‘Can’t Log Out of Facebook’ Issue: How To Fix

Facebook has ever been the fundamentals of sociable media as we know it, but it excessively is liable to fail every now and then. recently, multiple user reports have confirmed that Facebook is indeed experiencing issues with sorting out its bugs. As they try to fix one with an update, another bug pops up .
Facebook is used by billions of people worldwide, and technical issues are not out of the ordinary. But even when the break is felt by a handful, Facebook takes notice. While Facebook is busy fixing issues at their conclusion, you may want to make certain you do everything that you can on your part to stay assured that the trouble international relations and security network ’ metric ton arising from your end .
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Facebook logout problems reported by users :

Update, September 15, 2022: Facebook users have shared the problem with logging out today, excessively. here are some Twitter posts that we spotted nowadays ( 1, 2, 3 ).

In their try to sort out previous bugs and issues, Facebook has released two modern updates in the past workweek entirely. This is around the like clock time when users began reporting problems with the app, specially with the logout button .
When they tap on the logout clitoris, the screen refreshes but doesn ’ triiodothyronine log them out. Or sometimes they may get a “ content is no longer available ” error message. These problems are not limited to the app alone as many are experiencing the same problems on the background web site as well .

Downdetector besides shows a spike in user-reported problems for Facebook in the final 24 hours alone. so, take heart in knowing that you ’ re not alone and that Facebook should be fixing this issue soon .

How to fix ‘ Can ’ t log out of Facebook ’ issue

Issues with log in and out of Facebook are not modern. Though bugs in programming tend to be the most coarse causal agent, there can be other common reasons for it american samoa well. At the very least, you should ensure that everything is set correctly at your end. so, here are some of the fixes for Facebook log-out issues to ensure the problem international relations and security network ’ thymine emanating from your end .

1. Wait for Facebook to fix the offspring

The first thing to do is to merely be affected role and wait out the storm. Given how recent the last two updates have been ( two updates on June 25th alone ! ), it ’ s clear that Facebook is well in the trenches fixing up the write out, and could possibly release another update soon enough to get rid of the return. Until that fourth dimension, if you ’ ve been experiencing this offspring, you may have to stay logged in .
Update, September 15, 2022: Facebook users are experiencing issues logging out of the Facebook app nowadays. many users are reporting on Twitter that they are not able to log out of Facebook on their app — the logout push button is just not working. It seems a exploiter had a trouble evening with deactivating their Facebook account. The Twitter ribbon below looks well documented to highlight the issue .

Worse, even logging out from all the devices using Facebook settings on your personal computer ( on facebook.com ) as given below did not help. But you can try .

2. Log out of all devices on facebook.com on your personal computer

To log out of Facebook on all the devices you ( ever ) logged in to, follow this work .
On your personal computer, chew the fat facebook.com. Click your profile picture in the top proper. On the pop fly, choice Settings & privacy, and then Settings .

following, chatter Security and login in the sidebar on the left field side .

Click See more under “ Where you ’ re logged in ) .

Click Log out of all sessions. You will find this option at the end of the list of devices you have logged in to .

Click Log out on the popup to confirm that you want to log out on all the devices you are presently logged in .

do .

3. Restart your device

Some problems could be easily solved by a simple restart of the device. sol, why not give it a try before trying our hands on any other solution. You know how to restart your divide, right field ?

While you ’ ra wait, make indisputable to check for app updates every now and then. Although auto-update for apps is normally on by default, you should still check for Facebook updates on the App Store or the Play Store on the off find that it ’ sulfur not .

5. rollback to a previous adaptation of Facebook ( Android )

If your Facebook logout problems trickle to early apps ( as Facebook can be used to login to games and early apps ), or if you just don ’ thymine want to wait for Facebook to fix it for you, you can plainly roll back to a previous translation of Facebook .
To do thus, first up, uninstall the current Facebook version from your Android device. then download and install a previous version of the app from the web. simple perform a Google research for Facebook APK and then download a version that is at least a calendar month honest-to-god. Since the issue started being reported in the latest versions, we recommend trying out translation 320.0.034.118 first ( released on June 11, 2021 ) or older .

6. guarantee you have a thoroughly Internet connection

sometimes, as basic a thing as not being connecting to the internet could be what ’ s causing the publish. If there is no medium to communicate with the servers, your app won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate register your commands. so, make certain you have a decent internet joining before you try out any further fixes .

7. Force Stop Facebook

Bugs or no bugs, apps can malfunction from clock to meter, specially so if you ’ re using update apps on older devices. When such things happen, the first naturally of action should be to close the app from your recent-apps screen ( tap on the square navigation button or use the swipe up gesture ). You might besides want to go to App information and Force stop  Facebook to ensure it ’ s turned off wholly .

then open the app again and try logging out again .

8. clean Facebook app Cache

While you ’ re at it, you should besides clear its app cache from your telephone. App hoard stores information that lets you open previously visited pages faster, but this besides means that the problems that arose before can come back again if you haven ’ metric ton cleared Facebook ’ s app cache in a while. You can do therefore from the lapp App Info shield ( shown above ) by tapping tap on Storage & cache and selecting Clear cache .

9. clear browser hoard and cookies

If you ’ re logged in to Facebook on your browser, you should consider clearing your browser cache and cookies excessively. When you let an app practice your Facebook history details, for gambling purposes, for exemplify, the login tends to take space from the browser. so, any problems that you might be experiencing due to outdated hoard will besides impact the app that you ’ ve linked up .
In most browsers, on smartphones american samoa well as personal computer, the option to clear browser cache and locate data is found under More options ( or the ellipsis picture ) > Settings > Clear browsing data .

10. disable third-party browser extensions

For those of you who ’ re having fuss logging out of Facebook on the background browser, the third-party extensions installed on the browser could be the source of your troubles. Though most of them don ’ thyroxine lawsuit any disturb, for the most part, third-party extensions are not as tightly integrated as native apps and extensions and can interrupt the proper function of some sites.

disable these third-party browser extensions, if merely to ensure that these are not what ’ mho causing the trouble. To do this ( on Chrome ), pawl on the Extension icon in the browser, Manage extensions, and then turn off the extensions one by one to check if the issue is resolved .

All the fingers ( and the evidence ) seem to point to possible bugs in late updates and, it seems, users would most credibly have to wait for Facebook to fix the trouble. however, it is beneficial to ensure that the trouble doesn ’ metric ton originate on your end, and we hope we ’ ve made you all the knowing about it .

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