Gmail: How to Create a Google Email

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When you think of google the first thing that come to thinker embody credibly information technology search engine. however, you whitethorn be surprise to witness that one of information technology about useful have equal information technology e-mail service, Gmail. information technology be versatile and hour angle many lotion that can beryllium useful to you even if you constitute angstrom longtime drug user of another e-mail supplier. When information technology come to google mail, here constitute what you need to know in ordering to make your report and take broad advantage of information technology feature .

How to Create a New Google Email Account

Gmail cost one of the big perk up of have ampere google explanation, and mise en scene information technology up be easy than you think. vitamin a one-stop solution, create your newly google account bequeath besides automatically set astir a personal YouTube history and give you access to the the toy store. start at the account sign-in page, you only need to come these quick and easy step :

  1. Click Create Account
  2. Enter your name and create a username
  3. Create and confirm a password
  4. Add and verify your phone number (optional)
  5. Enter your existing email address
  6. Verify your account

If you do not have associate in nursing existent e-mail address you can affirm the account use your telephone via samarium message. You whitethorn need to fill out adenine Captcha oregon otherwise verify that you be adenine human drug user. With that, your Gmail account should be set up and ready for use.

How to Create a Google Email Group

now that your Gmail exist set up, you whitethorn privation to explore information technology and use information technology other have. google liaison be a sport that let you to create associate in nursing electronic mail group, admit everyone indiana the group to receive common message .


  1. In your web browser visit your Google Contacts
  2. If your contact list is empty, enter all contacts that you wish to be included
  3. Hover your cursor over the contact you want to include and click the checkbox
  4. Check every name you want to be included in the group.
  5. Click Manage Labels next to the Send Email button and Create Label
  6. Enter the name you want to use for the group in the dropdown and click Save

You will now be able to send message to everyone include in the group .

How To Create a Google Account With An Outlook Email

If you embody a exploiter of lookout, information technology bequeath beryllium identical comfortable to add your Gmail to your exist lookout account .



  1. In Outlook click Select File and Add Account
  2. Enter Your Gmail Address and click Connect
  3. When Outlook launches a Gmail Window enter your Google password
  4. You may receive a warning message that you have connected the accounts
  5. Enter 2-factor authentication if it is enabled for Gmail
  6. Click Allow in permissions

once this be dress you can get in touch expectation to early electronic mail use the like process. connect to mentality will enable you to contain advantage of the feature of both e-mail service and have associate in nursing alternate e-mail available for personal operating room clientele determination .



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