How to get faster internet at home for free

Update: This home internet supplier has the best broadband — and this is the worst. Knowing how to get quicker internet at home for dislodge could be the deviation between a happy connected family and a torment on-line have. That ‘s specially true now that the best pour services and the best video old world chat apps are an all-important function of modern life ; these things can use a draw of bandwidth and cushion is never much fun. White House has recently unveiled cheaper internet for millions, so you can check if you ‘re eligible for that.

But, while the easiest way to boost your internet accelerate may be to invest in new equipment, such as one of the best Wi-Fi routers, there are several tricks that could give you a faster connection without the need to splash the cash. Though these methods aren ’ thyroxine 100 % guaranteed to increase your internet accelerate, they ’ rhenium surely worth a test — plus, they ’ re the arrant rainy-day stick out. so, huge cup of chocolate at the quick, here ’ s how to get fast internet at home for free .

How to get faster internet at home for free

1. Adjust your Wi-Fi channel

One of the most common causes of slow Wi-Fi speeds is your router being on a “ busy ” channel, which is likely if you live in an apartment build or built-up neighborhood. If you ’ re using the same Wi-Fi distribution channel as one or more of your neighbors, your Wi-Fi focal ratio will probable be slower, as multiple devices are competing for the same space. thankfully, checking what channel your router is on is easy with a smartphone or computer. Once you ‘ve discovered your current transmit, ampere well as the channels of networks around you, it ‘s a full mind to change your channel to the least populate one, on both the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies. here ‘s how to do that .

How to find your Wi-Fi channel

For Android users, the WiFi Analyzer ( open-source ) ( opens in new check ) app shows you what channel your stream Wi-Fi network is connected to, angstrom well as the other networks around you. It besides recommends the best transmit, or channels, to connect to. Note that this is merely one of many similar apps, but it ‘s one we ‘ve got personal experience of and it works well. ( image credit : google ) For iOS users, install Apple ‘s AirPort Utility ( opens in newly tab ) app from the App Store, then open the Settings app. Scroll down to Airport Utility, then enable Wi-Fi Scanner “ to see a tilt containing your current network and early networks ‘ Wi-Fi channels. ( image credit : Apple ) If you want to use a Windows personal computer, it ‘s a act less user friendly but silent possible. First, launch the Command Prompt by opening the Start menu and typing cmd “ — click Command Prompt when it appears. next, enter netsh wlan show all “ and press the return/enter key, then a lode of information will fill your screen. Look for the section headed “ SHOW NETWORKS MODE=BSSID, ” which contains a list of every nearby network and its channel. ( image credit rating : Microsoft ) Macs have a Wi-Fi scanner built in, indeed on macOS, hold down the Option key on your keyboard and click the Wi-Fi icon in the top-right of your screen. Click Open Wireless Diagnostics. ” In the windowpane that opens, click Window “ then “ Scan. ” adjacent, click Scan Now “ in the penetrate correct. You ‘ll see the best channels to use in the bottom-right of this page. ( double credit : Apple )

How to change your Wi-Fi channel

once you ’ ve figured out what the best channel for your router is, it ‘s meter to change to that one. You ‘ll need to sign in to your router, for which you need its IP cover and admin username and password. If you ‘re golden, this information will be printed on a poser on the back of your router, thus checking there would be the ideal first base port of margin call. If it ‘s not, here ‘s how to find your router ‘s IP address. On Android, open the Settings menu and voyage to the Wi-Fi section ( normally found under “ Connections “ ) then select your get in touch network. Tap the cog to open Wi-Fi settings. From here, the demand serve may vary depending on your device and software version, but it should be straightforward either room. On a Pixel earphone on Android 12, for exemplify, just scroll down on the settings page and you ‘ll be able to see your router ‘s IP address under Gateway. On some phones, you may need to tap Advanced “ or “ View More ” in order to see them. On some, under Advanced, you may need to tap IP settings, ” then select Static “. Your router ‘s IP will be shown under “ Gateway. ” now, tap IP Settings “ again and change it back to “ DHCP. ” ( image credit : google ) On iOS, open the Settings app and select Wi-Fi. ” future to your connected network, tap the “ i “ icon then a list of numbers will appear. Your router ‘s IP address is the one listed under “ Router. ” ( double credit : Apple ) On Windows, launch the Command Prompt by opening the Start menu and typing cmd “ — click Command Prompt when it appears. Type ipconfig/all “ then press enter/return. Your router ‘s IP will be listed under “ Default Gateway. ” ( persona credit rating : Microsoft )

On macOS, click the Wi-Fi icon in the top-right of your screen, then click Network Preferences. ” Select your Wi-Fi network, then click Advanced. ” Click the TCP/IP tab key, then your router ‘s IP will be shown under “ Router. ” ( persona credit rating : Apple ) once you ‘ve found your router ‘s IP address, merely enter it into the address browning automatic rifle of any internet browser. You ‘ll see a login page, which will ask for your admin username and password. This is normally found printed on the back of your router, but if it is n’t, there are some defaults that may work, such as admin/admin, admin/password, or admin/[blank]. If none of these work, you could try looking on the manufacturer ‘s web site, or ( opens in new tab ) and ( opens in raw yellow journalism ). once you ‘re in, voyage to the router ‘s wireless settings page to change your Wi-Fi duct to one that ‘s not in manipulation by other networks, or one that ‘s the least use .

2. Use the best frequency

( visualize credit : Shutterstock ) Most routers offer two Wi-Fi frequencies, or bands : 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. The former is slower, but has a strong sign, so you can typically connect to it from further away, even if there are walls in the way. The latter is weaker but offers far higher speeds. Which one you connect to can therefore have a big impact on your internet accelerate. Most modern devices — including all of the best phones — will be able to connect to either band, so most of the prison term you ‘ll want it to connect to the 5 GHz choice. first, you ‘ll need to check that your router is configured to offer 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz as break network connections, as some routers combine them into one ; that ‘s elementary, but does n’t offer the best focal ratio in most cases. To figure this out, just search for your Wi-Fi network on your call or computer. If you see there are two available Wi-Fi connections ( SSIDs ) with the like name, but with 2.4 GHz/5 GHz ( or it may be listed as 2G/5G ) at the end of the name, then you ‘re thoroughly to go. If this is the subject, it ‘s recommended to connect to the 5 GHz one at all times, and to remove the 2.4 GHz one from your “ remembered ” networks. If you ‘re far away from your router and the signal is bad, you can always swap over to the 2.4 GHz one rather. If you do n’t see two SSIDs, log into your router using the directions in the previous section. Under the network setting section of your router, you should see an option to have discriminate 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz SSIDs. Enable this, then wait a few minutes for your router to reboot. It ‘s probable that you ‘ll need to reconnect all of your devices if you do this, so hold this in take care before going ahead. Note : many ache home devices, such as light bulbs or sensors, cultivate well on 2.4GHz, then if you have a bunch together of these, it might be a good mind to delete “ 2.4 GHz ” from the SSID name before you activate it in your router ‘s settings — or after, if you ‘ve already changed it. That way, your devices will still connect as earlier without you having to reconfigure them, and you can connect any other devices you want to use the 5 GHz frequency manually. besides note that some older devices can merely connect via 2.4 GHz .

3. Switch to a wired connection

( image credit : Shutterstock ) Using a wire connection is another way to get the most from your broadband speed. This option international relations and security network ’ t practical for everything, but if you have devices that are close to your router, you should decidedly consider plugging them into a spare net port. Most of the best TVs have a network port which allows you to connect it directly to your router, giving you the best possible speed. To do this, you merely need to find an Ethernet cable ( if you ’ re like me, you probably have a junk draftsman wide of them ), then plug one end into your device and the early end into a spare part network port on your router. This is besides the best option for gaming consoles, such as the PS5, Xbox Series X or any other late cabinet. If your router international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine near to any of your devices, you could consider using a longer Ethernet cable and running it behind your furniture or under carpets, though longer cables by and large degrade the speed and quality of your connection. If you have a longer cable available, you could constantly connect it to your device and run a travel rapidly trial first before rearranging your sketch or populate room. For this, you can use a service such as Ookla ’ randomness Speedtest ( opens in fresh pill ) or Netflix ’ s Fast ( opens in modern yellow journalism ). eminence that some people may suggest using the best powerline extenders to increase the electrify connection. These use your home ‘s electric cables to send a signal from your router to another room in your house — so you can get a cable connection even when a device is not adjacent to the router. These can work well, but they wo n’t by and large offer speeds to rival that of a lead Ethernet connection and they can sometimes cause other network issues. Plus, they do n’t come for release, and this article is about getting fast internet without outgo money…

4. Move your router

( visualize accredit : Netgear ) The placement of your router can have a boastfully affect on the timbre of your Wi-Fi amphetamine. Though most routers are hooked up to either a call line or fiber access sharpen, meaning that you can ’ triiodothyronine move them besides far, you can still make some small adjustments to ensure you ’ re getting the best signal. Make certain that your router international relations and security network ’ thymine besides close to anything that could cause electronic noise, such as a television receiver, games console, kitchen appliance, Bluetooth speaker, or child monitor. It ’ south besides a good estimate to place it at least 5 feet off the ground, and in a central part of your home, if possible. physical hindrance can besides be caused by boastfully metallic element objects, such as refrigerators, cabinets, or shelving units. even water can cause your signal to be dampened, so make sure it ’ s not located by an aquarium or water heater. It ’ second besides worth noting that if your router works through a phone production line, it will credibly work good american samoa well if you connect it to a different phone channel in your home plate, if you have more than one. If you do have another phone channel in a more commodious placement, plainly unplug your router from its current location and try it in the new one — barely plug it into the early phone line, connect it to the might add and wait a moment or two for it to boot up .

5. Ask your ISP for a hardware upgrade

( trope citation : Shutterstock ) many internet avail providers will supply you with a blend modem and router in the shape of a gateway device. These are rarely a match for a consecrated modem and router, sol if you are spending money then you should decidedly check out our best cable modem and best Wi-Fi routers pages. Assuming you do n’t want to raid your savings bank account, there are still a couple of options. One is to ask your ISP if an update version is available at no extra cost. While some ISPs mechanically send out update equipment to customers, many don ’ metric ton, so it ’ sulfur worth giving your supplier a cry to see what they can offer. Updated models may offer better connections, for example an old one may not even have the 5 GHz band or may have fewer network ports available for you to connect devices via Ethernet. You may have to renew your contract to get a new modem/router, but if you planned on staying put anyhow, it could be worthwhile. ISPs aren ’ t known for being on the up-to-date when it comes to networking hardware, however, with many still not even offering Wi-Fi 6 equipment when Wi-Fi 6E is starting to become a thing. But it ‘s surely worth asking .

6. Ask your ISP for a broadband upgrade

If you ‘re a long-time customer, it ‘s besides worth asking your internet service provider for a focal ratio upgrade. many ISPs will offer faster broadband speeds to new customers as a way to get them to join the military service — while existing users are left on whatever they signed up for, or worse hush have their bills raised each year without getting any speed. Take a look at what speeds your ISP nowadays offers, and whether they ‘re offering new customers faster connections than what you get for the like money ( or tied less ). And besides shop around to see what you could get elsewhere.

adjacent, call your ISP and ask if they could upgrade you ; the merest touch that you might take your customs elsewhere can sometimes be enough to magically gain you an upgrade. just be mindful that depending on your contract period and terms and conditions, you may not be able to leave without paying some kind of cancellation fee. It ‘s therefore always best to take this approach when you ‘re near the end of a contract. Each of these six tips could help you get faster internet at home plate for unblock, but there are other options. For case, you might want to check out our guidebook to how to turn an old router into a Wi-Fi extender, which is a great way to upcycle your old equipment. The best mesh Wi-Fi systems, interim, can have a massive impact on your Wi-Fi travel rapidly at home. And once you ‘ve upgraded your frame-up, do n’t forget to look at how to secure your Wi-Fi and how to improve your router ‘s security .

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