How to make an envelope

Want some free patterned composition to decorate your DIY envelopes with ? Take a search at our ever-growing solicitation of barren pattern papers, there are lots to choose from and there are lots of unlike themes desirable for making your own envelopes. We think these vintage stationery papers would be ideal ! Making your own envelopes is easily – and it ’ s flush easier using the ScanNCut ! In this article, we show you how to make an envelope out of newspaper with five unlike designs – and that means five free templates ! You can use the PDF template to cut out your template by hand, or use the SVG files to cut them with a digital cut machine. We besides have a fantastic hidden envelope project. When you ’ re cook to use your envelope, chemise in your card and seal your envelope using envelope glue or double-sided tape. How about using a gummed label from our bullet journal printables across the join – they ’ rhenium free to download ( just print onto gummed label paper and cut out ) ! Make a hoard of envelopes and have fun playing approximately with different combinations of patterns and colours.

Stick your envelope together using the adhesive of your option – I ’ thousand using a tape roller. Leave the top open until you ’ re cook to use your DIY envelope. only apply adhesive material on the top separate, leaving the part of the insert that sits inside the envelope detached to move. As the envelope is opened and closed, you want a small movement, differently, the insert will wrinkle at the furrow. future, stick the model cut-in onto what will become the inside of your DIY envelope. It ’ s easier to do this before you ’ ve stuck the envelope together – but it can be slipped in late if you forget. now that you have your DIY envelopes cut out, pen up along the scatter lines – but don ’ metric ton stick it in concert just however. Burnish the folds with a bone folder or a rule to get a decent impregnable rumple. Cut out the envelope and insert human body from your chosen papers, cutting by bridge player or using your cutting machine. If you ’ re using a ScanNCut, stick some paper or card onto your Brother cutting flat, and burnish the wallpaper or card down well. For this tutorial, I ’ thousand making the belittled envelope. I ’ ve chosen maroon coloured newspaper for the external and pattern paper from the Gardenia newspaper pad for the inwardly of the envelope. If you are cutting by handwriting, just choose the newspaper and batting order to want to use for your envelope. first, download your exclusive DIY envelope templates. If you ’ re using a ScanNCut – download the SVG files, differently use the PDF versions ! Please note that the PDFs are at half-size ( so they fit onto an A4 foliate ), indeed will need to be doubled in size, but the SVG files are at 100 % as they are designed to be used with 12 x 12″ scrapbook wallpaper. For each envelope, there is a template for the envelope itself and a correspond tuck .

Sealing DIY envelopes

If you ’ re making your own envelopes, you can buy a especial ‘ envelope glue ’ ( like this envelope glue from Hunkydory ) to paint onto the paper. once dry, all you need to do is apply body of water ( or lick it ) for it to become sticky enough to seal your DIY envelope. If you ’ re hand-delivering your wag, then using a poser is a promptly and easy alternate. It looks cunning, excessively.

DIY Envelope - how to make an envelope - wax seal. Image by Thalia Ruiz however – our front-runner means to seal DIY envelopes is to use sealing wax with a pattern sealing wax. It immediately adds the wow-factor and wax seal sets are relatively bum to pick up – like this vintage-style wax seal kit from Amazon .

Hidden message envelope

Impress your friends with this apt design – at first glance, it looks like an envelope, but open it up and you ’ ll soon discover it ’ s a calling card that ’ south full of exciting surprises ! It ’ mho easy to create the basic envelope form – the instructions can be adapted to change the dimensions so you can easily make different-sized cards.
DIY envelope - how to make an envelope
This type of card is ideal for adding interactive elements, like pockets, removable tags, mini envelopes and even shakers, so you can vary the surprises inside. You can leave the outside of the envelope card blank, or decorate it with a hint of what’s to come. We made a sweet band to go around ours, which looks pretty and holds the envelope shut, too! Here’s a top tip for this project: when glueing vellum, only apply glue where it can’t be seen on the finished card.

Step 1

This type of calling card is ideal for adding interactional elements, like pockets, removable tags, miniskirt envelopes and even shakers, so you can vary the surprises inside. You can leave the outside of the envelope calling card space, or decorate it with a touch of what ’ second to come. We made a sweet band to go around ours, which looks reasonably and holds the envelope exclude, excessively ! here ’ s a clear peak for this plan : when glueing vellum, alone apply glue where it can ’ thyroxine be seen on the finished card. Cut a 20cm straight objet d’art of white card. Using a sharp pencil and a ruler, measure and mark the mid-way charge along each side of the menu, positioned at 1cm in from each edge.
DIY envelope - how to make an envelope

Step 2

Score diagonal lines through the points you marked in step 1. Cut off the little triangles in the center of each side, trimming them a little bigger than the grade lines.
DIY envelope - how to make an envelope

Step 3

Fold the four side flaps inwards, and burnish the folds. Check that all the sides of your envelope will fold up neatly. If they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate or look mismatched, merely trimming until they fold neatly.
DIY envelope - how to make an envelope

Step 4

Open out the calling card. Cut four triangular pieces of pink dotted paper to fit the envelope flaps. Cut a patch of floral composition to fit the center of the calling card. Stick all the papers in place, as shown.
DIY envelope - how to make an envelope

Step 5

follow steps 1-3 to make an envelope from a 15cm square of vellum. Glue the sides and bottom flaps in place, then stand by to the center of your calling card.

DIY envelope - how to make an envelope

Step 6

Cut four large, four medium and four modest hearts – we used a die-cutting machine and dies to cut ours. Glue pair of hearts together with a duration of intertwine sandwiched in between. Add die-cut ‘ love ’ letters and a bubbling die-cut key.
DIY envelope - how to make an envelope

Step 7

Decorate the panels with hearts, scalloped circles, sentiments cut from patterned newspaper and a die-cut ‘ love ’ parole. Create a pocket on the peak flap and tuck two bantam tags inside.
DIY envelope - how to make an envelope We hoped you enjoyed this DIY envelope visualize. If you love envelope designs – check out this darling little envelope clutch bulge, or how about these fab crochet envelope bulge !

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