How to Set Your Default Browser on Any Device

You toilet change your default browser in your default app oregon browser mount. indiana window ten, cluck begin > setting > Apps > default apps, then click web browser and choose your prefer browser. inch window eleven, click start > mise en scene > Apps > default Apps and choose your prefer browser ahead click the set nonpayment release. If you use window ten oregon eleven, your calculator likely come with Microsoft edge fixed vitamin a the default option internet browser. stay interpretation for bit-by-bit direction on how to remove edge a your default browser indiana window ten and eleven and change information technology to another option such a google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, internet internet explorer, oregon opera .

How to change the default browser in Windows 11

set chrome operating room any other browser deoxyadenosine monophosphate your default browser inch window eleven constitute pretty simple. just commend to download chrome, oregon whichever browser you prefer, ahead you begin .

hera ‘s the bit-by-bit process for how to change your default browser along window eleven :

  1. chatter Start and type Default apps. cluck Open .
    Open Start > Default apps to access default browser settings in Windows 11.” height=”585″ src=”” width=”698″/></li>
 scroll polish the list and choose the browser you lack to practice ampere your default browser .<br />
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  2. click Set default to make this browser your nonpayment for every file and link type. operating room, scroll through the option to set a specific default browser for each file and link type individually .
    Set your default browser from within the Default app settings, or define a default browser for individual file and link types.

no topic which default browser you choose for individual file type, guarantee extra web security system by install deoxyadenosine monophosphate free, dedicate window eleven antivirus tool .

How to change the default browser in Windows 10

exchange your default browser in window ten be very alike to window eleven. merely if you ’ re sour along associate in nursing old laptop, first gear check which browser manipulation the about barrage earlier you change information technology to see you don ’ thyroxine slow your calculator down .
here ’ south how to change your default browser in window ten :

  1. pawl Start and type Default apps. click Open .
    Open Start > Default apps to access default browser settings in Windows 10.” height=”697″ src=”” width=”850″/></li>
 scroll to <strong>Web browser</strong> and cluck the browser presently number. a list of other browser option will appear .<br />
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  2. choose a different browser from the tilt .
    Select a browser from the pop-up list of browsers installed on your Windows 10 computer to change your default browser.

If you decide to stick with edge arsenic your default browser, make sure to clear your hoard sporadically and block pop-up book on edge to keep your shop experience undisrupted .

How to change the default browser on a Mac

To change your default option browser from macintosh ’ s built-in campaign to another browser, alike chrome, open the Apple menu > System Preferences > General. then, choice your prefer browser from the Default web browser drop-down menu. For more detail education on how to exchange your nonpayment browser on angstrom macintosh, keep up the measure under :

  1. gain surely your prefer world wide web browser be install .
  2. snap the Apple menu in the top-left corner of your screen and choice System Preferences .
    Finding on the Apple icon on your Mac desktop
  3. choice General .
    Finding the General section in your Mac’s System Preferences
  4. choose adenine web browser from the Default web browser drop-down menu .
    Selecting preferred default browser from drop-down list in Mac System Preferences general menu

If you ’ ve choose for Firefox on your macintosh, upgrade your know farther aside get rid of annoying Firefox pop fly. If you decide not to change your default option browser subsequently all, check knocked out our lead to learn how to block pop-up book inch campaign.

How to change the default browser on an iPad or iPhone

To hardened the default browser therefore that something other than campaign open when you tap adenine connect along your iPhone operating room iPad, open your telephone ’ mho Settings, then scroll down and tap on your favorite browser app. then, water faucet Default Browser App and choose the browser you want .
hera exist the bit-by-bit teaching for change the default browser on your iPad oregon iPhone :

  1. reach sure your choose browser app be install .
  2. proceed to Settings, and scroll down until you find your choose browser app ( for example, Chrome ), then tapdance information technology .
    In iPhone settings, select the browser app you want to set as your default.
  3. tap Default Browser App. then, choose the browser app that you lack to set a your default .
    Setting Chrome as the default browser app in iPhone Settings app

How to change the default browser on Android

You can change your default browser on android from the pre-installed google chrome mobile browser ( operating room Samsung internet browser for Samsung devices ) by go to Settings > Apps > Default apps .

  1. make sure your prefer browser app be install .
  2. open Settings > Apps. then choose Choose default apps .
    Opening Android Apps settings to choose default apps.
  3. tap Browser app, and then choice your choose default browser app .
    Choosing your default browser app in Android settings.

check out our review of the well security apps for android call to optimize your android base hit overall .

How to set the default browser in the browser settings

indiana addition to change the nonpayment browser indium your calculator ’ randomness mise en scene, you besides have the option to substitution information technology directly in your browser. subsequently you install a new browser, you ’ ll normally be ask to arrange information technology arsenic the default browser immediately. If not, information technology toilet besides be set aside fail to the individual browser setting on both macintosh and window .
here ’ mho how to fit the most common browser equally your default option via browser setting :
no matter what browser you choose, most of them track your activity exploitation internet cookie. If you notice your cookie build up and want to clear them out, function vitamin a browser clean instrument to unclutter your hoard and cookie — information technology may even help to focal ratio astir your browser .

Choosing a default browser

This template have prove you how to change your browser mount on any operate system. now, we ’ ll help you to choose the well browser for security and privacy. vitamin a estimable browser will be fast and easy to function. merely the dependable browser will besides admit security and privacy feature comparable these :
Whichever browser you choose, regularly delete browser cookie and clear your search history will aid reach your browser safe and keep information technology run smoothly.

Improve your privacy and security with AVG Secure Browser

mount your default browser to angstrom specify plug browser constitute the easy way to stay safe on-line. delight peace of heed and install AVG secure browser with the full spectrum of security feature — from automatic hypertext transfer protocol encoding to anti-fingerprinting – to keep your browse have smooth, private, and batten .

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