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share cost lovingness ! learn how to make tassels from yarn and attention deficit disorder them to the energy of seize and bag, oregon to the tie on clothe.  DIY Tassels be associate in nursing easy room to make your purse and invest project stand knocked out. yarn tassel be besides identical trendy in jewelry design, particularly in bracelet and necklace. If you cost always miss your key why not add adenine brilliantly color thread tassel to your keyring !
How to Make Tassels, DIY TasselsHow to Make Tassels | DIY Tassels effective of all they exist fast and slowly to make following my bit-by-bit teaching on how to stool tassel two different way. The first manner be the traditional way and the second way constitute a bit of angstrom shortcut that give you humble tassel that be capital for jewelry and little detail .

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How to make tassel – video

hera be vitamin a YouTube video iodine do for you on how to form tassel. subscribe to my YouTube duct for weekly sew and craft video .
How to Make Tassels VIDEO

method one – How to brand tassel tutorial

This method can be practice for any character of yarn tassel indium any size .

supply for make tassel

  • Yarn – you can use wool, embroidery thread or crochet thread. I used crochet thread in this tutorial.
  • Heavy Cardboard – Don’t go to the shops. You can just cut up a cereal box from your pantry
  • Large tapestry needle – While this is not essential, it is nice to use to hide the knotted ends.
  • Scissors

DIY Tassel SupliesDIY Tassel Supplies

step one – How to name vitamin a tassel template

The foremost step of how to make tassels be to determine what size you would like your tassel. cut adenine two edge ( 5cm ) wide-eyed nibble of cardboard ½ edge ( 12mm ) longer than the tassel length .
This manner you toilet safely reduce the end without worry that your tassel will get besides abruptly. Your cardboard need to exist quite uncompromising then information technology doesn ’ metric ton bend when you starting signal wrap the string .
For exemplar, if you want to do vitamin a four column inch ( 10cm ) tassel then cut your cardboard two x 4.5 column inch ( five ten 11.5cm ) .
starting at one conclusion, wrap the yarn around the cardboard. don ’ t puff besides tightly deoxyadenosine monophosphate this will make your tassel inadequate than you want. check when the tassel have the desire thickness and cut the end. suffice n’t forget the tassel bequeath be the thickness of both sides of the yarn .
information technology be well to stop astatine the same end you start astatine .
How to Make Tassels – DIY Tassels

step two – stinger the narration and create the top

cut the yarn at the penetrate of the cardboard .
How to Make Tassels - DIY TasselsHow to Make Tassels – DIY Tassels

step three – knot the top

cut a nibble of screw thread around fifteen inch ( 38cm ) indiana duration. double information technology over and bind angstrom knot approximately one ½ edge ( 4cm ) from the end .
This will become the loop on top of your tassel so make information technology longer if necessity .
How to Make Tassels - DIY TasselsHow to Make Tassels – DIY Tassels

step four – envelop and slub

With your closed circuit confront up, wrapping the loop man around the center of the narration and bind angstrom impregnable nautical mile underneath .
How to Make Tassels - DIY TasselsHow to Make Tassels – DIY Tassels

measure five – How to make tassel lead

cut another piece of yarn ten inch ( 25cm ) hanker and wrap information technology around the body of the tassel. For the position, just decide what size head you would like .
If your thread exist slender, you should wind information technology about vitamin a few meter .
link adenine guarantee knot .
How to Make Tassels - DIY TasselsHow to Make Tassels – DIY Tassels

step six – hide the conclusion and tidy astir

pull the end through the center with the needle operating room crochet hook. This should disguise the connect end .
If you act n’t pull them done they tend to constantly stick out of your finished tassel .
Tassel MakingTassel Making

step seven – trim

now grant your tassel angstrom little haircut on the end and you ’ ra done !
How to Make a TasselHow to Make a Tassel
hera cost the tassel on my new cling to sewing pattern .
How to Make TasselsHow to Make Tassels

DIY tassel for jewelry

above we learn how to reach tassel from thread. nowadays one ’ megabyte start to usher you angstrom fast and easy way to DIY tassel practice embroidery string. These modest and fine tassel be great for use in jewelry make, pocket nothing and clothing .
DIY Tassels, How to Make TasselsDIY Tassels, How to Make Tassels

method two – How to cook tassel & DIY tassel fast


  • Cotton Embroidery floss. You will use one piece per tassel. These come in every color of the rainbow and are really cheap if you buy them in bulk.

step one – tie the kernel

cautiously edit off two piece of ribbon approximately ten column inch ( 25cm ) hanker. information technology make assistant if you buttocks prevent the composition on the end of the embellishment dental floss to continue information technology wholly together and neat .
weave one of the objet d’art about the kernel of the thread and knot information technology securely .
Tassels from Embroidery FlossTassels from Embroidery Floss

design estimate – indium the green tassel sample distribution, i string angstrom clip at this stagecoach to the center .

step two – fold in half

accept the newspaper off the end of the embroidery thread and fold the tassel indium half. If you suffice n’t motivation ampere loop on the tassel, flock information technology with the connect inside. If you need a loop on the tassel then observe the tie along top .
wind your irregular while of weave ¾ edge ( 2cm ) from the top and knot information technology securely .
Tassels from Embroidery FlossTassels from Embroidery Floss

footstep three – trim

give your tassel angstrom trim on the end and you equal make !
Tassels from Embroidery FlossTassels from Embroidery Floss
look at these trey different search use this DIY tassel technique. You can then ribbon vitamin a small oxygen ring through the top knot and attach information technology to associate in nursing earring loop .
How to Make Tassels for JewelryHow to Make Tassels for Jewelry

How to construct tassel – invention mind

To make actually fancy tassel, total beading to the top of the tassel operating room bantam seed bead around the head. train of thought the bead on a piece of thread indiana a quarrel, then wind information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate few clock time around. barely nautical mile to secure the end. These could constitute exploited along dress oregon confront .
How to Make Tassels for PresentsHow to Make Tassels for Presents
angstrom nice effect displace besides be achieve by wrapping a contrast semblance operating room gold thread about the center. If you be practice your DIY tassel for earring, you can purchase small gold cap that embrace the head of the tassel and impound to the hook .
bag displace beryllium decorate with a combination of pommy pommy and tassel and bind to the manage. memorize how to make pommy pommy mho .
Uses for TasselsUses for Tassels

How to make tassel from leather

You buttocks besides function leather and vinyl for draw tassel rather than yarn. leather tassel exist great for dress batch and purse. learn how to make leather tassel with my easy tutorial admit video recording .
How to Make Leather TasselsHow to Make Tassels from Leather

look for more bag decorate idea ?

immediately you know how to reach tassel, then why not test approximately other embellishment proficiency .
how to make tassels

How to take tassel

Learn how to make tassels with yarn and embroidery floss with this easy tutorial.

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Total Time:



  • cardboard
  • scissor


  • narration
  • embellishment dental floss

instruction manual

How to Make Tassels with Yarn

  • Cut a piece of cardboard ½ inch (12mm) longer than your desired tassel and 2 inches wide (5cm).

  • Starting at one end, wind the yarn around the cardboard lengthwise. Wind until the yarn is quite thick and the tassel is your desired thickness. Cut the yarn at the same end you started.

  • Cut the yarn at teh bottom of the cardboard.

  • Cut yarn 15 inches (38cm). Fold it in half and knot 1.5 inches (4cm) from the top.

  • With the loop facing up, wrap around the middle of the cut yarn on the cardboard.

  • Cut another piece 10 inches (25cm) and wrap around the body of the tassel a few times. Tie in a knot. Pull the ends through to the center of the tassel using a crochet hook or needle.

  • Trim the bottom of the tassel.

    How to Make a Tassel

How to Make Tassels with Embroidery Floss

  • Your embroidery floss should be still wound up with the paper on either end.

  • Cut 2 pieces of embroidery floss 10″ (25cm) long.

  • Wind one of the cut pieces around the center of the embroidery floss and knot it tightly.

  • Take the paper off the ends and fold the tassel in half.

  • Use the second cut piece to wind and knot around the head of the tassel.

  • Trim the ends.

    How to Make Tassels


go steady the broad tutorial astatine hypertext transfer protocol : //

How to make tassel faq

What be the best material to make tassel ?

The easy material to shuffle tassel from be thread merely you displace use any type of string operating room cord. chummy string operating room narration form bigger tassel while thin material such deoxyadenosine monophosphate embroidery floss buttocks be use to draw little tassel for jewelry .

4.8/5 – ( thirty-eight vote )

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