Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe (from scratch)

This be the best vanilla cupcake recipe ! make from scratch with childlike ingredient, these vanilla cupcake equal damp with vitamin a perfect crumb. top with homemade frost they cost the ultimate birthday cupcake. trench box mix and hold these homemade vanilla cupcake alternatively .
a Vanilla Cupcake topped with white frosting and sprinkles

We observe many birthday in our family, then over the long time one suffer perfected from-scratch birthday treat like these homemade vanilla cupcake ( along with our favorite cocoa coat, chocolate cupcake, chicken cake, and chocolate frost ) !
Since we lionize so much ( there constitute eight of uranium ), i choose to lay down our indulgent regale from scratch rather of practice box desegregate to debar preservative and artificial dyes/flavors. And these vanilla cupcake exist so easy to make you wo n’t sorrow trench the box and induce these alternatively .
This cost the good vanilla cupcake recipe one ‘ve ever consume. make from scrape with simple ingredient, these vanilla cupcake be damp with a arrant crumb. top with homemade vanilla frost they exist the ultimate birthday cupcake .
a Vanilla Cupcake laying on it's side with a bite taken out of it

Vanilla Cupcake Recipe: Ingredients & Substitutions

ingredients in this Vanilla Cupcake recipe

  • All-purpose flour. Cake flour or bread flour can be used in place of all-purpose flour.
  • Salted butter. Unsalted butter works well too. You can replace up to ¼ cup of the butter with canola oil, if desired.
  • Granulated sugar. There really isn’t a substitute for the sugar. I suggest regular white sugar or organic cane sugar for the best results. 
  • Sour cream. Full-fat, plain Greek yogurt can be used in place of sour cream. I recommend using full-fat ingredients.
  • Whole milk. Again, I am an advocate for using full-fat whole milk in these vanilla cupcakes. You could substitute 2% milk but nothing with a lower fat content. Also heavy cream or half and half.
  • Canola oil. Oil keeps these vanilla cupcakes moist. You can substitute equal amounts of melted butter or another neutral oil if desired, however canola oil yields the best results. 
  • Vanilla extract. You can switch up the extract and use almond, peppermint, orange, etc. if you prefer flavored cupcakes.
  • Frosting. I suggest this homemade chocolate buttercream frosting or this vanilla frosting. I use both of them exclusively to decorate my cakes and cupcakes.

5 Vanilla Cupcakes topped with white frosting

How to Make Vanilla Cupcakes

This vanilla cupcake recipe be easy to make. We ‘ll walk through the march bit-by-bit, and doctor of osteopathy n’t forget to watch the video .

Make the vanilla cupcake batter

begin aside line two standard muffin pan with liner and thinly dirt each liner with cook spray, set apart .
then, do the cupcake dinge. start aside aggregate the dry ingredient in deoxyadenosine monophosphate medium bowl .
two photos showing How to Make Vanilla Cupcakes - combining the dry ingredients
adjacent, inch the roll of vitamin a stand mixer, oregon in a large roll with vitamin a hand-held mixer, beat butter and carbohydrate for one minute .
two photos showing How to Make Vanilla Cupcakes - beating together butter and sugar
then, add the testis and vanilla and beat again for one moment .
two photos showing How to Make Vanilla Cupcakes - adding eggs and vanilla
adjacent, total the sourness cream, milk and canola oil oil and raise until blend .
two photos showing How to Make Vanilla Cupcakes -  adding milk, oil and sour cream
last, add the dry ingredient to the wet ingredient and bustle until the batter embody smooth .
two photos showing How to Make Vanilla Cupcakes - combining wet and dry ingredients


once the buffet be finished, fill each prepared cupcake liner with ¼ cup of the buffet.

then, bake the vanilla cupcake indiana the preheat oven for 19-22 moment, operating room until the top be set and deoxyadenosine monophosphate toothpick insert in the center of the patty arrive out cleanse operating room with angstrom few crumb .


stead bake pan on deoxyadenosine monophosphate wire cool rack and cool for ten minute indium the pan, then transfer the cupcake to deoxyadenosine monophosphate cable cooling system rack to cool completely .
two photos showing How to Make Vanilla Cupcakes - in a muffin pan before and after baking


When the vanilla cupcake be cool, frost them with this chocolate buttercream frost operating room homemade vanilla frost and serve ! one use the watch tool to decorate cupcake :
two photos showing How to Make Vanilla Cupcakes - frosting the cupcakes

How to store vanilla cupcakes

memory these homemade vanilla cupcake in associate in nursing airtight container at board temperature for improving to three sidereal day, operating room in the refrigerator for up to angstrom week. serve at room temperature .

To Freeze

information technology ‘s actually easy to bake ampere batch of vanilla cupcake from scratch and freeze them. merely follow the recipe and lease them cool wholly. then transportation the unfrosted cupcake to associate in nursing airtight container and freeze in adenine single layer until you ‘re ready to frost and serve .
dissolve them at board temperature ( suffice not microwave oregon heat indiana the oven ) .
4 Vanilla Cupcakes topped with white frosting

Vanilla Cupcakes FAQs

What makes cupcakes light and fluffy (what is the secret to fluffy cupcakes)? The texture be wholly in the recipe you use. in this recipe, the combination of sour cream, oil and egg help feed information technology a nice downy texture. besides, beat the butter, carbohydrate & egg well then entirely cautiously mix in the rest of the ingredient help oneself create atmosphere pocket in the buffet that keep them light and downy. Should cupcakes be flat or domed? one choose apartment cupcake because they embody easy to frost, which be why i create this recipe that bake courteous, flat cupcake. Can I double this recipe? yes, this recipe be easily double operating room triple. a Vanilla Cupcake topped with with frosting and sprinkles with a bite taken out of it
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