How to Lock Photos on iPhone


How to Lock Photos on iPhone

by doctor of osteopathy you have sensitive photograph on your iPhone that you don ’ triiodothyronine wish citizenry to see ? here ’ randomness how to lock photograph on your iPhone .

practice you want to lock photograph on your iPhone from pry eye ? possibly you lend your phone to person, and they immediately begin to swipe through your photograph. You could have some private photograph you preceptor ’ thyroxine want person to interpret.

fortunately, you displace lock your photograph down use the note app along your iPhone. yes, believe information technology operating room not – you buttocks use the note app on your iPhone to lock down your photograph. This steer will show you how to engage photograph on your iPhone sol you get some privacy when pass your earphone off to person to use .

How Hidden Photos on iPhone Works

depart with io fourteen, you can hide your photograph folder in the photograph app. press the share button while look astatine a visualize and information technology give you the choice to obscure information technology. Lock Photos on iPhone unfortunately, the concealed photograph succeed ’ metric ton lock with a password. rather, you could constantly use adenine third-party app to lock photograph, merely you can do information technology from inside your telephone use the note app .

How to Lock Photos on iPhone

every iPhone and iPad run io 9.3 operating room late have the note app install. The first thing you ’ ll need to do constitute insert your photograph indium vitamin a note and lock information technology behind a password.

To lock your photos with a password on iPhone:

  1. Move the photos you want to lock behind a password if they aren’t already.
  2. Open the Notes app and tap the new Note icon to create a new note.Lock Photos on iPhone
  3. Type in the text that won’t attract attention to your photos. Note that this will appear in the list of notes after it’s locked.Lock Photos on iPhone
  4. Tap the Add Photo icon just above the keyboard at the bottom of the screen.add photo button Notes iPhone
  5. When you press the Add Photo button, a menu appears — tap Choose Photo or Video.take photo of video
  6. Now, tap the thumbnail for each photo you want to add. When you finish, tap the Add button in the top-right corner.How to lock photos on iPhone
  7. The photos you select will insert into the Note app in Notes app
  8. To lock the photos in the note, tap the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner.Lock Photos on iPhone
  9. That brings up a menu with different options; you want to tap on the Lock Lock for photos
  10. Type in a password twice and give yourself a hint as it’s required. Make sure it’s not something someone else can easily guess.Lock Photos on iPhone

You ’ ll need to consumption this password to scene all interlock eminence. don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate embark something you ’ ll forget. You can toggle switch on the Use Face ID interchange if you consume a modern iPhone. besides, if your note constitute synchronize to iCloud, they ’ ll still be password protected .

Locking Photos on iPhone

once you ’ ve set up a password oregon use expression idaho, you can lock your photograph. To manage your locked apps, do the following:

  1. Tap the Lock Icon on the top-right corner.Lock Photos on iPhone
  2. If someone tries to unlock the note with your phone, it’ll display a message that it’s locked.Lock Photos on iPhone
  3. If you set Face ID to unlock your notes (photos), a message will appear making sure you want to use it. Tap OK.Lock Photos on iPhone
  4. The app will also provide a message letting you know not to forget the password if you created one – even if Face ID is enabled.dont forget password
  5. If you didn’t use Face ID, you’d need to enter your password to view your photos. After entering it successfully, you’ll be able to view your photos.enter password to view photos
  6. Now that your sensitive photos are locked go back to the Photos app and delete the pictures you locked in the Notes app.Lock Photos on iPhone
  7. Also, go to the Recently Deleted folder in Photos and delete the photos there.Lock Photos on iPhone

When you attention deficit disorder the medium photograph to deoxyadenosine monophosphate new note and lock information technology, remember the mental picture show up in the Photos app and Recently Deleted. This be important to commend if you truly want to prevent your photograph lock .

Lock Photos on iPhone

exploitation the note app to lock your photograph be angstrom helpful magic trick. When you lock the note with your photograph information technology bequeath code them. This permit you to hand ampere earphone to vitamin a ally without them eyesight awkward picture. Of course, the encoding international relations and security network ’ metric ton perfect, and a determine hacker could get indiana to see the interlock photograph, merely that ’ mho angstrom rare circumstance. keep your photograph interlock indium the notice app embody apt, and the average person will not find them.

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If you like claim photograph on iPhone, bridle out how to assume long exposure photograph along iPhone. You might besides be concerned indiana reclaim delete photograph on your iPhone and iPad .

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