Coconut Lime Rice Recipe (One Pot)

A light and creamy coconut rice is an easy and flavorful escort to a grilled seafood dinner. here, rice cooks in a base of coconut milk, urine, and salt until tender and downy. The recipe is by and large hands-off, thus if you ‘re serving this as a side, you have plenty of time to focus on your main entree .

This coconut birdlime rice has a subtly sweet and nutty relish from the coconut, well-balanced by the acidity of lime juice. I mix it with a healthy helping of fresh coriander for add brightness. What I love about this rice is that it ‘s about vitamin a firm as cooking plain white rice, but it stands on its own as a side cup of tea with all of these extra spirit elements .

Table Spread with Bowls of Coconut Lime Rice, a Big Bowl of Shrimp Curry, and Glasses of Mango Lassi
Simply Recipes / Karishma Pradhan

Jasmine Rice Provides the Perfect Balance of Textures

In testing, I found that basmati rice yielded a slenderly drier texture than I preferred. Shorter ingrain rice varieties, such as sushi rice, can become excessively gluey. On the other hand, jasmine rice provides the perfect proportion of textures with a slightly tauten yet damp bite .

The Best Coconut Milk for Coconut Lime Rice

I recommend using full-fat coconut milk for the best results. Compared to light, full-fat coconut milk yields a more robust flavor. Aroy-D and Trader Joe ‘s coconut milks are my favored brands .

sometimes coconut milk will separate in the can, thus I always stir the mixture before adding it to the rice. Do n’t worry if you have a few little clumps, as they will melt into the rice as it cooks .

Simple Tip!

For excess coconut spirit, add toasted coconut. Garnish the dish with 1/3 cup of grated toast coconut flakes.

Bowls of Coconut Lime Rice with Lime Wedges and a Small Bowl with Lime Wedges
Simply Recipes / Karishma Pradhan

Tips to Ensure Evenly Cooked Rice

I ‘m certain we ‘ve all had those times when we attempt to cook rice, alone to discover a sticky, gluey mess or hard, crunchy grains. here are a few tips to ensure a perfectly cooked batch of rice !

  • Don’t skip the rinsing step! Before cooking, a thorough rinse helps remove any excess starches, preventing a gummy result. In addition, this step ensures fluffy, tender rice. When in doubt, err on the side of over-rinsing!
  • Stir the rice before it simmers. Bring the rice and liquid ingredients to a boil, then give a generous stir and scrape up any grains from the bottom to prevent sticking later on. 
  • Once boiling, turn the heat down to low and cover the pot. A lower heat gently simmers the rice to ensure even cooking.

How to Serve Coconut Lime Rice

The best part of this rice is that it tastes great hot or at room temperature. In fact, I frequently prefer to serve the dish at room temperature in the heat of the summer .

Serve the rice with plenty of calcium hydroxide wedges aboard grilled runt or fish—or even roast chicken ! Because the season of the coconut milk is elusive, I like to serve the dish as a discriminate component on the denture. For example, a outdo of punchy, blue curry can sometimes drown out the flavor of the rice .

hera are some of our front-runner accompaniments to this rice :

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Bowl of Coconut Lime Rice with a Lime Wedge
Simply Recipes / Karishma Pradhan

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