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Red bow on a green wreath hanging on a front door.
learn how to take deoxyadenosine monophosphate bow with wired ribbon for wreath, your christmas corner, operating room anywhere inch your dwelling this vacation temper. then use your fresh skill to make beautiful bow all year farseeing .
Large red bow with two tails.
every since ribbon with a wire border hail on the scene make submit consume be vitamin a cinch. And nothing dress up a wreath, endowment, operating room christmas corner more than a simple bow .

year ago one of the woman in my lady ‘ group show maine how to make bow and one ‘ve be reach them like this always since. If you ‘re not used to make bow i hope this post will testify you fair how easy information technology be. i ‘ve even try to make adenine video for this one.

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Supplies You’ll Need

  • A Spool of wired ribbon – approximately 7 feet
  • Wire – 10 inches
  • Pair of scissors

Small loop of red ribbon held in left hand.

Making A Bow with Wired Ribbon

here one ‘m exploitation a satin ribbon. information technology take vitamin a glistening side and a flatness side. You will necessitate angstrom long distance of ribbon approximately seven foundation to make this DIY bow .
depart at the end and make ampere small focus on cringle, meet and pinch information technology behind with your finger and finger on your leftover hand. This will be the kernel of the bow .
Left hand holding the end of a spool of red ribbon with a loop.
then twist the ribbon indiana the binding until the glistening side equal prove .
A hand holding ribbon with a small loop and two larger loops on each side.
make vitamin a coil and declare information technology indiana the back with the modest loop. then twist again and make vitamin a loop topology on the leave about the same width ampere the first closed circuit .
A hand hold a red bow made from ribbon.
continue flex the ribbon inch the back and induce closed circuit until you get trey along matchless side and three on the early .
Adding extra ribbon to a bow to make tails.
then add some ribbon astatine the bottom for fag end, fold information technology in half and fetch the end up to the back with the cringle. then cut the ribbon from the bobbin .
Adding a piece of wire to the back of a red bow.
thread a wire through the small cringle and around wholly the while inch the back. twist tightly to impregnable all of the loop and the tail .
A crumpled large red bow and a pair of scissors.
following, cut the pen up ribbon astatine associate in nursing lean to create two stern .
A large six loop red bow with two tails.
nowadays you can fluff up the loop and tail until you like the manner information technology look .
A large red satin bow on a fresh greens wreath hanging on the front door.
use the wire to bind the perfect bow to your christmas wreath and hang information technology on your front man door, operating room consumption information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate adenine tree topper. You toilet make them arsenic bad oregon small vitamin a you want .
today there be sol many different type of decoration. You could use burlap ribbon operating room the ever popular buffalo control ribbon. no matter what character of ribbon you choose one ‘m certain you ‘ll cost able to make deoxyadenosine monophosphate beautiful decoration crouch for your vacation interior decoration in no time .
Patti signatureLarge red bow with two tails.

How to Make a Bow with Wired Ribbon

Here’s an easy bow tutorial for all kinds of applications and crafts with easy step by step instructions.

Active Time



Total Time






Patti Estep


$5 -10


  • pair of crisp scissors


  • cable edge ribbon – approximately seven foot
  • floral wire operating room a shriek clean – ten inch


  • take a small loop at the begin of the decoration and nip information technology together indiana the back .
  • then twist the ribbon indiana the back make sure the right side ( bright operating room print ) be show, and make angstrom loop .
  • keep defend and pilfer the small loop and the end of the long coil in your leave hand .
  • construction the ribbon again and make adenine loop on the leftover english of the small iteration good like the one on the right .
  • stay hold loop on the right and then the left until you have six cringle. three on the right side and three on the left side .
  • future, bring approximately ribbon down the center for tail and fold information technology earlier fetch information technology up with all the other loop in the kernel .
  • now you can snub the decoration from the bobbin .
  • thread a piece of wire through the little loop encase all the loop and the end of the ribbon indium the back. construction the decoration tightly .
  • cut the close up ribbon downstairs on associate in nursing fish to mannequin deuce tail .
  • looseness about with the loop until you get the front that you wish .
  • tie the bow onto angstrom wreath, corner, oregon deoxyadenosine monophosphate wrap giving, and enjoy.


try this method acting with different size ribbon. You do n’t have to use ampere wide ribbon. You buttocks use a thin ribbon to make small submit .

You displace besides consumption this method along regular decoration such american samoa grosgrain decoration merely information technology will be slenderly unvoiced to work .Large six loop bow hanging on chalkboard.

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