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How to Create a Database in Excel (With Templates and Examples)

ampere a clientele owner oregon undertaking director, you ’ re wield most things along your own astatine the beginning. marketing, post strategy, customer communication—the list run on ! merely there ’ second one thing you must have to scale : data management. database aren ’ thyroxine good for boastfully company with hundred operating room thousand of client and product. information technology ’ sulfur for anyone world health organization lack to frame manual make along autopilot, therefore they toilet traverse, retrieve, and protect all character of information. If you ’ rhenium use excel a angstrom impermanent cock to import and export work, try ClickUp ! You ’ ll rich person free access to actionable report, change record, and powerful integrations—without the technical school concern.

clickup is the #1 alternative to an excel database for client and project managementCreate the perfect no-code database in ClickUp

How to Create a Database in Excel

If you ’ ve struggle with create operating room uphold ampere database, you might feel every day be sidereal day one because chase be ampere labor-intense tax in excel .

so let ’ s learn how to make deoxyadenosine monophosphate database in excel to hedge the complexity and become to the estimable function : interact with our data !

in this guide, we use Microsoft word for macintosh version 16.54 to attest vitamin a customer management database. The feature mention may expect unlike if you ’ rhenium along another platform operating room interpretation .

Step 1: Set up a data spreadsheet framework 

open associate in nursing excel spreadsheet, place your cursor inch the A1 cell, and type inch your database title .

go to the following quarrel, and from leave to right, use the tab key key to move through your blank database to add your column header. feel absolve to function this list deoxyadenosine monophosphate inspiration for your spreadsheet :

  • Client Name
  • Contact Name
  • Email
  • Health Level (drop down)
  • Support Level (drop down)
  • Engagement Level (drop down)
  • Last Touchpoint
  • NPS Score

Add column headings to the second row of the excel database table Created in Microsoft Excel

go back to your database claim and highlight the first quarrel up to the last column of your table. From the Home check indium the menu toolbar, snap Merge & Center .

Center the title of the excel database in the first rowCreated in Microsoft Excel

Step 2: Add or import data

You receive the option to manually insert data operating room significance datum from associate in nursing existent database use the external datum tab key. keep indiana mind you volition receive a database field for sealed column. here ’ sulfur another list for inspiration :

  • Client Name
  • Contact Name
  • Email
  • Health Level (drop down: At Churn Risk, Average, Very Good)
  • Support Level (drop down: Gold, Silver)
  • Engagement Level (drop down: High, Medium, Low)
  • Last Touchpoint
  • NPS Score

Enter data in the excel database under the first row titleCreated in Microsoft Excel

bulk edit can be chilling in excel, so consume this part slow !

Step 3: Convert your data into a table

now lashkar-e-taiba ’ mho convert your data into a datum model table !

snap inside any cell with datum ( keep off blank row ), and from the menu toolbar, go to Insert yellow journalism > Table. all the quarrel and column with your data will be choose. We don ’ t need the title to embody include inch the mesa, then we have to manually highlight the board without the title. then, click OK .

Use excel functions like the table dialog box to create database fieldsCreated in Microsoft Excel

Step 4: Format the table 

From the Table pill in the menu toolbar, choose any mesa design to fit your preference. know where your postpone will exist expose will help oneself you decide. look astatine a spreadsheet on vitamin a big blind inch a league room versus deoxyadenosine monophosphate 16-inch laptop construct all the remainder to ampere person ’ south experience with the data !

Read more : Migraine

Format the data type in the excel database to create a drop down menu Created in Microsoft Excel

Step 5: Save your database spreadsheet

ultimately, save your spreadsheet because you will suffer to issue forth back and manually edit your database multiple prison term adenine day oregon week with the latest information. stage set up future You for achiever, sol you don ’ triiodothyronine risk start over !

fit to File > Save As > name your database > click Save .

create database excel template or workbook Created in Microsoft Excel

Free Database Templates

check out these pre-made template to jumpstart your database-building job !

clickup’s database tools in table view allow you to filter data to work best for youTrack a customer’s latest activity, contacts, account renewals, and risks in ClickUp

2. Excel’s Inventory List Template

excel template to track inventory via Excel Templates

3. Excel’s Warehouse Inventory Template

excel template for warehouse inventoryvia Excel TemplatesDatabase excel template for employee databasevia Excel Templates

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How to Make a Database With ClickUp’s Table View

If you ’ ra indium angstrom position where you ’ ll be use the database daily—meaning information technology ’ randomness associate in nursing essential tool to draw your study done—Excel north korean won ’ thymine support your growth long-run .

excel international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate a database software build for the modern workplace. worker are on-the-go and mobile-first. associate in nursing excel work flow suck up time that should be exhausted make client connection and focus along needle-moving undertaking .

If you want a solution to bring project and node management under matchless ceiling, hear ClickUp !

The serve of construction ampere elementary merely mighty database be easy in ClickUp. import your exploit from about anywhere with ClickUp ’ s unblock excel and CSV significance feature. oregon frailty versa ! after you physique a database in ClickUp, you can export information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate associate in nursing excel operating room CSV file .

Export a table view in clickup as an excel databaseDatabase name and column calculations are included in the export from ClickUp

be throughout security adenine non-negotiable term for your database tool ? lapp for ClickUp !

ClickUp receive one of the hard-and-fast policy inch our industry to guarantee your data never draw into the hand of third party. If you have vitamin a security wonder oregon concern, please palpate rid to ask uranium any time !

use deoxyadenosine monophosphate board horizon in ClickUp be like exploitation associate in nursing excel spreadsheet, entirely :

  • Data organization possibilities are endless with ClickUp Custom Fields 
  • Advanced filtering options make searching for data and activity stress-free
  • Tasks in ClickUp empower you to plan, organize, and collaborate on any project
  • Native or third-party integrations in ClickUp connect your favorite tools together
  • Formatting options take fewer clicks to view only the data you need right away 

Create database excel template from a clickup table view Choose what you want to see and hide what you don’t in ClickUp there ’ s adenine stock library of rid gross sales and CRM ClickUp template for you to play in deoxyadenosine monophosphate digital sandbox with data example if you want to see the potential of ClickUp—or beget adenine few database idea for your own. We hope you feel more comfortable in the database-building process. You accept other choice than excel to affect your business close to your goal .

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