How to Make Big Hair Bows * No Sew From Ribbon or Tulle!

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I ’ ve been having so much playfulness sharing with you different DIY bows I ’ ve made for Princess A, and immediately I ’ megabyte ready to parcel how to make big hair’s-breadth bows. If you want, you can still learn how to make a perfective bow. This post contains affiliate links .

Bows are my small princess ’ s crown, and I have very enjoyed making these dessert little accessories for her. You can make in truth sweet haircloth bows out of ribbon, but if you want to go a little bigger, nowadays ’ second tutorial is for you !

I ’ megabyte going to teach you a proficiency how to make big hair’s-breadth bows using decoration. Yes, you hear right. The trick is to scale it to the size you need. big proportional to a baby ’ s drumhead international relations and security network ’ t the same as your tween ’ randomness head .

To make this, I used 3.5 inch wide fabric ribbon with the wires removed. You can besides make these using layers of tulle, or anything wide. If you need it bigger, push-down list two pieces of ribbon, or see if you can find even wider ribbon !

4 inch decoration is readily available in different fabrics .
6 inch wide ribbon is slenderly harder to find in anything other than specialization materials – such as burlap, and tulle. I have however seen it in reasonably lace and other fantastic bow materials .

rather of decoration, you can, of course, use framework for this tutorial .
As with my early tutorials, the main reason I call this ribbon is that you ’ re using ribbons of whatever fabric you choose. so if you want to use leather or vinyl, you can simply cut ribbons out of it .

When learning how to make big hair bows, you ’ ll find that it ’ sulfur much easier to work with ribbons, as you can merely snip off a piece alternatively of measuring accurate sizes each clock time .

How to turn your bows into big hair bows

fair as I shared in my previous bow tutorials, there are a few ways to finish things off and turn them into hair accessories .
That will of course depend on your base…

  • Flat elastic – finish off 1/4 inch flat elastic to turn it into a baby headband in the size of your choice.
  • Nylon baby headband base – these are really easy to use, comfortable for baby, and perfect for newborn headbands
  • Alligator clip – Alligator clips allow you to attach your bows wherever you want to.
  • Barrette – This gives you more of a straight attachment to just clip it onto a high pony and is ideal for tweens.
  • Pony tail holder – I wouldn’t recommend this for big bows as precise placement is a little harder.

Supplies needed to make big hair bows

  • Glue gun – quality matters! I love my Arrow glue gun
  • Thread (optional)
  • Ribbons – I used about 3.5 inch wide for baby sizes, wires removed
  • Optional: tulle ribbon – the one I used is 2.5 inches
  • Optional: leather scraps cut into ribbons
  • Contrasting thinner ribbon – about half-inch works great, or cut ribbons from leather. I love lace trim for this too.
  • Fabric strips – stiffer fabrics like denim work best. You can make the ends no-fray with nail polish first.
  • Scissors

How to make a hair bow out of ribbon

1. Determine how big you want your bow to be and cut a duration of ribbon that size. Cut your narrower ribbon about an column inch farseeing .
peak : if your center ribbon is a material that ’ south hard to work with, such as leather, you may prefer to work with a rubbish ribbon that you ’ ll hide, like I did here .

2. Glue your center ribbon to the top center of your chief decoration, leaving a little dock on top. ( See painting ) .

3. Accordion fold your chief ribbon .

4. Wrap your center ribbon around, trimming as needed and gluing in station. That. Is. It .

Of course, attach it to your base. You can add a feel circle to the inside to make it more comfortable. Or, if you used a scrap ribbon, you can use the cover ribbon ( like the black leather I used hera ) to attach the headband/clip besides. Just cling it in before you glue it in put .

How to make tulle hair bows

Use this tutorial for any layered/very slender materials .
1. Layer a few pieces of tulle in the distance you want ( I layered 5 pieces ) .

2. Cut a length of thread. Accordion fold your tulle layers .

3. Wrap the thread around the center of the tulle, holding the accordion in place .

4. Glue the end of a bunched up man of tulle decoration to the back. Wrap a crowd of times until you ’ re felicitous with the thickness. Trim and glue in the back .

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make big hair bows! Please share, which is your favorite? Comment below!

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