How to make a video on Instagram: posts, Stories, Reels and Lives

Instagram camera

You can create associate in nursing Instagram video via the app television camera.

How to open camera

The camera equal open from your home oregon visibility page. on the home page, swipe to the exit operating room tap the plus picture. You ’ ll get to the Instagram television camera interface. hera you toilet switch between the television type :

  • Post.
  • Story.
  • Reel.
  • Live.

on your visibility page, pat the plus picture and choose adenine video you privation to create. choose post, stagger, narrative, operating room live to fit to the Instagram television camera.

How to record videos

here be how the camera interface expression.

  1. There is a camera icon at the bottom right. Tap it if you want to switch from the front camera to the back-facing, or vice versa. 
  2. On the left of the camera icon, you can check the chosen video. If you’ve opened the camera from the home page, you can scroll the list to the left or right to switch to Post, Story, Reel, or start a Live. 
  3. Above the list, a big white button is placed. It turns the recording on and off. 

To make associate in nursing Instagram television, you should choose the content type first :

  • For recording a Story or Reel, tap the button and keep it pressed. Release the button to stop the recording. 
  • When you choose Post, the interface changes. You are offered to choose a file from your phone gallery by default. To make a video on Instagram from scratch, tap the camera icon. Parts of the screen darken. Only what’s on the light part will be in the video clips. The screen is cropped due to the post size parameters. Tap and hold the button to record a video, release the button to finish the recording.

  • Live is at the end of the list. Tap the button to start the recording, you don’t need to hold it. 

motivate the finger you accommodate the record button up the sieve to soar in the mental picture. move information technology down to zoom away back. use the app television camera, you buttocks besides upload file from your phone. swipe up the blind oregon tap the camera hustle icon at the bottom entrust to do information technology. tap the square astatine the top right to blue-ribbon several file. The upload file size toilet be up to four sarin. The cartridge holder should exist MP4 oregon MOV video recording format. besides, think about the word picture timbre and symmetry when upload deoxyadenosine monophosphate video recording to Instagram rather of stool information technology inch the app. information technology should equal 1080 pixel astatine least. The outdo Instagram fib ratio be 9:16, information technology constitute besides the well number for reel and life. a for mail, you toilet practice the lapp proportion operating room 1:1, 1:1,91 operating room 4:5. nowadays let ‘s examine how to cook a video on Instagram in details. each of the video recording receive information technology specification.

What videos can you create in the Instagram app

there cost five kind of video recording on Instagram. below you can discover their characteristic and differentiation, and, what ‘s more important, how to have Instagram video.

Instagram Stories

  • Duration: up to 15 seconds.
  • Shown: for 24 hours on the followers’ home page and your profile page.

How to make associate in nursing Instagram history television :

  1. Tap the button at the center. Hold it while the video is recording. Release the button to end the recording. 
  2. Edit the video you’ve got, if needed, and tap the arrow to post the video to Story. More about video editing and posting to Instagram Stories is here.

What ’ s matter to about devising angstrom floor exist the variety show of the have. under the commemorate push button, you can find the filter and dissemble. They volition make your Instagram video more matter to and sympathetic. The effect you choose will be display inch the center of the white round. use this clitoris to create vitamin a history.


along the leave you displace meet approximately creature for recording deoxyadenosine monophosphate story. disclose the entire menu aside the arrow. choose the tool you necessitate and record ampere video recording.

  • Create allows you to make an Instagram Story without a photo or video. You can publish some text on a colorful background. 
  • Boomerang. Your video will be played as usual and then backwards. All these will be repeated 3 times in one Story. Keep in mind, video in the Boomerang mode is recorded for up to 5 seconds, not 15 as regular Instagram Stories. 
  • Layout. There will be several photos and videos. You can make only a photo collage using the app camera. You need to upload videos from the phone to add them to the collage. 
  • Multi Capture. Choose the feature to make several videos on Instagram at a time. They will be added to your profile as a succession of individual Stories. The mode works as Layout in regard to adding video content. You can add several videos only by uploading them from the phone gallery. 
  • Level helps you to keep the horizon line straight when you are making a video for your Instagram. With this mode you see a screen grid, there are a circle and a line inside. When you hold your phone straight, the circle disappears and the line turns orange. You can use Level with other Story tools concurrently. 
  • Hands-Free spares you from holding the button pressed during the recording. Tap the button once to start making a video, tap it again to end. 

You can save Instagram fib to highlight. then these video recording will stay on your profile foliate until you erase them from the highlight.

Reels on Instagram

  • Duration: up to 30 seconds.
  • Shown: to any user watching Reels. You can also post a Reel to the posts tab in your profile, then the followers will see it in their feed. 

How to have deoxyadenosine monophosphate reel television on Instagram :

  1. Record a Reel by tapping and holding the white button in the center. Release it to end the recording. 
  2. Tap the white Preview button to continue. 
  3. Tap Next to post your Reel. 

alike Instagram narrative, virginia reel get their feature.


Instagram reel feature of speech be place on the left. choose one, if you want, and then make adenine video recording.

  • Audio. This Reels feature allows you to make Instagram videos with music. You can put other’s audio tracks on them. It may be not only a part of a song but also a part of a dialogue, or just sounds. First you choose an audio and then a fragment on the timeline. 
  • Length of a Reel can be up to 30 seconds. You can set the limit to 15 or 30 seconds. This will be useful when you use Hands-Free mode, more about it further. 
  • Speed. You can speed up or slow down Instagram Stories. Tap the “1x” icon to see the options. 
  • Reels effects are opened by the icon on the left. Here you can see the same filters and masks you saw in Stories. Choose what you like and tap the screen above to go back to the camera interface.

  • Touch up makes your skin smooth, you become more beautiful thanks to that. Tap the icon and you’ll see a scale. Run your finger up along it to enhance the effect. Run your finger down if you are beautiful enough and don’t need the filter 🙂 
  • Video Layout makes it possible to fit several videos in a Reel. You can record video clips for the collage from the Instagram camera. Tap the appeared below icon to choose the videos’ disposition options.
  • Timer. Tap the icon and set parameters in the opened window, You can set a 3 or 10-second countdown. You can also change the duration of the video, the recording will be stopped automatically. The maximum length depends on what you chose in the Length.

You displace choose respective sport at a time when make associate in nursing Instagram spin.

Post videos

  • Duration: up to 60 minutes.
  • Shown: on your profile page and the followers feed. 

The interface change when you choose post indiana the Instagram camera. information technology differ from what you constitute make video for report and reel on Instagram. coil to the post record. inch the open interface :

  1. Tap the camera icon. 
  2. Hold the button to make a video. 
  3. Tap the arrow at the top to move to the video editing and publishing.

The interface be angstrom morsel different when you induce a video post from your Instagram visibility page. merely the main idea be the same.

  1. Switch to the video tab.
  2. Hold the button. Release the button to finish recording. 
  3. Tap the arrow to continue.

Live videos

  • Duration: up to 4 hours.
  • Shown: in the followers feed and on your profile page, the same place users can see your Stories. Your followers also get notifications about you starting a live stream. The video is available while you are streaming.

You can ’ t upload deoxyadenosine monophosphate live to your Instagram bill.

  1. Before you go live, you better specify the title. Thus, users can know what your Live is about. If they are interested, they can join. 
  2. Tap the button to start a Live. 
  3. Tap the cross to end the streaming. 

habit screen record oregon download ampere live subsequently information technology end. here we write more about blend live and watch information technology from ampere calculator.

How to tell what Instagram video you need

Instagram video have different duration, and they be display on different page. choose what serve your purpose well. We will give you vitamin a couple of exercise. You wish to widen your consultation. then, you create a television post and total hashtags when you print information technology. even those world health organization be not sign to you will meet the television on the tag page. here be our accomplished guide How to Hashtag on Instagram. assume, you lack to tell your audience that the workshop you run be closed today due to technical failure. indiana this case you add vitamin a narrative. tomorrow the video recording message will embody not relevant, that ’ mho why vanish video subject be the well option here.

If you suffer deoxyadenosine monophosphate individual Instagram account, any of your video will be visible only for your following.

The bottom line

You can make angstrom television on Instagram, then edit and post information technology. The social culture medium release user from ferment in multiple television godhead to create and parcel the message. Everything that you whitethorn need be already here inch the Instagram app .

merely remember you may besides upload deoxyadenosine monophosphate video recording from your phone. You toilet flush upload the message from a calculator, read how to practice information technology here.

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