7 Easy Steps To Straighten Curly Hair And Mistakes To Avoid

The two best options to change your look dramatically and surprise your family and friends are to either go for straightening or curling ( depending on your hair type ). But the routine to straighten your curly hair can be taxing and time-consuming. While many hesitantly straighten their hair ( as they fear damaging their tresses ), others do not even risk taking the tone. however, these apprehensions can be ignored if you use the right equipment, proficiency, and process. This read will let you know about some of the best ways to straighten your locks without damaging them, what keratin straightening treatment is, and a few crucial precautions to keep in mind. Let us get started .

What Should You Know About Curly Hair ?

Curly hair can have different textures, and you should know a few things about them before going from curly to straight hair. There are three natural curly hair textures – wavy, curly, and coily. Straightening crinkled or curly hair is easier than straightening coily hair. here is the bit-by-bit usher to learn how to by rights straighten your curly hair without any price.

How To Straighten Your Curly hair

Step 1: Rinse Your Hair With A Gentle Shampoo

Curly hair is more prone to frizz and requires a gentle shampoo and a nourish deep conditioner to prevent any price and crimp. Wash your hair with frizz-fighting shampoo and conditioner with lukewarm water to prepare your hair strands for the straightening process. Since hot water can strip off all moisture and natural oils from your hair’s-breadth, always use halfhearted water to rinse your haircloth. You should use hair’s-breadth concern products that are pacify on your hair and can help prevent the damage caused by straightening tools .

Note: Apply a small amount of hair conditioner to the ends and lengths of your haircloth ( avoid the roots ). besides, use a jersey or a microfiber towel ( it is gentler on the hair ) to squeeze out surfeit body of water from your hair .

Step 2: Detangle Your Knotty And Tangled Hair

As curly hair well loses its moisture and becomes dry, it makes your hair messy and tangle-prone. You should constantly use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your curly hair before straightening it. After all, you want your locks to be arsenic placid as possible. Gently glide the wide-toothed comb through your locks, starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots. It removes knots more efficiently and without pulling out your hair. Do this until your hair is tangle-free. Note : Always comb your hair before taking a shower. This will prevent your hair from getting tangled when you wash it. Furthermore, do not brush your hair’s-breadth when it is wet and more prone to breakage .

Step 3: Prepare Your Locks For Straightening

Preparing your damp curly strands the right way before using a blow dryer is an essential step in the straightening process. Apply a heat protectant before using a blow dry. It will protect your hair from inflame wrong. It provides up to 450-degree estrus protection, seals in radiance, and tames frizz. however, remember that using excessively much estrus protectant can make your hair’s-breadth hitch and awkward. StyleCraze Says We recommend using inflame protectant sprays due to their light formulations. Spray evenly from a 15cms distance and let your hair dry before styling .

Step 4: Use A Blow Dryer

If you have very midst, curly haircloth, blow-dry it can take more time. Grab a blow dryer and round bristle brush and section off your hair so you can focus on drying one section at a time. Brush down the section lento while blow-dry it. Use the blow dry on a low heat setting to minimize the amount of heat your hair is exposed to. besides, make certain that your haircloth is completely dry before moving on to the future mistreat .

Step 5: Grab Your Hair Straightener

Pick up a small section and secure the perch of your hair’s-breadth with clips. Set your straightener on a low or medium heat setting. once your categoric iron has heated up, run it through the section of hair. Remember, never use a flat-iron on wet or damp haircloth .

Step 6: Use The Chase Method

If your straightener does not give you poker directly locks, then you need to use the chase method acting. It will give you the desired results you are looking for. In this technique, you need to use a rat-tail comb and a straightener at the lapp time to straighten your hair. It works to reach every strand of haircloth and limits the amount of heating system you apply. besides, you should be able to smoothen your hair’s-breadth with good one passing with this tidy technique. Place the rat-tail comb an column inch or two below your roots, with the bland cast-iron right above it. lightly comb through your hair and run the plates through it at the same clock time to straighten your locks. Repeat until you have silky locks .

Step 7: Spritz On Some Hairspray

If you want a full expect, apply a volumizing spray at the roots before you straighten each section. When you are all done, use a small measure of hair’s-breadth serum ( works good on thick, coarse hair ) or spray ( works well on normal to fine or thin hair ) for a polish count. besides, remember that using excessively many leave-in hair products will weigh down your haircloth and make it greasy. If you don ’ triiodothyronine want to straighten your curly hair at home and are looking for a more long-run solution, you can go for a keratin haircloth straightening treatment. Find out all about it in the next section !

Keratin Straightening Treatment

If you regularly straighten your curly haircloth, then you know it is a boring process. In that case, you can consider thermal haircloth straightening or keratin tidy treatment. A keratin hair’s-breadth discussion can take anywhere between 1 to 2 hours, depending on your hair type, length, porosity, and thickness. Before starting the treatment, the hairdresser shampoos your hair with a clarifying hair cleansing agent to remove any dirt and product remainder. once your hair is houseclean and fresh, it is divided into sections. then, the hairdresser applies the keratin solution to your hair and lets it sit for an hour. ultimately, they seal your cuticles and lock the keratin into your haircloth with a flat iron. This is an artificial way of putting keratin rear into your haircloth. This treatment has many benefits like :

  • Shortens your blow-drying time by 50%.
  • Shiny and frizz-free hair for days without washing it.
  • Fixes damaged hair and maintains a volumized look.
  • Makes your hair smooth, shiny, and manageable.
  • Frizz-free, glossy, and lustrous hair.

StyleCraze Says With proper care and alimony, a Keratin treatment can last for vitamin a hanker as 6 months, saving you the sift from heating system style. Straightening your curly hair will give you a new look. But, you should avoid making some mistakes while straightening it. Let ’ s teach about them in the adopt section .

Mistakes To Avoid While Straightening Your Curly hair’s-breadth

Before you start straightening your hair’s-breadth, make sure you do not make any of the come mistakes in the procedure :

  • If you blow-dry your hair in the wrong direction, you will reduce the volume of your hair. While blow-drying, your hairstylist pulls your hair upward to create volume at the roots. Hence, blow-dry the roots first and then the rest of your hair in a downward motion.
  • Make sure that you are not using too many hair care products before straightening your hair. All you need to use is a heat protectant that protects your hair from damage. When it comes to styling products, a little goes a long way. Also, too much conditioner on your hair also makes your hair limp and greasy.
  • Don’t sleep with your styled hair right away. The way you sleep on your hair can help preserve your style or destroy it, depending on what you do. Use a silk pillow cover instead of cotton pillow covers to avoid hair damage.
  • Not everyone’s hair texture is similar, so a high temperature is not suitable for all hair types. Always use a curly hair straightener with multiple heat settings. You should ideally use a low temperature setting for your strands to limit the heat damage.
  • Always consider the size of the sections you are straightening. If you find that your hair is not getting as straight as you want, decrease the size of the sections you are working with. Flat ironing large sections of curly hair may cut down on styling time, but it will not give you the best results.

Straightening your curly hair could be an easily and immediate way to give an amazing spin to your daily look. however, the fear of haircloth damage that comes along with the process holds people back from straightening their locks at times. And that is where our article comes to the rescue by listing some effective ways to counteract the heating system damage that comes with the process. Follow the steps scrupulously, and you will be all full to flaunt some easy and streamlined tresses. After all, you do not want to let your fear take away your glitter !

frequently Asked Questions

Can curly hair’s-breadth be straightened permanently ? No. There is no method acting to alter the hair type and texture permanently. however, respective straightening treatments may last for longer periods, but you must go for regular touch-ups to maintain the straighten impression. Can curly hair become straight naturally ? No. however, there have been a few rare cases where curly hair has turned straight naturally. Experts could not explain why this happens but they suspect genetics, hormones, and the soundbox ’ second chemical constitution might be responsible in some manner. How long does straightened curly hair last ? The effects of permanent tidy or Keratin treatment would last up to 4-6 months. Rebonding discussion results last up to 5-7 months. How much can you straighten your curly hair without damaging it ? If you have curly hair’s-breadth, estrus treatment is bad for it. You must limit the straightening march to once every two months .

Key Takeaways

  • Straightening your curls is the easiest way to get a hair makeover.
  • All you need is a heat protectant, a flat iron, and a serum to straighten your hair.
  • Keratin straightening treatment or thermal hair straightening are artificial ways of putting keratin back into your hair for a long-term frizz-free and straight look.

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