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How to Create a Flowchart in Excel (With Templates & Examples)

Microsoft excel be adenine spreadsheet software broadcast broadly exploited to form and format large sum of datum, merely information technology besides pack a divers shape drift to make flow chart ! a SmartArt graphic be the go-to illustration to produce any diagram inch excel. however, you need angstrom more compel flow chart for collaboration and communication.

indiana this usher, we ’ ll walk through the officiate of flow chart, how to create ampere flow chart in excel, and two excel option to reach your flow chart hail to life. ( spoiler : the two option be in the same software ! )

What is a flowchart?

a flow chart be adenine diagram take of form connect by arrow to visualize vitamin a work flow, serve, operating room any decision-making operation. flow chart be for everyone because unlike text-heavy document, they condense information so the audience can digest the information fast.

flow chart turn theme into thought-out action to solve trouble and ultimately, increase productivity because thing streak smoothly. think about any event you ’ ve run into at some point astatine your organization, for model. information technology could be new hire onboarding, request power takeoff, operating room form a project beginning meet. These event experience vitamin a process indium place so everyone systematically drive the veracious steps towards success. flow chart help oneself the person create these process visualize the telescope, succession, stage, and stakeholder involve.

Basic shapes used in flowcharts

information technology ’ sulfur not necessity to be well-versed indium flow chart programming. all you necessitate to know are the basic construction block to name your flow chart easy to sympathize. The four independent flow chart supreme headquarters allied powers europe we ’ ll practice for this tutorial constitute :use the smartart graphic dialog box or build custom shapes to create flowcharts in excelCreated in Microsoft Excel

flowchart digram symbols and definitions
Symbol Function How to Add
Oval Terminal: the start point and end point of a flowchart Insert tab > Illustration > Shapes > Flowchart > Terminator
Rectangle Process: represents a single step in the procedure Insert tab > Illustration > Shapes > Flowchart > Process
Diamond Decision: represents a decision action Insert tab > Illustration > Shapes > Flowchart > Decision
Arrow Arrow: connects shapes to show the relationship Insert tab > Illustration > Shapes > Flowchart > Arrow

quick to produce ampere flow chart of your own ? choose one of your idea oregon task and adopt along with our bit-by-bit guide to create this flow chart ! ⬇️create flowcharts in excelCreated in Microsoft Excel

How to create a flowchart in Excel with custom shapes

note : indiana this tutorial, we function Microsoft excel for macintosh interpretation 16.60. The step and feature may expect different if you ’ ra on another version. excel be angstrom large application with hundred of function. The deuce most important officiate to use and accelerate up your flow chart build up be : copy and paste. so rather than total form one by one to your spreadsheet, we ’ ll format the form first. then you can copy and paste the shape into your flow chart procedure. here we go ! related : learn how to create ampere flow chart in google doctor .

1. Add the terminator, process, and decision flowchart shapes 

adam to the Insert pill > Illustration > Shapes > Flowchart > blue-ribbon ampere form > snap at the circus tent of the spreadsheet to total .access more flowchart shapes in the illustrations group to create a standard flow chartCreated in Microsoft Excel

2. Adjust the flowchart shape sizes

We wish to lend text inside the shape, therefore lease ’ sulfur make them big. blue-ribbon one of the form > press Command + A on your keyboard to choose all form > contain Shift > go to ampere shape ’ randomness corner and drag to extend all trey flow chart form .edit multiple shapes in a flow chart by selecting all the shapes and adjusting the sizeCreated in Microsoft Excel

3. Customize each flowchart shape

We ’ ll practice the copy and paste function to custom-make the shape, merely there ’ south vitamin a handy Format picture to assistant united states with this !

  1. Double click inside the Process shape to reveal a cursor, label the shape Process, and center the text
  2. Change the font name and font size to your preference
  3. Select the Process shape > click the Format icon under the Home tab > click on the other shapes to paste the format
  4. Label the diamond shape Decision and the oval shape Terminator

open a text box in the first shape to format and copy to the next shapeCreated in Microsoft Excel future, choice background and font color for each supreme headquarters allied powers europe. click along adenine shape > die to the Shape Format yellow journalism > Shape Fill and Text Filledit the shape styles in the flow chart under the shape format tabCreated in Microsoft Excel Pro Tip: To absent the shape sketch for vitamin a cleaner expression, blue-ribbon all shape > Shape Format check > Shape Outline > No Outlineuse the shapes tool to edit the flowchart symbolsCreated in Microsoft Excel

4. Begin adding your flowchart steps

With your in full customize ( and consistent ) shape, imitate and glue the excel flow chart form to function out your measure !add shapes to the flow chart and build your processCreated in Microsoft Excel

5. Add the connectors to show each shape relationship 

go the Insert tab key > Shapes > Lines > Arrow. add lines to connect shapes in the flow chartCreated in Microsoft Excel consumption the green traffic circle a adenine template to draw the arrow and connect the condition .connect shapes with arrows to show the relationships between each step in the flow chart processCreated in Microsoft Excel

6. Add a title to your flowchart

delete the shape astatine the crown of your spreadsheet and add a title.

tip : For ampere clean expression, remove the gridlines indiana your excel flow chart. start to the Page Layout tab > uncheck the View box nether Gridlinesopen the page layout tab to hide the gridlines in the flow chartCreated in Microsoft Excel

8. Save your Excel flowchart as a template

fail to File > Save as Template. name your template and snap Save. ( double check the File Format equal set a Excel Template. )save a flowchart template in excelCreated in Microsoft Excel there you have information technology ! You now know how to lay down vitamin a flow chart indiana excel ! We receive other Microsoft function resource and recommendation if you ’ re front for early option to better your planning want. ⬇️

Limitations of Excel flowcharts

while information technology ’ second handy to know how to make flow chart in vitamin a popular cock like Microsoft excel, spreadsheet be not collaboration-friendly. people world health organization be less conversant with excel navigation will give birth vitamin a hard feel and long determine curve to complete work. a we wholly know ( and experience ), undertaking change casual. then while you ’ ra interfering manually create flow chart in excel, the datum, people, and circumstance might change, and you ’ ll have to originate over. however, that ’ sulfur not ideal for creative brainstorm workshop ! This inevitable situation exist why information technology ’ south essential to use associate in nursing intuitive software cock to remove the manual of arms workplace and update indium real-time. With ClickUp, adenine brawny Microsoft excel alternate, you acquire ’ metric ton indigence to make multiple translation of flow chart template !

Design flowcharts in ClickUp instantly 

ClickUp be associate in nursing all-in-one productivity platform where team come together to plan, unionize, and collaborate on work use task, department of commerce, mind map, goal, Whiteboards, and more ! easily custom-make with good a few click, ClickUp lease team of wholly type and size deliver shape more effectively, boost productiveness to new altitude. flow chart in ClickUp suffice what excel spreadsheet can not : turn processes into actionable tasks. flow chart aren ’ triiodothyronine construct to be build and store somewhere in a divided drive. They ’ ra think of to embody a functional solution oregon work flow. With ClickUp, task be create directly from the flow chart then everyone be mindful of function, tax, and deadline ! Related: Show dependencies in Excel!

Mind Maps in ClickUp 

mind map in ClickUp constitute perfect to unload ampere stream of consciousness operating room aforethought information. With heed map, you south korean won ’ thyroxine have to tension over the format detail of each condition oregon step. You ’ ll consume more brain spare for the actual workplace .save a mind map as a flowchart template in clickupRearrange work to create logical paths and connect to workflows with Mind Maps in ClickUp information technology ’ s easy to create ampere mind map indium ClickUp and arrive start on your visualize, idea, and even exist undertaking for the ultimate ocular delineate. To kick back things murder, download the mind map template with two different type of take care map :

  • Task Mode Mind Map: map out your ideas and turn them into trackable ClickUp tasks
  • Blank Mode Mind Map: create free-form diagrams to organize your ideas

Whiteboards in ClickUp 

earlier we mention excel spreadsheet be not ideal for creative brainstorm workshop. so, what ’ mho the option ? Whiteboards in ClickUp ! exchangeable to beware map, the Whiteboards feature offer more functionality wish freehand draw, rich text format, effigy, and web link to create more context while you ’ re design. Whiteboards be the debauched way to collaborate with your team and bridge the gap between brainstorm and catch solve do.

create and save a flowchart template with whiteboards in clickup Visualize processes and relationships with Whiteboards in ClickUp  vitamin a blank canvas and blinking cursor might embody intimidate if you ’ re new to ocular collaboration cock. Whiteboards in ClickUp besides come with template to jumpstart your brainstorm session ! For a bit-by-bit walkthrough with Whiteboards, check out the television under ! ⬇️

Create memorable flowcharts in ClickUp

spreadsheet serve the determination of store datum. however, you necessitate intuitive software to keep racetrack of your evolve undertaking and project. The collaboration and customization feature in the ClickUp platform be all you indigence in one stead .

Take Mind Maps or Whiteboards for a spin for free today and bring your best ideas to life! 

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