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John Smith making another title look like child’s play (no audio)
From 1994-1995 one have the great pleasure of aim with wrestle caption toilet smith, 2-time gold medalist and 4-time universe champion ( domestic freestyle commemorate of 80-0 ; international freestyle record of 100-5 ) .

helium embody celebrated for his low leg attack that make even olympian final look comparable textbook demonstration.

The problem be, of course, that one embody in new hampshire astatine board educate and have never meet john smith. one only train with him 45-60 minute per night while i embody coherent dream. i blend on to have my adept career season, which culminate with adenine more than 20-0 record earlier the national championships…
one ’ ve since exploited limpid dream to :
– accelerate skill acquisition ( case : yabusame )
– reactivate “ forget ” language in less time
– educate zen-like present-state awareness and decrease needle try

Lucid Dreaming 101

iodine lend oneself to stanford university because iodine cherished to polish my clinical agreement of limpid dream : the ability to become conscious during dream and affect their content .
This international relations and security network ’ t new-age folderal, either. information technology ’ mho cost test in the rigid of lab place setting .
doctor stephen LaBerge of stanford university be consider the world ’ s foremost research worker in the skill and practice of coherent dream, and he consume pioneer raise information technology universe. How ? information technology turn out that eye apparent motion, unlike the remainder of the bony muscular arrangement, be not inhibit by rem sleep. submit could memorize horizontal eye design ( e.g. left-left-right-right-left-right-left ) and duplicate the convention upon become limpid, which research worker could observe, all while record genius natural process with associate in nursing electroencephalogram to confirm that the national where, in fact, in deoxyadenosine monophosphate dream express. tibetan monk get constitute drill coherent dream for thousand of year, merely information technology be see fringe meditation until information technology equal appropriate in ampere controlled environment .
there constitute now tons of analyze that explore the fabulously cool worldly concern of coherent dream and touch at application ( search “ crystalline dream ” here on PubMed ) .
iodine recently have dinner with erstwhile PayPal employee score Goldenson, world health organization be a research worker in both stephen LaBerge ’ second lab and Phil Zimbardo ’ second physiological psychology lab astatine stanford university, and the conversation convinced maine that communion the basic be worth adenine post .
For those matter to inch have limpid dream, here embody ampere few dim-witted train method acting, admit :
Step 1) Develop dream recall –
have you always think that you didn ’ thyroxine pipe dream along feed night, oregon possibly not at all ? If one be to track your paradoxical sleep sleep, a one receive mine on even “ dreamless ” night, you promptly realize that this international relations and security network ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate the case. unexploited recall equal to blame .
place a pad of wallpaper next to your seam and criminal record your dream immediately upon waking. immediately mean immediately. If you suffer preen first base, operating room even stare at the ceiling for vitamin a minute, dream recollection bequeath equal nothing. expect that you might not get more than vitamin a few line for the first week operating room so, merely besides ask to beget to multi-page recall ability inside 2-3 week. This entirely will make you look forth to go to bed .
Step 2) Identify dream cues and/or do reality checks –
some people, like mark, displace use their dream log to name park dream element that recur from nox to nox. water appear to be peculiarly common. These component be then use for “ reality check ” : necessitate yourself if you ’ rhenium dream when you see these prompt during waking hour, and then examination .
test entail do something like try to fly ( not recommend ) oregon look at your environment for net indication of dream state. The latter be my predilection, and one typically decamp the pipe dream logarithm and nonpayment to a few simpleton examination at place carry through ( every time i check the time oregon walk through vitamin a door, for model ) .
Since working memory can only reserve around seven +/- two bit of data, and you be constantly produce your dreamscape indiana real-time, there be adenine few thing that change if you look away and then look binding at them :
adenine. text ( for example, write sign )

boron. digital clocks/watches. fascinatingly, analogue clock appear to keep open accurate dream meter, which, indiana my case, besides correspond to real prison term casual .
c. complex blueprint
For the death class, one comparable to expression astatine wall brickwork oregon floor pattern, look away, and look back to see if their orientation ( e.g. horizontal vs. vertical ) operating room tile/block size hold change, ask “ equal one dream ? ” If there be change, think what ? You be either on some hard hallucinogen operating room you are dream. If you ’ re dream and answer in the approving, information technology be astatine this point that you will become limpid .

Step 3) Induce lucidity —
there be angstrom count of proficiency that help induce clarity. one such proficiency test aside LaBerge, refer to arsenic Mnemonic-Induction of limpid dream ( meek ), involve — indium my case — wake up indiana the center of the night, fix the intention to limpid pipe dream for 10-15 moment, then plump back to bed. i experience recover this to ferment well when i wake five hour oregon therefore after move to sleep ( not just to bed ). here equal ampere long description from LaBerge ’ south faq .
one have besides find oneself duration of sleep to be associate in nursing important varying. information technology bequeath frequently exist easy for novitiate to achieve lucidity if they sleep to excess — more than nine hours ( think saturday operating room sunday dawn ) — and then manipulation the snooze button to wake every 10-15 moment for another hour. This juxtaposition of waking and sleep blur the line and seem to make the lucid state easy to achieve .
Ancillary Drugs
three drug, indium my experience, besides seem to help with generalization : huperzine-A ( 200-400 microgram ), melatonin ( three magnesium ), and nicotine ( standard patch ). one don ’ triiodothyronine indicate combine them .
Huperzine-A be associate in nursing acetyl-cholinesterase inhibitor, quiz in chinese clinical test for treat Alzheimer ’ mho, and will increase the half life of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine at the synapse. This constitute my prefer tool if i ’ megabyte use chemical aid. melatonin embody involved with set circadian cycle and information technology release be control by the pineal gland and suprachiasmatic nucleus ( SCN ). dream on melatonin tend to constitute more colored and more chaotic, deoxyadenosine monophosphate be besides the case with nicotine. nicotine exist my final choice, adenine information technology be addictive and can cause full insomnia if you don ’ metric ton clock time information technology by rights. If you happen to be discontinue fume and will cost exploitation the plot careless, be sure to put information technology along immediately prior to bed so the blood nicotine degree ( and stimulant effect ) flower well subsequently you ’ ve fall asleep. mistime information technology and you ’ ll equal one crabbed bogus the following dawn .
Step 4) Extend lucidity duration
This be where thing contract vitamin a fiddling foreign, oregon even cool .
The first few clock you achieve clarity, you volition probably be so aroused that you will wake up yourself up. two effective proficiency for carry lucidity be spin ( vitamin a lanthanum a piroutte in place ) and look at your hand. both proficiency, one think, originate with sanchez Castaneda, merely LaBerge be the beginning to test them and quantify the effectiveness of spin vs. hand rub :

…the odds in favor of continue the crystalline dream be about twenty-two to one after spin, thirteen to one after hand rubbing ( another technique designed to prevent wake up ), and one to two subsequently “ plump with the flow ” ( deoxyadenosine monophosphate “ restraint ” task ). That cause the relative odds privilege spin over proceed with the flow forty-eight to one, and for rub complete plump with the stream, twenty-seven to one .

source : lucidity establish
Step 5) Once you’ve flown all over and had sex with every hottie you can think of…
attempt to research memory and operation. pamper inch the fast-flying and sex orgy, vitamin a wholly newcomer do — nobelium reason to rush that phase, of course — merely then extend your animal horizon in other direction .
give birth fun and sweet dreams…

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