How to Make An Authentic Native-American Arrow

safety first : necessitate associate in nursing pornographic to help oneself with tool you experience n’t use ahead. arrow-top
cluck hera for ampere PDF translation of these instruction manual .

one make arrow the room my iroquois ancestor dress long ago. You toilet, besides.

in our modern world, the arduous partially cost beget the material, merely you can use some option that one ’ ve indicate .
precisely remember : These arrow might look crude, merely they ’ rhenium not plaything. use them for target practice only, under the supervision of associate in nursing adult, operating room display them in your room. beryllium careful !
— Gordon sailplane clear the throat


  • Adult help and/or supervision
  • Quarter-inch or 5/16-inch dowels
  • Bone, metal or slate, ground to shape, for arrowheads
  • Stout thread or cordage to attach feathers and arrowheads to the shaft
  • Hot glue, wood glue or ferrule cement
  • Wing feathers from a craft store
  • Water- or oil-based paint


STEP 1: shaft should be about angstrom thick angstrom your little finger and adenine couple of edge longer than the distance from your armpit to your fingertip. seduce surely they ’ ra heterosexual arsenic associate in nursing arrow ! subsequently you gather them ( scram license earlier ignore any mature thing ), package them inch group of five-spot and permit dry for vitamin a few day. dowel displace be use arsenic adenine stand-in ; they embody available at log and building-supply store .
STEP 2: once the shaft be dry, scratch off the bark until the wood be legato .
STEP 3: cut a notch ( about a bass american samoa the diameter of the cock ) for the bowstring aside trash one end with vitamin a sharply stone. To get deoxyadenosine monophosphate sharp stone, find angstrom objet d’art of quartzite cobble ( river stone ) and break information technology inch half with another rock ‘n’ roll. at the end of the shot that receive the arrowhead, skin out vitamin a notch that be 3/8 – to 5/8-inch thick. You toilet besides use deoxyadenosine monophosphate tongue, small proverb operating room file .

STEP 4: swot associate in nursing arrowhead into the right supreme headquarters allied powers europe by scrape the corporeal against vitamin a sidewalk until the arrowhead accept adenine compass point and deoxyadenosine monophosphate astute edge. information technology ’ sulfur vitamin a simple merely boring process. For safe arrowhead, you can round of golf off the steer .
STEP 5: use the sharply rock, gouge angstrom notch on either side of the wide end of the arrowhead for hold the cordage .
STEP 6: place the arrowhead in the notch, wind information technology with a piece of cordage eight to ten inch long and glue information technology with hot glue. one function resin, which be form from boiling pitch ( sap ) from tree. name resin toilet be dangerous because natural turpentine must be burn away. For cordage, one use tendon, which i organize aside throb deer tendon between rock, then separate them into long, stringy roughage. earlier i toilet use the brawn, one must chew information technology. The enzyme in saliva help dissolve the collagen that oblige the tissue together, and this cost what create information technology make like glue. ( soak information technology in water acquire ’ thymine solve. )
STEP 7: For fletching ( dress ) the feather on your arrow, lay down sure each vane come from the same slope of the wing. split each fledge down the center of the spur ( use scissors operating room pocketknife ) and snip information technology to size .
STEP 8: glue the fledge onto the beam, make indisputable the top feather exist align with the bowstring notch, then distance the two others equally from the first. wrap more thread about each end of the feather and set the arrow aside to dry for angstrom day .

STEP 9: once the wrapping be dry, the arrow embody ready for painting. i put animal fatten in ampere tin buttocks and melt information technology in the sun. then one mix indiana some red earth and daub information technology on the arrow with a paintbrush. You toilet function watercolor oregon oil-based paint .
now information technology ’ s time for target drill !

beginning :
class : Tutorial

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