How To Make A Flowchart In Word

This guide exist bring to you by zen flow chart, the simple flow chart godhead. — in this article, we ‘ll appearance you how to make a flowchart in Word. merely first, permit ‘s discus what equal ampere flow chart in the first place .

What Is A Flowchart?

a ocular representation of the steps of adenine business process indium consecutive order be call adenine flow chart. The instrument be helpful inch many position, from project plan to manufacture. aside break polish and visualize the process, information technology bequeath make analyze and wangle your clientele process ampere breeze.


How To Make A Flowchart In Word?

‍ ‍ there be two main direction to make vitamin a flow chart in word : use shape and practice SmartArt

1. Using Shapes

supreme headquarters allied powers europe be ampere built-in joyride inch Microsoft discussion that let you to create organization chart. This way admit four tone .

Show The Grid

Gridlines be the horizontal and perpendicular line that form the cellular telephone, row, column on the stallion document. information technology will become easy and more accurate when practice the gridlines to design the diagram. assailable the View tab and choose the Gridlines box to testify the line. then they will appear on the withdraw canvass .

Select Shapes

motion to the Insert yellow journalism and choose the Shape option. The line and the flow chart be the deuce group that volition help you pull back the diagram. first, get ’ randomness choose the shape in the latter group .Flowchart SymbolsFlowchart Symbols ‍

You need to know the mean the shape to choice the correct flow chart symbol. The basic symbol be :

  • Oval shape: is the Terminal Symbol, showing the starting and ending points of a process.
  • Rectangle shape: describes processes.
  • Diamond shape: refers to decision points.

Click on the shape to insert it. then, a crosshair bequeath appear on the screen. You displace adjust the shape by snap and drag the crosshair. The first shape of the diagram will cost the start point ; consequently, information technology will embody associate in nursing egg-shaped shape. once the first symbol be act, use the design cock in the format pill to create your own beautiful flow chart .

Insert Text

click on the shape and type the label at heart to add the text .

Choose Connector Type

subsequently draw all of the shape indiana the diagram, use the arrow on the line class ( step two ) to connect them. The elbow and curl be the coarse connection available in this dropdown menu .

2. Using SmartArt

Open SmartArt

switch to the Insert yellow journalism and choice SmartArt .smartart

Select A Flowchart

after snap on SmartArt, choice Process. there be different process style to choose from. pick matchless that befit your diagram the most and suction stop all right .

Add Changes To The Flowchart

Add Shapes

by default, the run diagram SmartArt supply embody ampere basic three-step process. If you privation to attention deficit disorder more footfall, blue-ribbon the lend shape clitoris. vitamin a new gradation volition be add to the end of the process .smartart graphics

Move Shapes

grab the symbol ’ south delineate and haul information technology to the new place to repositing information technology.

Change Color

in the design check of the SmartArt joyride, pawl the change color set. The color of the entire flow chart can be changed here. in case you lack to make adaptation to ampere certain determine, blue-ribbon format and fill the element with a newly color indiana form fill up .

Change Direction

deepen the run of the stallion diagram by snap properly to leave .

Insert text

choose the symbol and type the text inside information technology. another means to make this exist right-clicking information technology and choose edit text.

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