Suction Cups: How To Make Them Stick More & Suck Less

sucking cups are the best keep confidential when it comes to organizing in tight spaces. It takes alone a few seconds to put them up and once they ’ re up, you can truly maximize your wall space .
But there ’ s a catch–they don ’ t constantly stay put option. While suction cups can create extra storage options for you, it ’ s not worth the effort if they ’ re constantly falling down .
If you ’ re tired of losing the battle with your suction cups, let us help you win with some comfortable advice.

Make Sure You’re Choosing the Right Surface

Some surfaces don ’ t exercise good for suction cups. Start with a clean come on, and make sure it ’ s completely fluent — not roughly or textured. even a little snatch of texture can be a deal-breaker .

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If you ’ re count on a suction cup to stick to a rough plaster wall, you ’ re setting yourself up for disappointment. It won ’ triiodothyronine be able to create a taut enough void to seal out the air .

Give Everything a Good Cleaning

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You may solve your problem with this easy step. however, if it still doesn ’ t have the suction you believe it should, take your scavenge to the future charge .
Use some white vinegar –or rubbing alcohol to wipe down the rampart and the suction cup. That will take wish of any greasy or despicable film you can ’ t see but that might be hurting the suction .
If you ’ re going to hang the cup in a shower, vinegar will be precisely fine, but if you ’ rhenium working on a painted wall, you might want to test the vinegar in a small sphere to make indisputable it doesn ’ t shock the paint.

Use Some Water

A little spot of water can do wonders for boosting a sucking cup ’ mho grip. Using warmly water, rinse the solid cup so it softens it up .
Shake the drops of water off the cup promptly and then put it up on the wall. That can often do the whoremaster .

Watch the Temperature

If you ’ re putting up a suction cup on your car window to attach a GPS unit or something else, don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate do it in cold temperatures. This can hinder the cup ’ south tractability. You won ’ thyroxine pay back as adept of a latch as you will in warm weather .
Wait for the temperature to reach at least 40 degrees Fahrenheit. If you must put it up in cold weather, run the defrost on the hottest fructify to make certain your window is a bit warm. And keep the suction cup adenine ardent as possible until you put it up .

Be Realistic

invalidate hanging up anything breakable with a sucking cup. And, if you ’ re trying to use it to hold up something reasonably heavy, it might not work .
For heavier items, you may want to use 3M Command strips or a similar easy-to-apply undress, or adhere with nails, screws, or anchors .
nowadays that you ’ ve earned your masters in sucking cup-o-logy, check out these options worth sticking with : Colorful & Heavy Duty, Durable Designs, Powerful & Lightweight .


Amy Anthony is a stay-at-home-mom, seasoned writer, and a home cleanse and constitution authority. Amy enjoys having an absolutely immaculate home plate and has worked unvoiced to develoP strategies to keep it that way, despite having 2 kids and 3 dogs. Amy loves sharing cleaning hacks and organization tips to help others maintain a sparkling firm with minimal attempt .

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