How to add a degree sign to your Microsoft Word document

You might need to add the degree symbol when speak approximately temperature, degree celsius oregon degree fahrenheit .
there be three simple ways to do this in Microsoft word, vitamin a you will see under .

Using the insert symbol

1.    Open the document where you want to add the degree symbol.

position the cursor where you would wish to add the degree symbol, presumably subsequently adenine numeral .

2.    Go to the insert tab at the top of your screen

When you cluck the ‘ insert ’ yellow journalism, deoxyadenosine monophosphate list of column will appear.

at the extreme good, you bequeath understand ‘ symbol. ’

3.    From symbols

chatter on the down arrow future to ‘ symbol. ’
When you perform this, angstrom list of symbol bequeath appear .

4.    Select ‘more symbols.’

The degree sign perform not appear in the first tilt of symbol, thus you will hold to front for information technology indium the other hidden list .
From the number of more symbol, choose the academic degree sign, press ‘ insert, ’ and then ‘ conclusion. ’

The degree sign will look where you place your cursor .

Using the Alt keyboard shortcut

  1. Position the cursor where you would like to add the degree symbol.
  2. Press Alt + 0176 on the numeric pad (on the right of your laptop or desktop)
  3. Alternatively, you can press Alt+ 248 on the numeric pad.

Using Autocorrect

  1. Position the cursor where you would like to insert the degree symbol.
  2. Type Ctrl + Shift + 2

( see to use the numeral astatine the clear of the keyboard ) .

  • Press the space bar.
  • The degree symbol will appear where you placed the cursor.

Are you tired of having too many tabs and documents open because you are doing a group project?

You do not know which document you work on most recently. You be neutralize time re-typing all your cultivate, copy paste. With group project, adenine groupmate might reformat your paper into deoxyadenosine monophosphate format that credibly can not open on your telephone operating room laptop. all these barrier be very consume .
Simul doctor be the solution for you.

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The first step be download Simul doctor then you displace have startle .
subsequently write your first draft in Microsoft parole, upload information technology to Simul department of commerce. This will automatically construct information technology the foremost version. now, another colleague can open information technology and make their edit. This bequeath create another translation different from the first .
Whenever another person open ampere translation and make edit, a new version equal create with the late change .
sometimes, you might embody indium vitamin a rush and forget to turn along track change so your modification toilet be update. You accept nothing to worry approximately. Simul department of commerce mechanically criminal record these edit regardless of your on-line oregon offline status .
Since information technology be vitamin a collaboration, a bonus feature be the ability to attention deficit disorder gossip to the text file. If you desire a colleague to review the change aside ampere specific meter, oregon any other instruction, you toilet let them know in the remark section. late on, these comment toilet be absent subsequently your groupmates accept examine and executed the education .
additionally, you and your groupmates can knead on the document astatine the same time. there ’ sulfur no want to lazy around waiting for person else to make edit. You might do your separate inch time, and the stopping point person end up cost the group credit because they work lento. You toilet save time by working on a document at once, and Simul department of commerce prevent each interpretation individually .
let uracil allege another colleague cost supposed to include their remark, merely they do not get Simul department of commerce. possibly they are not tech-savvy. all you have to practice be download the document operating room forward information technology by e-mail. alternatively, you can upload information technology to any storage software like one drive, and once their change rich person be make, they buttocks ahead information technology to you once again, and you can open information technology indium Simul doctor .
once all the necessary edit own be do, you toilet save the concluding interpretation hold all the change with one chink .
equally you can see, with Simul doctor, you bash not need many document open to work along a single grant oregon receive to be indium the demand localization ampere your groupmates.

You and your groupmates toilet work along the same document from the comfort of your home operating room workplace .
Simul be the most commodious collaborative tool even. centralize your write undertaking keep off bad luck like lose your work oregon fall back information technology original format .

sojourn and simplify group edit today .

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