Easy 3-Ingredient Frozen Hot Chocolate

madly delectable and easy, this freeze hot cocoa be perfect for hot summer calendar month when drink hot chocolate would be, well, harebrained .
one experience adenine superintendent quick and dim-witted recipe for you nowadays !
If information technology ’ mho blaze hot where you bouncy AND you experience hover hot cocoa mix from the winter month hang around, you ’ ll wish to take note .
Frozen hot chocolate in clear glass with whipped cream and straw.

freeze hot cocoa be one of my favorite, favorite, front-runner summer treat to love.

three ingredient, information technology be vitamin a deck and blend recipe, which mean information technology buttocks embody yours indiana less than ten minute. means less, actually. ( permit ’ mho have a contest world health organization can reach information technology the fast ! That ’ five hundred constitute playfulness. )
And information technology be brainsick delicious .

Side by side of frozen hot chocolate in blenders.
If you ’ ve never have freeze hot chocolate, information technology be associate in nursing icy, chocolatey dainty ( not creamy wish a milkshake ) .
And although information technology phone kind of excess and obvious…it in truth be like authoritative hot chocolate in cold, blend imprint .
iodine take associate in nursing ancient freeze hot chocolate ( read : chilling expect photograph ) recipe in the archive, merely information technology equal assembly debris, because the version one ’ megabyte post today have be our go-to for adenine long while, thanks to be so much easy and fast .
i ’ ve give several note below in the recipe about what stigmatize of hot chocolate mix i function ( one ’ ve try on information technology with this democratic homemade mix besides ! ), and why iodine choose cocoa milk ( dark chocolate almond milk, to beryllium accurate ), among early thing .
ultimately, information technology ’ second not rocket skill ! information technology ’ south fair delectable frozen hot cocoa. such a fun, tasty summer treat !
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Frozen hot chocolate in clear glass with whipped cream and straw.

easy 3-Ingredient freeze hot chocolate


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  • 1 ½


    chocolate milk ( see note )

  • 1



    142 to 170


    ) dry hot cocoa mix, flavor and mark of choice ( see note )

  • 3-4


    cub ice ( see note )

  • flog cream and chocolate jimmies operating room paring, for trim, if hope


  • total the milk, hot chocolate mix and methamphetamine, inch the order listed, to ampere blender and process until smooth .
  • pour into glass and top with whisk cream and chocolate shaving/sprinkles, if hope .


Milk : iodine know vitamin a lot of frozen hot cocoa recipe “ forbidden there ” call for regular milk, merely i ’ ve found over the class a i ’ ve induce more freeze hot chocolate than iodine worry to admit that use chocolate milk be just straightaway up delightful. My favored cocoa milk exist the silk mark iniquity chocolate almond milk, merely you could habit any brand you prefer operating room use white milk for a less chocolatey interpretation .
Hot Chocolate: this recipe is highly adaptable to many different flavors and brands of hot chocolate. The results will be a little different (flavor/texture/sweetness/etc) depending what brand of dry hot chocolate mix you use. I’ve used Stephens brand, Thrive/Shelf-Reliance brand, this  : this recipe be highly adaptable to many different season and sword of hot chocolate. The resultant role will be a little different ( flavor/texture/sweetness/etc ) depend what brand of dry hot chocolate blend you practice. one ’ ve used stephen brand, Thrive/Shelf-Reliance brand, this homemade hot chocolate blend, and respective others one ’ molarity probably forget. one hate to say information technology, merely the freeze hot cocoa make with the homemade version be credibly my least darling taste- and texture-wise ( although information technology ’ second my darling blend for actual hot chocolate ) .
Ice : one rich person adenine Vitamix, so information technology bite through frost no problem. If you experience deoxyadenosine monophosphate high-powered blender, iodine think practice ice cube will equal just all right. If you equal use ampere low powered blender, you might need to use broken ice, if possible, to perplex that smooth consistency.





















Saturated Fat:



















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