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By Swasthi on August 10, 2022, Comments, Jump to Recipe Cheese balls recipe – These delightful crisp potato cheese balls make an amazing party snack. These are flavorful, addictive and will be loved by kids and develop ups alike. cheese balls can be made in many different ways. The recipe shared here is super immediate to make and the cheese balls can be deep fried, pan fried or flush baked .

Cheese Balls Recipe

You can serve these without any dip, sauce or chutney as they are flavored well and mildly spiced. This is one of those recipes which I have made many times for my kids and it has never disappointed them .
In this post, I have shown deep frying the cheese balls but I normally bake them in the oven and sometimes even pan fry them. I have shared more instructions in the recipe card below .
There are many different ways of making tall mallow balls. These are lightly flavored & spiced tall mallow stuffed mashed potato balls. These balls are then breaded and fried to get a crisp coat .
Cheese Balls Recipe made with potatoes, spices and cheese

Preparation for cheese balls recipe

1. Boil the potatoes in which ever way you like. I prefer to boil them in a pot with water enough to cover them. This way they don ’ thymine turn excessively mushy or soft. It is well to keep the bark while boiling as it prevents them from turning mushy .
Boil the potatoes for cheese ball recipe 2. Peel off the skin .
Peel off the skin for cheese ball recipe

3. Mash them well. There should be no balls or lumps of potato. The grind potatoes must be politic. To prevent lumps you can besides grate and then mash them .
adding mashed potatoes to a bowl for cheese ball recipe 4. Add the bread rotter or powdered poha. then the dried herb, pepper and loss chili flakes. besides add in little salt. Do notice that cheese is salted so you will need very less salt here .
Adding bread crumbs & spices to cheese ball mixture 5. then add garlic or ginger garlic paste and coriander leaves .
adding garlic to the mashed potatoes 6. Mix together everything and make a ball. The mix must be not sticky and not besides dry .
non sticky spiced potato mixture to make cheese balls

7. Divide the mix to 8 to 10 balls. I doubled the recipe then I got 18 balls .
Divide the mixture to balls for cheese balls recipe

Seasoning the cheese

8. Cut the cheese to 1/2 column inch cubes. To a plate add the seasonings. I used allspice, red chili flakes, pepper and italian herb. I used cheddar cheese but made it several times with mozarella besides. Use what ever you like .
cubed cheese to make cheese ball recipe 9. Mix all of them and sprinkle it over the cheese .
toss cheese cubes in spice mix to make cheese balls

How to make cheese balls

10. Place a potato ball on your palm. Spread it evenly to a minor disk or puri. Do not spread it besides reduce else the cheese may come out while frying. seat 1 cheese cube in the center .
spreading mashed potato to disc 11. Bring the sides in concert to cover the cheese. The potato concoction may break but it is o. Just roller it up gently .
cover the cheese to make cheese ball 12. Make a turn ball .
smooth cheese ball

13. Add 2 tbsp of corn flour to a bowl and roll the balls in the flour .
rolling cheese balls in corn flour 14. This way roll all of the balls and rest them aside for 10 mins .
making cheese balls 15. Pour 3 to 4 tbsps of water to 2 tbsps of corn whiskey flour and make a uniform concoction. alternately you can besides use beat egg.
Transfer bread crumbs to a plate. Dip each ball in the cornstarch concoction and then cursorily roll them in the bread crumb .
coating the cheese balls with bread crumbs 16. I prefer to repeat dipping the once breaded cheese balls in the cornstarch mix and then roll them in the boodle rotter again. This way they turn extra crispen .
breaded cheese balls ready to fry

Frying cheese balls

You can besides bake these or pan fry them, instructions in the recipe card .
17. Heat vegetable oil in a wide-eyed, slenderly deep pan equitable adequate to half cover the cheese balls. Check the vegetable oil if it is hot adequate by dropping a modest share of potato. It has to rise immediately without browning .
Heat oil for frying cheese balls 18. Regulate the fire to medium high. gently slide the cheese balls to hot oil and do not disturb for 30 to 60 seconds. Stirring them immediately may break the balls .
frying cheese balls in hot oil 19. Fry until gold and wrinkle. Discard the practice petroleum .
crisp fried cheese balls 20. Remove them to a kitchen tissue .
draining cheese balls to a kitchen tissue Serve tall mallow balls immediately .
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Tips to make cheese balls

1. Boil potatoes just until done without making them besides doughy or bathetic. Over cooked or doughy potatoes will need more bread crumb to absorb the moisture. This alters the preference of the brood .
2. I have flavored the cheese balls with pepper, crimson chili flakes, italian herb and allspice gunpowder .
To give an indian equal you can just use kasuri methi and garam masala. But the combination of herb & spices I use lend exceptionally flavorful and the best potato cheese balls .
3. I have used cheddar cheese. however you can replace it with mozzarella cheese .

How to make these healthier?

1. If you do not prefer breaded snacks then skip rolling the balls in bread crumb. Just roll them in corn starch and fry or bake them .
2. For healthier option, I make these cheese balls by avoiding boodle crumbs completely. I use coarse poha powder for the potato mix as good for the crust .
To make your own poha powder, barely pulse the thick or medium assortment poha in a blender jar. The powderize must be like all right rava or suji .
3. To avoid corn starch, just replace it with any other unharmed grain flour. Just make certain the flour is very fine or placid .
4. Avoid trench electrocute and bake them at 200 C in a preheat oven for 15 mins .


  1. Instead of boiled potatoes, you can use sweet potatoes. The cheese balls will turn sweeter in that case.
  2. You can skip the potatoes and just use plain bread to wrap the cheese cubes. For this cut each bread to 2 triangles and remove the browns. Moisten the bread slice with milk or water until soft. Then place the cheese cube in the center and bring the sides together and roll it to a ball. Then roll it in dry flour and rest for a while. Fry or bake these.
  3. Make chicken cheese balls, by rolling the cheese cubes in minced chicken. Add 1 large potato for binding. Follow the recipe as is and bake them in oven. I haven’t tried these deep frying.

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Recipe Card

cheese ball recipe

Cheese Balls Recipe, How to Make Cheese Balls

Crispy cheese balls that are easy to make, taste delicious with great flavors. These potato cheese balls make for a great party snack. These can be deep fried, baked or pan fried.

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For best results follow the bit-by-bit photos above the recipe card

Ingredients (US cup = 240ml )

  • 250 grams potatoes ( 9 ounces Russet or Yukon aureate )

  • 1 teaspoon garlic glue or powder

  • strategic arms limitation talks use small – cheese is salted

  • ½ to ¾ teaspoon chili flakes ( adjust to taste )

  • ⅛ to ¼ teaspoon black pepper crushed or reason

  • ½ teaspoon dried herbs ( italian or any )

  • 6 tablespoons bread crumbs or panko crumbs

  • 2 tablespoons coriander ( coriander leaves or any bracing herb, fine chopped )

  • oil as needed for frying

For the stuffing

  • 100 grams cheese ( 3.5 ounces cheddar or mozzarella )

  • ½ teaspoon dried herbs ( italian or any )

  • ¼ to ½ teaspoon chili flakes ( decamp for toddlers )

  • ⅛ to ¼ teaspoon total darkness pepper crushed or flat coat

  • ⅛ teaspoon allspice ( or any zest blend or ½ tsp garam masala )

For coating cheese balls



  • Boil potatoes with the skin on till fork tender and not mushy. 

  • Remove the skin and mash them well until smooth with a wolf. There should be no lumps .

  • Add garlic, herbs, coriander leaves, salt (very little), chili flakes, pepper and bread crumbs. 

  • Mix them well and form a ball. The mixture must bind together and should not be sticky or too dry.

  • Divide the mixture to  8 to 10 equal sized balls. Cover and keep aside.

  • Cut the cheese to ½ inch cubes. Mix together herbs, chili flakes, pepper and spice powder. Toss the cheese in this mix. Set aside.

How to Make Cheese Balls

  • Take a potato ball and spread it evenly to a small patty in your palm. Place a cheese cube in the center. (Check step-by-step pictures)

  • Gently bring the edges together to make a ball. Ensure the ball is sealed well without any cracks.  

  • Add 2 tbsps corn flour to another wide plate. Spread it. 

  • Roll the finished ball in corn flour. The same way make all the cheese balls. 

  • If you do not prefer to coat them in boodle rotter, you can pan fry these straight away .

  • Transfer ½ cup bread crumbs to a separate plate. Set this aside.

  • Make slurry: Add 2 tbsps corn flour to another bowl and mix with 3 to 4 tbsps water. Make a thin mixture. Alternately you can also use a beaten egg.

  • Gently drop each ball in the corn flour mixture or egg and make it moist. 

  • immediately roll it in bread crumbs. Set this apart in a plate. Finish making all the balls .

  • Double bread the cheese balls – Repeat the same steps of dipping in flour mixture and then coating the bread crumbs again. 

  • Set aside in a plate. Rest them for 10 mins.

Fry Cheese Balls

  • To a wide deep pan pour oil just enough to half immerse the cheese balls. Heat the oil on a medium flame.

  • Drop a small piece of the potato mixture to check if the oil is hot enough. It has to come up immediately without browning. This is the right temperature.

  • Regulate the flame to medium. Gently slide the balls one by one & do not disturb them for 1 to 2 mins.

  • Gently stir them and fry until golden and crisp. 

  • Serve potato cheese balls hot with any dip or sauce.

Bake in oven

  • To bake – Preheat the oven at 200 C ( or 390 F). Grease a wired rack and place it on a tray. 

  • Place the cheese balls over the rack and bake them for 15 mins. Adjust the timings as needed.

  • You can pan fry them in 2 batches using 2 to 3 tbsps oil per batch.

  • Some amount of bread crumbs will come off the balls and it is just okay. They will still be good.


  • Please do not alter the quantities of potato to cheese. Using less potato to make the cheese balls will mess up while baking or frying. The cheese may come out.
  • To avoid breakage of the balls spread the potato patty evenly and roll it gently. An evenly spreaded patty and evenly rolled ball will not mess up the cheese while frying.
  • If the cheese is not covered well with the potato mixture the cheese is likely to come out while frying.
  • Cheese balls may break if disturbed immediately after adding to oil. If you listen to a crackling noise while frying, quickly remove the ball from oil and keep it separately. Fry it towards the end to prevent messing up the oil.

alternative quantities provided in the recipe card are for 1x only, original recipe .
For best results follow my detailed bit-by-bit photograph instructions and tips above the recipe card .

NUTRITION INFO (estimation only)

nutriment Facts
cheese Balls Recipe, How to Make cheese Balls

Amount Per Serving

Calories 145

Calories from Fat 72

% Daily Value*

Fat 8g


Saturated Fat 2g


Cholesterol 10mg


Sodium 210mg


Potassium 151mg


Carbohydrates 13g


Fiber 1g


Protein 4g


Vitamin A 180IU


Vitamin C 5mg


Calcium 105mg


Iron 1.6mg


* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet .
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I made 2x recipe, so the quantities in the pictures will not match as mentioned .

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