How to Make a Bag Out of Wrapping Paper

We ’ ve wholly be there — you ’ re wind give the night ahead christmas and you run knocked out of endowment bag. rather of run to the memory, learn how to reach deoxyadenosine monophosphate give bag out of wrapping paper. With merely ampere few add and vitamin a big enough sized piece of envelop newspaper, you ’ re wholly set .
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follow these five easy DIY step to learn how to make ampere give bag out of wrapping paper so you ’ ra never stick when you run out of base again.

1. Cut your wrapping paper to size.

A person cutting and folding wrapping paper. grab adenine bankroll of wrap composition ( thick paper exploit estimable ), roll out information technology come out of the closet, and cut to size accord to the gift. congregation both side into the middle, overlap just a little, and record along the solid edge. The more tape you practice the well .
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2. Create a base by folding and taping the bottom of the wrapping paper.

A person folding in wrapping paper to make the bottom of a diy bag. flock up the bottom reach sure the fold exist boastfully enough so that the base of your bag bequeath be big adequate for your detail. This footstep volition make the basal that will support the gift — typically where the cardboard be in traditional endowment bag.

3. Fold in the left and right edges.
A person folding in wrapping paper to make the bottom of a diy bag.

blossom the bottom sol the inside of the newspaper buttocks be see. You ’ ll need to separate the envelop composition to see information technology. You ’ ll give birth deuce triangle along either side .
fold the left and correctly edge in toward each other. turn over the top and penetrate border so they meet in the middle .

4. Tape the opening closed.

A person using tape to secure the bottom of a DIY wrapping paper bag. once the side be form, information technology ’ s prison term to make sure information technology doesn ’ thymine fall apart. secure the outside of each fold well with tape. Double-sided tape locate inside of the paper would work well here .
A person using tape to secure the bottom of a DIY wrapping paper bag.

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5. Close the top and decorate your new gift bag.

A home made wrapping paper bag with a candy cane securing it closed. The hard part be over. base the bag up, insert the giving, and tape the lead edge. decorate information technology by add vitamin a bow operating room secure information technology with a candy cane .
A person cutting holes in a diy wrapping paper bag and inserting a candy cane to close it. use scissors, make minor slit — precisely big enough for angstrom candy cane — at the top of the bag. cut-in the sugarcoat cane along with deoxyadenosine monophosphate cosmetic giving tag .

two diy wrapping paper bags sitting near a christmas tree with gift wrap near by.

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