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the Minecraft Axe is one of the most useful items in the game that doubles up as a instrument and a melee weapon with high base damage !Minecraft Axe
Minecraft has many tools and weapons that the players can make to protect themselves or to make life easier. here is all things necessary for the Minecraft Axe and how to make it !

Minecraft has assorted tools and weapons that the players need to craft and use in the game. however, the Axe is a token that serves as both a creature and a identical dear weapon to hunt or kill enemies. This makes it a absolute necessity to make and we will see just that, down below !
here is how to craft, find or use a Minecraft Axe !

Minecraft Axe

Minecraft AxeMinecraft Axe The Axe in Minecraft is a tool than is used to chop wood faster or can besides be used as a melee weapon to deal massive amounts of damage .
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Axes are primarily used to chop wood faster and to attack hostile or enemy mobs in melee compass. It has very high attack world power which makes it a great weapon to deal price .

Natural generation

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  1. Mob Loot: An Axe can be dropped from Vindicators, Piglin Brutes or Pillagers!
  2. Trades: Tool-smith Villagers can sell a enchanted iron axe for about8 Emeralds.
  3. Hero of the Village: Having this effect will prompt several villagers to throw stone axe towards the players as gifts.
  4. Chests: Axes can also be found in Chests pf Woodland Mansions, igloos, Underwater ruins, Bastion Remains and Ruined Portals.

Variants and Stats of Axe in Minecraft

Minecraft AxeVariants The Minecraft Axe comes in 6 different variants after the Nether updates. They are listed below :


  • Wooden Axe: 4 health point damage
  • Stone Axe: 5 heath point damage
  • Iron Axe: 6 health point damage
  • Gold Axe: 4 health point damage
  • Diamond Axe: 7 health point damage
  • Netherite Axe: 8 health point damage


  • Wooden Axe: 7 health point damage
  • Stone Axe: 9 heath point damage
  • Iron Axe: 9 health point damage
  • Gold Axe: 7 health point damage
  • Diamond Axe: 9 health point damage
  • Netherite Axe: 10 health point damage

How to make an Axe in Minecraft?

Minecraft AxeMinecraft Axe Players need to gather any 3 blocks of the relate materials and 2 sticks to make an Axe. Materials required :

  • 3x (Wooden Planks, Cobblestone blocks, Iron Ingots, Gold Ingots, Diamond)
  • 2x Sticks

Minecraft AxeAxe Recipe Combine the items in the Crafting Table in the manner shown above to craft an Axe in Minecraft .
Minecraft AxeNetherite Axe Recipe To make a Netherite Axe, players need to craft a Diamond Axe first and then put it into an Anvil with a netherite ingot as shown above .


Minecraft AxeAxe Minecraft Axes can be enchanted with the follow :

  • Fortune: Increases loot from chopping.
  • Silk touch: Drops delicate or unbreakable blocks.
  • Efficiency: Chops wood faster.
  • Unbreaking: Increases durability.
  • Sharpness: Deals increased damage to mobs.
  • Smite: Increased damage to undead mobs.
  • Bane of Arthropods: Increased damage to Spiders and silverfish.
  • Fire Aspect(JE): Deals fire damage to enemies hit.
  • Looting(JE): Increase drops from mobs killed.
  • Knockback(JE): Knockbacks opponents when hit.
  • Cleaving(JE): Negates shield and deals increased damage.
  • Sweeping Edge (JE): Increases sweep damage.
  • Mending: Consumes EXP to mend weapon.
  • Curse of Vanishing: Vanishes upon dropping.

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