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1995 movie by Jocelyn Moorhouse
How to Make an American Quilt is a 1995 american drama film based on the 1991 novel of the lapp identify by Whitney Otto. Directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse, the film features Winona Ryder, Anne Bancroft, Ellen Burstyn, Kate Nelligan and Alfre Woodard. It besides marked Jared Leto ‘s film debut. Amblin Entertainment optioned Otto ‘s novel in 1991, and were able to persuade Steven Spielberg to finance the screenplay ‘s development. How to Make an American Quilt garnered desegregate reviews from critics. It was a box-office success, grossing $ 41 million against a $ 10 million budget. The movie received a nomination for the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture .

Characters [edit ]

Finn Dodd [edit ]

Main character. Following her boyfriend Sam ‘s marriage proposal, Finn visits her great aunt and grandma to finish her dissertation and think over it. At her grandma ‘s, a quilting group congregates, and she ‘s shock and surprised to discover that the current quilt that they ‘re working on is a wedding endow for her when she gets marital. The theme of the quilt is “ where love resides ”. As Finn is uncertain whether she ‘s cook for marriage or if he ‘s “ the one ”, the women ‘s stories in the quilting group open her eyes to the different kinds of love that exist. During her time at her grandma ‘s, she meets Leon at the local pool and they have a abbreviated affair. finally, wrapped in her quilt and following a crow ( evocative of Anna ‘s narrative about her aunt ), she comes across Sam and chooses to stay with him.

Sophia Darling [edit ]

In her early 20s, Sophia was a talented diver with dreams of escaping her little township and overbearing mother. One day she meets Preston Richards while diving at the local consortium and romance ensues. He ‘s attracted by her fearlessness and she believes he can take her away from her current, oppressive means of animation. however, motherhood turns out to be good as, if not more, oppressive and marry life soon grinds her down. With three children and short help from Preston who is frequently away because of his job, she no longer has time to dive and finally forgets the feel of exemption and escape it gives her. One day she snaps at Preston for digging a pond in the back garden. Trying to remind her of the girl he fell in love with, he tells her the pond is for her to wade in. After she rejects his efforts, he realizes her detached intent is gone. One morning, he leaves for work, never to return. Abandoned, bitter, and trapped in a life she did n’t want, Sophia ends up like her overbearing mother, particularly in her relationship with Finn. Years later, when the wind blows separate of Finn ‘s dissertation into the pond, she wades in to get it. With her feet in the pool, she remembers what her husband tried to remind her of all those years ago, and one of the stopping point setting shows her dive off the high dive .

Em Reed [edit ]

Em marries young, like most of the women in the story. Despite the promiscuity of her aesthetic husband Dean, she stays with him for a period of time. finally, after discovering even another affair, she leaves him whilst meaning. She returns to her parents ‘ home, but it still takes three months before Dean comes to find her. He begs forgiveness however again, and her parents pack her bags, loading them into Dean ‘s cable car. At this point, Em has no choice but to return to her broken animation. Years by and by, she suspects Constance is having an matter with Dean, which causes friction between them. late, she realizes that, in his own way, Dean does truly love her when she takes tax shelter in his studio during a sudden weave storm and discovers numerous paintings of her telling the narrative of their life sentence in concert over the years .

Glady Joe Cleary and Hy Dodd [edit ]

Gladiola ( Glady ) Joe and Hyacinth ( Hy ) are Finn ‘s great aunt and grandma and sisters to one another. At one point, Hy goes to visit her dying conserve in the hospital. Despite her deep love for her conserve, she leaves the hospital and sleeps with Glady ‘s conserve Arthur in a moment of weakness and tragic emotion. After Glady discovers the accuracy, she smashes every one of her porcelain figurines and plasters them onto the rampart of the laundry board as a reminder of her anger. She never actually forgives Arthur and does not forgive Hy until the end of the movie. Their reconciliation is symbolized by the demolition of the besotted walls in the laundry room when Glady realizes that her love for her sister surpasses her feelings of treachery .

constance Saunders [edit ]

constance had a happy and carry through marriage until her conserve Howell died, leaving her a young widow. While he was alive, he gave Constance a chase to keep her company. Although it is rumored that she is having an affair with Dean, she knows that her sleep together for her husband and her frank are her true companions. Her gore for Finn ‘s wedding quilt depicts a yellow rose scrub under which she and Howell buried the cad after it died .

Anna Neale [edit ]

As a young maid, Anna starts an matter with her party boss ‘s son Beck, who ‘s visiting from Chicago. She becomes fraught by him, and when her great aunt Pauline finds out about it she sends Anna aside with their family report quilt ( which she had sold to the boss ‘s wife ). During her pregnancy, Anna met Glady and Hy as she was taken in by their family. Anna becomes particularly close with Glady, finally teaching her to quilt. During one of these quilting lessons, she starts undertaking, finally giving give birth to Marianna. It ‘s lone then that Anna realizes that her fondness notion of romanticist love was nothing in comparison to the parental love she feels for Marianna. Anna now orchestrates the quilting group.

Marianna Neale [edit ]

Marianna gives the appearance of being in love with her easy freedom until a moment of vulnerability comes in a conversation with Finn. She speaks of a serviceman that she met in France. They had met and spent one evening together during which they connected over a meet of minds before she discovered that he was married. Although she has taken many lovers since, she realizes this serviceman is her soulmate and she does n’t even know his name .

cast [edit ]

output [edit ]

Amblin Entertainment optioned Whitney Otto ‘s bestselling novel after it was released in 1991. Amblin co-founder Kathleen Kennedy brought on producers Sarah Pillsbury and Midge Sanford, who had read and loved the book before its publication. [ 3 ] When the two producers could not field likely interest in the film from studios, they persuaded Steven Spielberg to finance the growth of a screenplay, something which was rarely done without a studio ‘s back. [ 4 ] Said Spielberg, “ I ‘ve constantly loved stories about women. I had three younger sisters. I was the only boy. Amblin until recently was dominated by women. That feminine english of my genius is very strong. ” [ 3 ] Sanford and Pillsbury reached out to screenwriter Jane Anderson to pen the handwriting and chose australian film maker Jocelyn Moorhouse as the conductor. [ 4 ] One of the structural changes that Anderson brought to the adaptation was turning the function of Finn, who is a periphery character in the novel, into the main character. [ 4 ] Winona Ryder was the producers ‘ first choice for the character. [ 3 ] [ 4 ] To avoid the possibility of audience confusion at the diverse storylines that jump back and forth in clock, the filmmakers intended for “ the [ characters ‘ ] flashbacks [ to ] be very distinct little movies. They each have a slenderly different tone. One fib is a comedian melodrama, one is tragic, one is a slice of life, one is kind of a legend. ” [ 4 ] Patty McCormick, president of the Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds, assisted in the assembly of the film ‘s quilts and worked individually with actresses to master the use of thimbles. [ 5 ] Anne Bancroft and Maya Angelou were the only actresses with quilting experience. [ 5 ] How to Make an American Quilt was one of the last films to be produced by Amblin before the company was absorbed into DreamWorks. [ 3 ]

reception [edit ]

How to Make an American Quilt received mix reviews from critics. It holds a 63 % fink on Rotten Tomatoes based on 35 reviews, with an average rat of 6/10. The site ‘s consensus states : “ How to Make an American Quilt is a bite of a patchwork from a storytelling point of view, but a strong ensemble form led by Winona Ryder helps hold it all together. ” [ 6 ] In a review for The New York Times, Caryn James gave praise to both Moorhouse ‘s “ cut-to-the-quick ” direction and Anderson ‘s script for crafting an adaptation of a “ decidedly uncinematic novel. ” She added that the film manages to give off the impression that “ we are not watching movie women but very women, with precarious sagacity and lifetimes of reasons to resent and forgive one another deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as all the men in their lives. ” [ 7 ] Roger Ebert commended the stories involving Woodard and Capshaw ‘s characters for being the most dear but found the rest of them devoid of any emotional resonance compared to the tales told in the movie adaptation of Amy Tan ‘s The Joy Luck Club, stating that they have lives “ largely recycled from sweetness movies and tasteful romantic novels. ” [ 8 ] Eve Zibart of The Washington Post stated that despite Bancroft ‘s performance being “ right on the ceiling ” in terms of over the top and saying that Ryder “ seems for once to be acting, and not entirely comfortably ”, she praised the rest of the actresses for being “ theatrical folly by a frame of stahs. ” [ 9 ] The movie was nominated for Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a motion painting at the 2nd Screen Actors Guild Awards, but lost to Apollo 13. [ 10 ] [ 11 ] Ryder and Mulroney were nominated for Best Kiss at the 1996 MTV Movie Awards, but lost to Natasha Henstridge and Anthony Guidera for Species. [ 12 ]

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