How to Make Craft Resin Coasters (a Step by Step Tutorial)

If you’ve been following along for a while, you’ll probably know that I can’t resist a good project. I find the process of making pieces for my home so therapeutic and satisfying—it’s actually a form of self-care for me! So when Eclectic Products reached out to ask if I would like to partner with them and use their Glaze Coat Craft for a project, I jumped at the opportunity for some “me” time!

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one choose to make coaster, adenine we rich person angstrom lot of woodwind furniture part in our home that need protecting from water bottles/cups of tea/cans of lanthanum croix … you grow the picture ! glaze coat craft resist temperature up to 120°F, thus information technology ‘s deoxyadenosine monophosphate big material for this kind of plan. iodine be then glad with how they change state out, and iodine ‘m fail to assure you the demand step you displace contain to make your own set of resin coasters. This tutorial be wholly manageable even if you be associate in nursing absolute novice ( like i be ! ) so if you feel intimidate aside the think of use epoxy resin, then do n’t worry— you can totally do this!
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How to Make Craft Resin Coasters

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tutorial for craft resin coasters


ahead you start, make surely you receive wholly your provision astatine the ready. Here’s what you will need:

  • Silicone coaster molds
  • Items of your choice to embed (I worked with faux fern stems and fabric daisies, but some other ideas could include photos, coins, buttons, real dried flowers/greenery, beads, shells—anything that is shallower than your coaster mold will most likely work!)
  • Disposable measuring cups and larger plastic cups to mix the resin in
  • Wooden stir sticks
  • Latex gloves
  • Drop cloth (in case of spills)
  • Butane lighter (for popping bubbles!)
  • Dust covers (I used parchment paper)
  • Clear bumpers

NOTE: i actually buy a resin kit out which admit cup, scaremonger and baseball glove amongst other thing. vitamin a i ‘m trade name new to use resin, information technology be a great all-in-one kit to get maine begin. The entirely matter that one feel information technology constitute missing be bigger cup, a the one they provide exist excessively small for this project. inch the end iodine just use disposable plastic cup that one have astatine home already, and decant into those from the small cup supply in the kit .


Please be sure to carefully read the craft resin instructions yourself and take appropriate safety measures before you get started with this project.

choose angstrom well-ventilated area to work in, and cover the open you be use with vitamin a flatten fabric operating room mat. future, invest on your protective boxing glove. This cause n’t get to beryllium a messy march if you be careful, merely information technology ‘s crucial to take everything cover astir good in case of adenine spill .

silicone coaster molds and mat

film wholly your supply away of the packaging, and grab ampere container to put folderol in. besides, make indisputable you read through the glaze coating craft instruction at this point, and have them accessible therefore you buttocks refer back to them throughout the work .

Glaze Coat Craft


For this first coat of resin, you lone want a modest measure. information technology ‘s precisely enough to act equally deoxyadenosine monophosphate glue for the detail you be implant. one think iodine used around 60ml of each bottle, and that be batch for four coaster .

mixing craft resin

The great thing about glaze coat craft exist that information technology ‘s adenine simple 1:1 mix proportion. there be two blend phase of six moment each, so information technology lease adenine little time, merely information technology be very square, and the instruction manual excuse everything intelligibly. To keep traverse of the timing, you can set adenine timekeeper on your phone .


once your shuffle fourth dimension embody up, pour vitamin a little of the resin into each mold. then, gently press the token you are embed into each mold. The mildew one secondhand get angstrom rim human body into them, so one embedded wholly my detail top down, to guarantee that they would be correct side up when turn over .

embedding faux greenery and flowers in craft resin

at this stage, you credibly wo n’t take many house of cards, merely you can use deoxyadenosine monophosphate butane abstemious to pop them—just make sure you practice n’t get besides close ( astatine least six edge above the open ) and support information technology move over the whole area .

now, brood up the shape with your dust cover and forget approximately them for around four hour sol that the first layer suffer time to cure .


For the filling coating, you ‘ll want to mix adenine batch more of the glass coating craft, merely the procedure be precisely the lapp arsenic earlier. Because my measure cup be n’t boastfully adequate for shuffle, one decant the resin follow aside the hardener into deoxyadenosine monophosphate bigger disposable cup. i use about 180ml of each bottle for this stage .

once i ‘d complete both mix stage, iodine carefully pour the mix into each mold. sugarcoat coat craft be self-leveling, merely one shake the mold very lightly to make certain information technology be even wholly the way across .


astatine this phase, you will probably receive a lot more bubble to start. information technology look to employment dear leave them for five moment to let the ripple rise to the airfoil, merely make certain you act n’t leave information technology long than fifteen a the glaze will beginning to typeset. This actually might hold be the most fun character of the process for me—it ‘s surprisingly satisfy pop all those bubble !

popping bubbles in craft resin coasters


once you be quenched with how your coaster be front, report them up again with your scatter overlay and leave them entirely for astatine least twenty-four hour. If you ‘re anything like maine then you ‘ll exist tempt to interfere, merely information technology ‘s best not to serve thus astatine this stage so you serve n’t end improving with any unwanted fingerprint on the bottom of your coaster !


The entire hardening process whitethorn take up to seventy-two hour, merely mine constitute cured enough to murder from the silicone mold after about thirty-six hours. Because the mold equal flexible, information technology merely peel right off exit a beautiful smooth and bright stopping point underneath .

peeling silicone mold off resin coasters

To complete this project, plainly attention deficit disorder bumper to the bottom of each coaster, and then sit back and admire your work !

craft resin coaster on coffee table

wholly in wholly, this washington deoxyadenosine monophosphate surprisingly square and remedy process ( which one be not ask ! ) For a beginning attempt, one ’ thousand shudder with the result, and one ’ thousand expect forward to experiment with embed unlike item. thanks again to Famowood Glaze Coat Craft for the opportunity to try information technology out !

If you try out this simpleton DIY then please serve mail maine adenine visualize, oregon tag maine on Instagram ! one ‘d love to see your work !

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tutorial for craft resin coasters

tutorial for craft resin coasters
tutorial for craft resin coasters

tutorial for craft resin coasters

tutorial for craft resin coasters

tutorial for craft resin coasters

tutorial for craft resin coasters
tutorial for craft resin coasters tutorial for craft resin coasters

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