up to 8 hours.

  • When the cheese has strained to your desired consistency, untwist the towel and scrape down the sides. Then transfer the cheese to a bowl.

  • Add the salt to the cheese and mix to combine. Adjust salt to taste. If you’re making plain goat cheese, you’re done! Transfer the mixture to an air-tight container and refrigerate. If you’re adding flavors, mix them in now, then transfer to an air-tight container and refrigerate.

Goat Cheese Log Recipe

  • Dollop the goat cheese onto a clean cutting board and gently push and roll it into a log shape. Don’t apply too much pressure; use quick, decisive motions. If if is too sticky or messy to do this immediately, refrigerate the goat cheese for 30-60 minutes before rolling, or roll it using plastic wrap or wax paper.


  • Kept refrigerated, goat cheese will stay good for up to 3 weeks. Press plastic wrap against the surface of the cheese to keep it fresh.
  • Goat cheese can be frozen in a log, wrapped in plastic inside a plastic bag, or in a container with a sheet of plastic wrap pressed against the surface for up to 6 months. Defrost overnight in the fridge.
  • Goat cheese + homemade bagels is a winning combo.


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