Best Strawberry Daiquiri

A strawberry daiquiri is the perfect room to sweeten up your summer. This bibulous freeze cocktail will make you feel like you ‘re on vacation .

two Strawberry Daiquiris with pink straws and lime wedge garnishes, surrounded by fresh strawberries
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What Is a Daiquiri ?

A daiquiri is a type of cocktail that blends rum, citrus juice, and boodle. Daiquiris can be served cool, over ice, or freeze ( like this one ! ). There are plenty of types of daiquiri, but one of the most park variations is frigid strawberry daiquiri .

What ‘s In a Strawberry Daiquiri ?

here ‘s what you ‘ll need to make a frigid strawberry daiquiri at home :

· Ice : Frozen strawberry daiquiri are all about the splash, so ice is a must.
· Sugar : Strawberries add their own pleasantness, but white sugar takes things up a notch.
· Strawberries : Use boughten frozen strawberries. If you have a bounty of fresh berries, freeze your own or equitable use them fresh.
· Juices : You ‘ll need lime juice and lemon juice.
· Rum : classic daiquiri are made with white rum.
· Soda : choose for a lemon-lime carbonated pop, such as Sprite .

How to Make a Strawberry Daiquiri

You ‘ll find a full, bit-by-bit recipe below — but making a freeze strawberry daiquiri in truth could n’t be easier. Just combine all the ingredients in a blender and blend ! That ‘s all there is to it .

How to Serve Strawberry Daiquiris

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Frozen daiquiri are traditionally served in hurricane glasses ( tall glasses that are shaped kind of like a vase ). If you want to go the extra sea mile, rim with white boodle and/or garnishee with a fresh strawberry or calcium oxide slice .

Nicole ‘s Best Strawberry Daiquiri Tips and Tricks

What does Nicole McLaughlin ( a.k.a. NicoleMcMom ) have to say about this freeze strawberry daiquiri recipe ? “ If this does n’t taste like angelic summer, I do n’t know what does. ”

· If strawberries are in temper, you might want to opt for fresh — you do n’t want to miss out on all that natural sweetness. otherwise, use freeze.
· Do n’t be afraid to double or triple this recipe if you ‘re serving a crowd. Who does n’t love a big batch cocktail ?
· This recipe works barely equally well for virgin freeze daiquiri. Just leave out the rum !

Allrecipes Community Tips and Praise

” Made with fresh squeezed juice and strawberries — delicious, ” says SWD1123. “ My husband and I enjoyed these on a hot summer night. We forgot to add the lemon-lime sodium carbonate at first sip, it took it to the next level when added. ”

” These are sol good, ” raves dajklm06. “ Me and my 5-year-old mix them up together. We scooped her out a glass before I added the curious. She loved it and sol did I ! They are fantastic ! ! ”

” Wonderful daiquiri recipe, ” according to CRYSTAL-LYNN. A perfect balance of berry, citrus, and curious. normally I fiddle with recipes after the beginning try, but with this one, there ‘s no need. ”

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