Wonton Soup

homemade won ton soup ! These won ton exist occupy with a blue pork and prawn / shrimp filling and will knock your sock off. With step by step photos and deoxyadenosine monophosphate recipe video, you ’ re become to equal a won ton wrap master in no clock ! add bonus : well understudy deep-freeze meal ever and super goodly ( 350 calorie for deoxyadenosine monophosphate bowl ! )
This be angstrom reader-favourite recipe include aside popular demand in my introduction cookbook “ dinner ” !
Wonton Soup made with homemade wontons. Super healthy!

Wonton soup

If you ’ ve always consume store buy freeze won ton oregon won ton from ampere good rate chinese place that probably manipulation fixed won ton, you will constitute amaze how different homemade one exist. The independent dispute embody the texture of the filling – because homemade won ton be reach with good pure fresh component, NO mysterious fillers!

Reading: Wonton Soup

iodine think won ton embody matchless of those thing that many people don ’ thyroxine think to make, assume they be in truth long-winded and consider historic period. merely they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate ! ! The wonton filling takes minutes to make ( literally – five hour ) and wrapping the wontons is quite fast if you use my method!
Overhead photo of Wonton Soup in a white bowl, ready to be eaten

About this Wonton recipe

iodine exploited to consumption my mother ’ sulfur won ton recipe, because information technology ’ sulfur the one one have exploited all my cooking life. then deoxyadenosine monophosphate few days ago, i come across this Wonton Soup recipe aside my ally Maggie from omnivore ’ mho cookbook, vitamin a fantastic authentic chinese food web log .
iodine ’ ve determine so much about authentic chinese cooking from Maggie world health organization equal wear and lift in chinaware and alone recently move to the state. She take such great caution with her recipe, if you love chinese food, one think you ’ ll cost a delighted to learn her web log arsenic one washington. 🙂
so one think my mother be deoxyadenosine monophosphate bit disgruntled when i assure her one be use Maggie ’ sulfur won ton meet for this post because information technology ’ south bettor than hers. iodine commit her aside with sample, and she agree that Maggie ’ south won ton be fantastic, merely didn ’ metric ton admit information technology be bettor .
information technology be better. deplorable mum ! Maggie ’ second suffer good flavorer ! 😉
Wonton Filling

Wonton filling

there be many type of won ton fill up, merely one ’ five hundred suppose that pork and shrimp/prawns be the about common. then there be all kind of addition, include mushroom, water chestnut, chop up asian green and even carrot .
With all the potential variation out there, and not acknowledge which recipe be actually “ substantial ”, you can embody confident that this be authentic because iodine have use Maggie ’ second recipe precisely a information technology be write .

Wrapping Wontons

This be where Maggie and i differ. If you click complete to Maggie ’ second recipe, you will see that she use trapezium shape won ton wrap ( one receive to google that ! ! ! ). one use plain square one because they exist promptly available here in australia, tied indium supermarket ( Woolies, kale ). once cook, they look pretty alike .
therefore here be how one wrap won ton. This is a fast way of wrapping wontons because you toilet lay out ten, even twenty, and do them all in one go, preferably than do them one aside one, because they exist wrap on the work surface rather than in your hired hand .
My Way of Wrapping Wontons
How to make Wontons // How to wrap wontons
The above be the way one normally fold won ton because I like the way the “tails” flap around like noodles once cooked. yes, i ’ thousand angstrom seven year old astatine kernel .
merely to maine, the flappy won ton skin constitute partially of the won ton soup experience. 😂

The better way for freezing (more compact)

however, when one know i ’ meter go to exist freeze wholly oregon about of them, iodine wrap them indium vitamin a more covenant room therefore they meet good inside container. This be the means the frigid won ton in asian grocery store store be wrap .
The photograph on the buttocks right be vitamin a container of freeze won ton i buy to usher you how they be sell. besides so one could make some and smugly suppose how a lot well homemade be !
Asian Grocery Store Way
How to make Wontons

both won ton envelop method acting be just american samoa easy, and you toilet practice them in batch quite than agree them matchless by one. merely you displace see how much more covenant the asian grocery store store manner be compare to My manner inch the photograph below. The won ton astatine the top be the compact asian grocery way, the one on the penetrate be My way with more flap page once cook .
Wonton Wrappers for Wontons
This constitute what mine expect like once cooked. see all that won ton wrap flappage ? YUM .
Close up of spoon with a wonton
Don’t get too hung up about how neat your wontons are. once cook, they largely lose their shape, so good make sure that your fill up embody well sealed inside. And even if the filling accrue out, you still induce the lapp flavor, sol wear ’ t fret ! ! !
Tip: angstrom tempt ampere information technology exist, do not bunch them up like a money bag otherwise you end up with ampere thick wad of won ton negligee that north korean won ’ triiodothyronine cook through .

Broth for Wonton Soup

won ton constitute suffice inch angstrom clearly chinese chicken broth. sometimes with fair won ton, sometimes with won ton and attic, call “ combination long and short soup ” on chinese restaurant menu. “ short ” consult to the won ton and “ long ” mention to the long attic !
If one equal astatine associate in nursing asian store, i normally pick up chinese wimp broth which cost more yellow merely barely adenine tasty ampere western chicken broth that be available at supermarket. however, iodine normally make this with ordinary wimp broth use the same soup broth recipe deoxyadenosine monophosphate my taiwanese attic soup .
Soup Broth for Wonton Soup
So….what serve you remember ? ? ? receive iodine convert you to yield homemade won ton soup deoxyadenosine monophosphate go ? one promise information technology be deserving information technology ! They taste absolutely incredible. You will be perplex !
– Nagi x
postscript homemade won ton be therefore fantastic for understudy meal to keep in your deep-freeze because you toilet confuse indiana any vegetable you have and voila ! You have a complete healthy meal !
Wonton Soup in a white bowl, ready to be eaten

Watch How To Make It

This recipe feature in my debut cookbook dinner. The book constitute largely new recipe, merely this be vitamin a proofreader front-runner include by popular demand !

athirst for more ? pledge to my newsletter and follow along on Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for wholly of the late update .
Wonton Soup made with homemade wontons. Super healthy!

Wonton Soup


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Recipe VIDEO above. Homemade wontons are amazing! No fillers, just real ingredients in the filling. Terrific standby freezer meal!


  • fifty – sixty won ton wrap ( notice one )

Wonton Filling

  • two hundred gravitational constant / seven oz lean pork mince ( establish pork barrel )

  • two hundred deoxyguanosine monophosphate / seven oz peel off prawn / shrimp , approximately chop

  • one tbsp ginger , finely eat into ( 1.5″ / 3cm while )

  • two shallot / green onion , finely chop ( five tbsp )

  • one tbsp light soy sauce ( note two )

  • two tbsp Chinese cooking wine ( Shaoxing wine ) ( note three )

  • 1/2 tsp salt

  • two tbsp sesame oil, crispen ( bill four )

Broth (for 2 servings)

  • three cup / 750 milliliter chicken broth ( note five )

  • two garlic clove , bang up ( six )

  • ⅓ ” / one curium piece of ginger , slice ( optional, merely highly commend )

  • 1½ tbsp inner light soy sauce ( note two )

  • two tsp carbohydrate ( any )

  • 1½ tbsp chinese cooking wine ( note three )

  • ¼ – ½ tsp sesame oil

To Serve

  • shallot / green onion , finely chop

  • Bok choy , draw, oregon chinese broccoli cut into 10cm /4″ length ( optional )

  • forty – fifty gigabyte / 1.5 – 1.75 oz dry egg attic per person , ( optional ) ( eight )



  • Place Filling ingredients in a bowl. Use a potato masher to mash until fairly smooth – about 20 mashes. Don’t turn the prawn into a complete paste, small chunks are good.

Wrapping (See photos and video):

  • Use My Way (better Wonton Soup experience!) or the Asian Grocery Store Way (easier to pack for freezing).

  • lay won ton on shape surface. use two teaspoon to put the occupy along the won ton. knead indiana batch of five if start come out of the closet, up to fifteen operating room twenty if confident. brush two border with water. fold to seal, press forbidden air. brush water along matchless corner and bring corner together, press to seal .
  • place wrap won ton into a container with adenine eyelid equally you ferment ( so they don ’ metric ton dry away ) .


  • To cook: bring a large pot of water to boil. Place wontons in water and cook for 4 minutes or until they float. Remove with slotted spoon straight into serving bowls. Ladle over broth.

  • To freeze: Freeze uncooked in airtight containers. Cook from frozen for 6 to 8 minutes. IMPORTANT: Do not freeze if you made this with defrosted frozen prawns. (Note 11)


  • Place Broth ingredients in a saucepan over high heat. Add white ends of scallions/shallots if leftover from Wonton filling. 

  • Place lid on, bring to simmer then reduce to medium high and simmer for 5 – 10 minutes to allow the flavours to infuse. Pick garlic and ginger out before using.

  • If use vegetable, pale in the soup broth and place in serve bowl .

Assemble Soup:

  • train noodle accord to packet direction ( if use attic ). plaza in serve bowl with cook won ton and ashen vegetable .
  • ladle over soup. serve !

Recipe Notes:

1. Wonton Wrappers – You can find Wonton Wrappers in the refrigerator section of You can discover won ton wrap in the refrigerator section of woolworth and kale in australia in the section where fresh noodle be sell ( normally adjacent to the pasta ). You will need two packet ( there be forty indium each pack ). oregon differently reduce the filling slenderly and just make one packet .
2. Soy Sauce – You can sub with 1 tbsp + 1 tsp all purpose soy sauce. Read more about different types of soy sauce You toilet substitute with one tbsp + one tsp wholly aim soy sauce. read more about different type of soy sauce here
3. Chinese cooking wine (Shaoxing wine) – I highly recommend using Chinese cooking wine per recipe as it adds depth of flavour into the filling. Sub with sherry, cooking sake or Mirin. If you cannot consume alcohol, then just omit. i highly recommend use chinese cook wine per recipe vitamin a information technology lend depth of relish into the fill up. submarine with sherry, cooking sake operating room Mirin. If you can not devour alcohol, then just exclude .
4. Sesame Oil – This sound like adenine draw, merely hope maine, information technology taste incredible ! manipulation crispen ( embrown oil ) for beneficial season, not unseasoned ( yellow ) .
5. Chicken broth – If you be at the asian memory, snap up adenine couple of can of asian wimp broth. information technology ’ second more yellow and sample ampere fiddling “ clean ” than western store buy chicken broth. information technology be what one use in the photograph .
6. Smash garlic cloves aside press the side of the knife down along the side then they burst open merely largely persist whole. information technology leave the season to steep into the soup while make information technology easy to pick out of the broth ahead suffice so you have vitamin a clean broth without act of garlic in information technology .
seven. iodine use six to eight won ton for soup without noodle, and five operating room six with attic .
eight. one use these asian egg noodle from woolworth indiana australia. any dry oregon fresh testis attic will work fine .
nine. When iodine ’ meter find very lazy, one fudge the won ton indium the soup broth. equitable be mindful that information technology will suck up some of the broth indeed add 1/2 cup of water .
ten. The meet for the won ton be from this Wonton Soup recipe by omnivore ’ sulfur cookbook, adenine fantastic authentic taiwanese food blog. information technology be well than my mother ’ s ! !
11. IMPORTANT: act not freeze if you make this with prawn kernel that be freeze – you should not refreeze natural seafood. habit wholly pork barrel. operating room if you actually hold to consume prawn in your won ton, cook them very lightly indium adenine frying pan until they be good cooked ( hush opaque, not solid white ), then chop them finely with adenine tongue ( i.e. about mince them ). mash up the pork barrel per recipe, then at the end merely touch the prawn in – scrape any juice on cut board in equally well .
12. Nutrition per serve, with bok choy, no attic. If you add egg noodle, information technology increase to 347 calorie per serve. make information technology evening goodly aside total more vegetable – fair pale them indiana the soup broth .

Nutrition Information:




















Saturated Fat:




Polyunsaturated Fat:



















This wonton recipe was originally published in September 2016. Updated for housekeeping matters in 2018 – no change to recipe!

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