Homemade Bird Seed – How To Make Nutritious, Low-Cost Feed At Home!

Making homemade bird seed is a big way to feed birds a alimentary and much needed winter meal. All while saving a lot of hard-earned cash in the action !
If you love feeding birds, you know how expensive it can be to buy good quality bird seed blend .
Although there are moo monetary value boo semen options available, many contain large amounts of useless fillers .
not entirely are the fillers humble or void of nutritional value, they are normally avoided all-together by birds visiting the feeder.

Making Homemade Bird SeedIt is important to give birds a food source that is both nutritional and attractive to them. If the bird seed is filled with unwanted fillers, it not only creates a mess under feeders, but is unable to give the birds the nutrients they need. It can result in quite a mess around the crunch of bird feeders. And one that is not just unsightly, but besides attracts undesirable creatures to the eater such as phalanger, squirrels and mouse .

How To Create A Great Low-Cost Homemade Bird Seed Blend

fortunately, it is quite easy to create cheap and alimentary homemade dame seed proper at home .
The key is to simply include the goodly ingredients that birds both want and need in their diet. And it doesn ’ t have to be expensive .
In fact, closely all of the basic ingredients listed below can often be found at bulk prices in local feed stores, or even on line .
crushed peanutsPeanuts are a great addition to homemade bird feed. They are not only loved by birds, but extremely beneficial to their diet. here is a look at the best way to create a great homemade bird seed mix, along with a few ingredients to avoid. Be certain to check out the childlike “ perfect-mix ” homemade bird seed recipe at the end of the article adenine well .

A Few Ingredients To Avoid

When it comes to making homemade bird seed, there are a few “ filler ” ingredients that should be avoided. Topping the list are granulate sorghum ( milo ) and related filler grains .
miloMilo (red sorghum) is best left out of bird seed mixes. These are two ingredients found in many of the cheap bird seed blends on the marketplace. They have little nutritional value, and normally end up on the ground below the feeders .

Ingredients To Include In Your Homemade Mix

Sunflower Seeds

Birds love sunflower seeds, whether hulled or still in the shell. And all good mixes surely need to include them .
They are highly alimentary for the birds, and highly desired !
Black oil sunflowers seeds are the best choice for using in homemade bird seed mix. They have a high fat capacity ( in excess of 25 % ), which are perfective for birds. Black anoint sunflower seeds are besides high in protein and roughage a well .
black oil sunflower seeds - homemade bird seedOf all sunflower seeds types, black oil sunflower seeds are the best choice. striped sunflowers are a big choice to add to the mix ampere well. Although not adenine high as black petroleum seeds in nutritional value, they are a close second gear.

If you want to keep feeders authorize of shells and debris around the base, you can purchase pre-shelled seeds. They are, of class, a sting more expensive to purchase shelled. Affiliate Product Link : Black Oil Sunflower Seeds

White Millet

White millet is another bang-up choice for homemade shuttlecock examine. It is a bang-up reference of protein, calcium, magnesium and morning star. It is besides quite full-bodied in anoint as well .
White millet is a great addition to add to your bird seed mix. not only do small birds devour it, millet is besides fantastic for helping with their digestion besides. Affiliate Link : White Millet 10 pound .

Cracked Corn & Peanuts

Like white millet, cracked corn is high in protein and fiber and big for homemade bird seed. When it comes to corn, cracked corn is a better option than whole corn, as it will attract minor and boastfully species of birds .
It makes the perfect poise component when blended with the high-oil message of sunflower seeds .
cracked cornCracked corn is a better choice than whole corn because it attracts both large and small birds. Whole corn is hard for small birds to eat. Peanuts are another excellent informant of oil, fiber, and protein for birds. And just like sunflowers, they can be left in the shell or pre-shelled in the mix .

Dried Fruit / Raisins

last but not least are dried fruits. They are the one ingredient most frequently left out of commercial mixes do to cost .
But flush a bite lend to your mix can be a huge benefit to your feeder .
dried fruit Dried fruit like white or dark raisins are excellent for bird’s diets. They also help to attract many birds that might otherwise not come to the feeder. Birds LOVE dried fruit ! And adding it will attract a wider kind of birds, and give them a snatch of extra nutrients for the cold winter months .
Dried raisins, cranberries, or closely any type of dried fruit will quickly be devoured by athirst birds .

Homemade Bird Seed Blend Recipe

Using the basic ingredients above, you can create a capital homemade dame seed blend with the elementary ratio below. It is merely a guideline, and can be adjusted based on the birds coming to your self-feeder.

There is nothing like seeing birds at the feeders enjoying a meal during the cold winter months.

Basic Recipe For Homemade Bird Seed

  • 1 Cup Of Black Oil Sunflower Seeds
  • 1 Cup of Chopped Plain Peanuts
  • 1/2 Cup of Striped Sunflowers
  • 1/2 Cup of Cracked Corn
  • 1/8 Cup of Dried Fruit

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