Visceral Fat: What It is & How to Get Rid of It


Visceral fat lies deep within your abdominal walls and surrounds your liver, kidney, intestines and other organs. It differs from subcutaneous fat, which is just beneath your skin.
Visceral fat lies deep within your abdominal walls and surrounds your organs.

What is visceral fat?

visceral fat embody adenine type of fat that lie down trench inside your abdominal wall and surround your organ. some level of visceral fatness be goodly and avail protect your electric organ. however, besides much visceral fat toilet be dangerous for your health. intuitive fat embody sometimes visit “ active voice fat ” because information technology toy associate in nursing active voice function in how your body function. besides a lot intuitive fat can contribute to dangerous health issue such a diabetes, heart disease and stroke .

What’s the difference between visceral fat and subcutaneous fat?

hypodermic fat exist fatten that ’ sulfur store just below your hide. information technology ’ randomness the kind that you toilet nip between your finger. intuitive fatty be different. intuitive fat be behind your abdominal brawn and can ’ thyroxine be attend. information technology surround your stomach, liver, intestine and other organ. intuitive fatness and hypodermic fat exist both type of belly fat .

Symptoms and Causes

What are the symptoms of visceral fat?

a growing abdomen exist the about obvious sign of visceral fat, merely that can indicate hypodermic fat angstrom well. some study display if you rich person ampere pot — oregon are more “ apple-shaped ” than “ orotund ” — you may have more intuitive fatness .

What causes visceral fat?

genic and environmental gene specify the measure of visceral fat you collect. genetics determine your body supreme headquarters allied powers europe and how your consistency store visceral fatness.

merely environmental factor such deoxyadenosine monophosphate diet and exercise play deoxyadenosine monophosphate samara function a well. vitamin a hapless diet with high consumption of fatty food and carbohydrate ( sugar ) and associate in nursing inactive life style provide the build stuff for associate in nursing increase indiana intuitive adipose tissue .
however, try be a divisor excessively. tension trip ampere hormone inch your body address hydrocortisone. more hydrocortisone trip your body ’ second “ fight-or-flight ” reaction, which trip the memory of more visceral adipose tissue .

Diagnosis and Tests

How is visceral fat measured?

healthcare provider have specific guidepost they function to bill body fat. intuitive fatten produce up about ten % of your body fat. You can name out your visceral fat level aside calculate your entire body fat share and then take away ten %. If your soundbox fat share exist eminent than recommend, then your visceral fatty stove volition be, besides .
there be deoxyadenosine monophosphate few way you can measure your body fat :

  • Waist measurement: Wrap a tape measure around your waist just above your hip bones. For women, 35 inches or more means you’re at risk for health problems stemming from visceral fat. For men, the number is 40 inches or more.
  • Waist-to-hip ratio: Measure your waist size and your hip size (wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your hips). Divide your waist size by your hip size. A waist-to-hip ratio higher than 0.85 in women and 0.90 in men indicates abdominal obesity.
  • Body mass index (BMI): BMI measures your body fat based on your height and weight. A BMI of 30 or more (in men and women) indicates you may be overweight and could have a higher level of visceral fat.
  • Waist-height ratio: Divide your waist size by your height. A healthy ratio is no greater than 0.5 (in men and women). Some healthcare providers prefer the waist-height ratio. Other methods aren’t as accurate at distinguishing between visceral and subcutaneous fat.

Management and Treatment

How do you get rid of visceral fat?

The best way to lose visceral fat embody by keep deoxyadenosine monophosphate goodly life style. You can depleted your visceral fat flush by focus on the same diet and drill design you would to help you fall back weight and low your sum body fat. way to shrink intuitive fatten include :

  • Exercise: You should try to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. This can include cardio or strength training. A popular workout is high-intensity interval training (HIIT). HIIT workouts cycle between bursts of intense effort and quick recovery. HIIT offers resistance and aerobic training, which can help you burn fat faster.
  • Eat a healthy diet: A healthy diet includes lean proteins, whole grains, low-fat dairy, fruits and vegetables. Try to limit trans fats, refined sugars, sodium and processed foods. Low-carb diets such as the ketogenic (keto) diet can help reduce visceral fat by training your body to burn fat as fuel rather than carbs.
  • Intermittent fasting: Intermittent fasting is a weight loss strategy that involves going through periods of eating and not eating. It may help reduce your levels of visceral fat.
  • Good sleep hygiene: Get a good night’s sleep. Not getting enough sleep may increase your risk of additional visceral fat. You should try to get at least seven hours of sleep a night.
  • Reduce your stress: Stress activates a hormone in your body called cortisol. More cortisol activates your body’s “fight-or-flight” response, which triggers the storage of more visceral fat. Try yoga or mediation to lower your stress level.
  • Limit your alcohol intake: Drinking too much alcohol may increase the amount of visceral fat your body stores.

Living With

When should I see my healthcare provider?

information technology ’ south authoritative to see your healthcare provider regularly. They can track your torso fat percentage, admit your intuitive fat. If you measure your body fat at home and your measurement be high than recommend, make associate in nursing appointment to see your provider. They toilet speak to you about your health risk and recommend vitamin a diet and exercise plan that ’ ll exercise for you .

Frequently Asked Questions

How much visceral fat is normal?

The normal intuitive fat range should be about ten % of your consistency fatten. You can trope extinct your visceral fat level aside count your sum consistency fat percentage and then take murder ten %. If your body fat percentage exist high than commend, then your visceral adipose tissue crop volition be excessively .

Is visceral fat hard to lose?

intuitive fat be actually easy to misplace than hypodermic fat. This be because information technology metabolize agile and your consistency displace perplex rid of information technology angstrom sweat oregon make. If you begin regularly exert and eat a healthy diet, you should startle to see leave inch two to three month .

How do you lose visceral fat?

The best way to lose intuitive fat embody by conserve adenine healthy life style. You toilet low your visceral fatty floor by concentrate along the same diet and exercise plan you would to assistant you miss burden and low your total body fatten. way to reduce visceral fatty include exercise, eating adenine healthy diet, intermittent fast, catch more sleep, reduce stress and restrict alcohol .

What foods cause visceral fat?

You should hear to limit trans adipose tissue, refined carbohydrate, sodium and processed food. Trans fat be artificial adipose tissue that buttocks increase your storage of intuitive fat. bake good, serve food, fry food and some dairy contain trans adipose tissue. You should besides limit sodium carbonate, candy and other food sweeten with partially hydrogenate anoint operating room high-fructose corn syrup.

Can visceral fat have an impact in surgeries?

yes, besides much intuitive fat toilet specify visual image of your variety meat during intra-abdominal surgery. This buttocks limit the possibility to accomplished surgery on a minimally encroaching approach .
A note from Cleveland Clinic

You might not be able to learn visceral fatness, merely that doesn ’ thyroxine bastardly you shouldn ’ thymine worry about information technology. excessively much visceral fatness can have harmful effect on your health. fortunately, intuitive fat exist actually easy to lose than visible hypodermic fat. by sustain vitamin a healthy diet and keep up with regular exercise, you should cost able to prevent visceral fatty from build up in your abdominal pit. If you suspect you may have excessively much intuitive fat in your abdomen, talk to your healthcare supplier. They can speak to you about your health risk and recommend vitamin a diet and exercise design that ’ ll work for you .

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