7 Easy Exercises To Get Rid of A Double Chin


Are your selfies catching that bit of extra fat under the jaw? Fret not, people with a healthy body weight, too, sometimes develop a double chin. However, if you are a fan of a chiselled jawline that’s sharp enough to cut,  it’s time to bring some face exercises into your routine.

Causes of A Double Chin
The normal causes of a double chin include excess fat, poor posture, ageing skin, genetics or facial structure. While some of these reasons are not in our control, we can find the right exercises to reduce that double chin. Here is a list of exercises that can help you combat the problem.

Lower Jaw Push
Keep your face facing forward, and try to move the lower jaw forward and backwards while raising your chin. Repeat 10 times for effective results.


Face-Lift Exercise
This exercise works on the muscles around the upper lips, and prevents sagging. While doing this exercise, open your mouth wide and flare your nostrils. Hold this position for about 10 seconds before you release it.


Chewing Gum
Yes, you read that right! It might sound funny, but chewing gum is one of the simplest exercises to reduce and lose under-chin fat. While you chew gum, the face and chin muscles are in continuous motion, which helps to reduce extra fat. It strengthens the jaw muscles while lifting the chin.


Roll The Tongue
Keeping your head straight, roll and stretch your tongue as much as possible towards your nose. Repeat the process in the same manner, and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat after a 10-second break.


Fish Face
Pouting is definitely a selfie essential, but doing it regularly as part of your exercise session can help you get rid of a double chin. All you have to do is suck your cheeks in and hold them in for 30 seconds. Take a breather and repeat the exercise four to five times. If the fish face is too difficult, work with the pout.


Simha Mudra
Sit in a kneeling position with legs folded behind (vajrasan) and place your palms on your thighs. Keep the back and head straight, and stick the tongue out. Stretch the tongue out as much as possible but without straining it too much. Take a deep breath and, while exhaling, roar like a lion. Do five to six repetitions for better results.


The Giraffe
This is the easiest exercise, and works wonders on a double chin. Sit in a comfortable position and look straight in front. Place the fingers at the nape of the neck, and stroke downwards. At the same time, tilt the head backwards, then bend the neck to touch the chest with the chin. Repeat the process twice.

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