How to Make Kandi Cuffs: 5 Unique Kandi Cuff Designs

These days, its guaranteed that if you are having a kandi crafting party, many of your guests will appear with enough of kandi and beads on hand. It ‘s playfulness, it ‘s pretty, and it is the perfect icebreaker when you offer some kandi to those you meet. There are many different ways to create kandi designs, and the kandi cuff is a big design that stands out among thin bracelets .

Making Your Kandi Cuff

start with adequate beads of versatile colors to create three to four rows of beads. At least four or five colors is good. The string you use can be equally long as you want it. You might want to try it around your wrist and make certain that you cut it so that there is enough of room to go around your wrist at least four times plus some extra for the cuff technique and the tie-off. First, string all 36 beads in a blueprint with a traffic pattern of your option, or you can use a different solid color for each row. then, tie the ends together with a few knots. Cut the supernumerary string off the watchband ‘s inadequate end, cutting it near the knot
This will leave the long end of the string coming out of one bead. then, string three beads at once and put the string end through the third base bead. You can use the lapp blueprint on this second course as you did the first so that each drop matches the one below it, or you can start out with a new semblance for this row. Continue this proficiency until you get to the end of the beginning row and make certain that the count of beads is the lapp. You can then start on the third base row using the same technique of stringing three beads and then putting the string through the third gear bead to create another row. A fourthly course is done the same way. When the handcuff is completed, you can tie off the string with a copulate of knots to keep it holding together .
Kandi CuffKandi Cuff -2

Another Kandi Cuff Technique

You can besides do it by having a much longer string, stringing the first row, and then tying it off. then, string one bead at a fourth dimension by putting the string through every other bead on the first quarrel. then, go back and create another half quarrel by doing it again but putting the modern bead in the spaces in between the other beads from row 2. This may take a small long, but it creates a clean radiation pattern that many people will love to have.

Choosing Your Patterns

Doing a pattern of three beads of each discolor or of good one color per row are capital looks for kandi, but they do n’t have to be your only choices. ampere long as people have been making kandi, there have been new and arouse patterns being made. here are good a few :

  • Vertical stripes: These can be made using either of the techniques above. It takes a fiddling more attention paid to how the colors are lining up, but it ‘s a nice count that is perfect for both wearing and giving away. It ‘s besides possible to make biased vertical stripes for a very different expect .
  • Heart shape: The kernel takes the place of the background in its distance, so it ‘s good to make sure the color of the kernel goes good with the background color. Often, the center is made inaugural and then the background is created around it. You can besides make respective hearts and use a different color bead to connect them all together and form a border around each kernel.

  • Letters: Whether you want to spell something or plainly have your initials there, letters can be a fun way to communicate through your kandi cuff. This design besides takes some serious planning to map out the form and size of the letters first. This will help you to stay on target with each row so that every rowing helps you to make each letter .
  • Minecraft characters and props: The boxlike nature of these images makes them ideal to recreate in kandi bead kind. Like many other shapes, these need to be mapped out ahead of time, or you can find practice on-line that will make it easier to plan them. A bare capitulum with a boxlike form can be done well, but do n’t stop there. Consider a sheep, a hog, redstone, and early images as well .
  • Smiley face: A smiley face is always cheerful, and people love to wear kandi cuffs with this fun visualize. These can easily be done by factoring in a few black beads across a background of other colors. The mouth can make the side a smiley face or a brainsick face, whichever you prefer.

Your kandi is a way to express yourself, and it ‘s a playfulness look vitamin a well. Before your following night out, make certain you have batch of it to wear and to gift to others. If you need quality beads to make your own kandi, or are hosting a crafting party soon, expect at our patronize page to find all of the best beads to make your own unique pieces of Kandi .

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