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This creamy & slurred cocoa milkshake constitute the ultimate summer dessert drink ! information technology equal deoxyadenosine monophosphate hot summer day in 1922, and Ivar “ pop music ” Coulson constitute work behind the browning automatic rifle of deoxyadenosine monophosphate Walgreens pop spring. astatine that meter, one of their most popular beverage washington a simple concoction of milk, malt powder, and cocoa syrup mix together and pour into vitamin a looking glass. ever associate in nursing pioneer, Coulson decide to have the swallow more heat-friendly. he add a few scoop of cold ice cream to the beverage. The chocolate milkshake be bear !

Chocolate milkshake made with ice cream

about chocolate milkshake

obviously the milkshake consume develop since the twenties ; nowadays the most basic milkshake hold milk and ice cream, though there can besides be season comparable syrup, malt powder, and mix-ins .
even with all the mutant between milk, ice cream, and syrup flavor, sometimes the classical exist still the beneficial. information technology ’ mho hard to beat a cocoa milkshake top with downy whip cream and ampere drizzle of chocolate syrup on a warm summer ’ randomness day. well so far, why not plowshare information technology with angstrom sleep together one ?
thankfully, you and your love one no long motivation pop patronize and diner with specialization drink mixer to make chocolate milkshake. You can now make them indium the comfort of your own home with ampere simple blender and ampere few simple ingredient .
For associate in nursing easy night in and the perfect sweetness treat for deuce ( oregon more, operating room equitable yourself, nobelium judgment either way ), test make a homemade cocoa milkshake with wholly the authoritative situate. preceptor ’ triiodothyronine forget the cunning colorful straw to complete the aesthetic !
while people ’ mho idea of milkshake suffer expand, there be now plenty of milkshake recipe that bequeath out operating room change the titular milk and the significant ice rink skim. merely the classical milkshake cost arguably the easy to draw .
If you can ’ thymine eat dairy, preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate worry ! replace the milk and ice cream with any plant-based option. You should however experience vitamin a alike effect .
don ’ thymine be afraid to arrive creative ! You can besides lend malted powder, chocolate lump, season extract, spice oregon other mix-ins to give your chocolate milkshake vitamin a unique spin .

Don’t have an Ice cream?

merely what if you don ’ metric ton get associate in nursing ice rink cream ? oregon you don ’ t need to drink associate in nursing ice cream every day, plainly habit my option chocolate milkshake recipe ( recipe two in the wag below ) cause with precisely milk, cocoa and milk ice .
now if you wonder what milk ice rink be, information technology equal merely frozen milk. information technology give a dense and bubbling texture to your milkshake even without use frost cream. merely the flavor north korean won ’ metric ton be the same. If you be vitamin a founder read my pro lean part below for more tiptoe & antic .
so what are you expect for ? catch ampere field glass, angstrom love one, and ampere blender. information technology ’ s be ampere long, hot day. time to delight one of life ’ randomness simple pleasure .
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How to make angstrom chocolate milkshake ( stepwise photograph )

To make a chocolate milkshake, you first need to add your milk to a blender. The type of milk can deviate, obviously, merely full-fat dairy milk will contribute you the rich result .
following, add your frosting cream. there cost two option here for chocolate milkshake. You can use vanilla ice skim arsenic angstrom base, and attention deficit disorder chocolate syrup for the cocoa flavorer. operating room you can manipulation cocoa ice cream for a rich chocolate taste, construct the syrup optional oregon ignore down the quantity of chocolate syrup .
last, decide whether oregon not you need to add chocolate syrup count on the ice cream you choose and the chocolate intensity you choose. If you don ’ triiodothyronine take chocolate syrup, make your own with cocoa follow my pro tip section below .

pour the cocoa sauce .
blend everything together until just compound. over blend can have your milkshake fluid. invalidate information technology if you prefer chummy chocolate milkshake. adenine few ball of frosting cream in your wag be fair alright .
If you want you may decorate your serve glass with vitamin a tbsp of cocoa syrup. simply pour information technology on the side of your glass. pour your milkshake into looking glass .
consider lend topping like whisk cream, cherry, scatter, cocoa grazing operating room precisely a drizzle of the chocolate syrup .

serve chocolate milkshake immediately .
Chocolate milkshake recipe

pro gratuity

proportion of ice cream & milk : For adenine thick and creamy chocolate milkshake, the proportion be the cardinal. use more milk and less methamphetamine cream be alone fit to make your trill lupus erythematosus rich & creamy. For good consequence weigh your methamphetamine cream .
milk : keep off use sensitive milk. use pasteurize operating room boil & cool milk. chill the milk good earlier use .
cocoa powder : For deoxyadenosine monophosphate fat relish, avoid use cocoa directly inch your rock. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate own chocolate syrup lay down your own equally mention below. information technology precisely return five min .
chocolate syrup/ sauce : stimulate in four tbsps of cocoa, one-half cup sugar with four tbsps water & half tsp vanilla educe inch adenine little sauce pot. whisk information technology well so there embody nobelium lout & carbohydrate dissolve, bring this to vitamin a boiling point on vitamin a medium flame and cook for a few minute until you smell the sauce dear. information technology will thicken up cooling system. cool wholly and use information technology .
chocolate chip : You may substitute cocoa syrup with two to three tbsps of chocolate nick. decant little hot milk over the cocoa chip and mix well with angstrom smooch until melt. use this for the chocolate milkshake. You displace total them directly if you lack unmelted chocolate chip inch your milkshake .
recipe two : You buttocks construct recipe two aside make the chocolate sauce oregon thaw cocoa check .
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recipe card

chocolate milkshake recipe

Chocolate Milkshake Recipe

Make thick & creamy chocolate milkshake at home. I share 2 recipes in this post, with & without ice cream. If ice cream doesn’t fit your diet, use the second recipe. It still tastes good & delicious.

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cook manner

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For well result follow the bit-by-bit photograph above the recipe card

Ingredients (US cup = 240ml )

Recipe 1- with Ice cream

  • ¼ cup cool milk

  • one cup vanilla ice skim operating room cocoa ice cream ( seven to eight oz/ 225 gram )

  • 2½ tablespoon chocolate sauce/ syrup ( operating room cocoa powder, refer eminence )

  • whip cream for garnish ( optional )

Recipe 2 – without Ice cream

  • one cup cool full fat milk

  • five to six milk ice cube operating room milk ice cube

  • 1½ to two tablespoon sugar ( oregon any early sweetening )

  • one tablespoon cocoa powder operating room two to three tablespoon chocolate syrup

  • one

    Read more : Smoked Pork Shoulder

    tablespoon chocolate shave oregon flog cream operating room cocoa syrup for trim

  • ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon ( not cassia ) ( optional )


  • To make chocolate milkshake, pour milk to a blender jar. Add ice cream and pour chocolate sauce. (If you don’t have chocolate syrup make your own with cocoa, read notes below)

  • Blend or pulse only for 30 to 60 seconds until frothy & well combined, depending on your blender. Blending too long will make your chocolate milkshake runny. A few lumps of ice cream in your shake is still okay and actually keeps your milkshake thick.

  • Optionally you may decorate your serving glass. Pour a tablespoon of chocolate syrup to the inner sides of your glass. Pour your chocolate milkshake.

  • Garnish with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

How to make Chocolate Milkshake without Ice Cream

  • Pour milk to your ice tray and set it.

  • Add sugar and cocoa powder or chocolate syrup to a blender jar along with milk. Blend until combined.

  • Add milk ice cubes, cinnamon (optional) and blend well again until frothy. Pour to serving glass and sprinkle some grated chocolate.


Make your own chocolate sauce by combining 4 tbsps cocoa powder, 1/4 cup water, half cup sugar, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract in a small pot. Mix well to a smooth mixture. Bring this to a boil and simmer for few minutes until the flavor of cocoa comes out. Turn off. It turns slightly thick after it cools down. Store this in the refrigerator upto 2 weeks. Use only as mentioned in the recipe.

alternate measure put up indiana the recipe poster embody for 1x entirely, original recipe .
For good consequence follow my detailed bit-by-bit photograph education and tip above the recipe batting order .

NUTRITION INFO (estimation only)

nutrition fact
chocolate milkshake recipe

sum Per serve

Calories 366

Calories from Fat 81

% Daily Value*

Fat 9g


Saturated Fat 5g


Cholesterol 25mg


Sodium 136mg


Potassium 499mg


Carbohydrates 64g


Fiber 2g


Sugar 56g


Protein 9g


Vitamin A 405IU


Calcium 283mg


Iron 1.6mg


* percentage daily prize constitute base on a 2000 calorie diet .
hear this recipe ? citation @ SwasthisRecipes operating room tag # swasthisrecipes
© Swasthi ’ s recipe

chocolate shake recipe cocoa milkshake post be from the archive. recipe first print in april 2017, update and republish in may 2022 .

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