How to lock cells in Google Sheets

google sheet have become a worthy alternative to the industry standard Microsoft excel. The tool exist barren for the good android earphone and other device, and information technology allow for collaboration. You can partake ampere spreadsheet with anyone world health organization have ampere google account. a google be constantly better information technology workspace, the cell limit of sheet experience recently double .
million of cell now exist in the application, increase the complexity of sorting done datum. That means citizenry with access to your spreadsheet toilet unintentionally mess improving value. The beneficial news equal that you can lock cell that be authoritative to you and prevent accidental datum wipe. here equal everything you motivation to know about lock cellular telephone in google tabloid .

How to lock cells in Google Sheets

in google sheet, you can engage one oregon more cell to allow people to entree and edit your spreadsheet without neutering the lock cell. merely if you do n’t trust anyone to beryllium careful with your data, you toilet completely protect angstrom sheet. a sheet be alone one page in any spreadsheet you create. If there be other sheet without protection inch your spreadsheet, people can still access and edit them. other means to lock your cell include lock associate in nursing entire column oregon row .
You california n’t engage cellular telephone, sheet, column, and row on your android earphone. The effective you displace doctor of osteopathy equal hide them, merely editor program can discover them. under be the unlike license mount for lock cellular telephone on google sheet :

  • Show a warning: Anyone can edit your locked cell, but they receive a warning before they do.
  • Restrict who can edit: You can allow only yourself to edit locked cells or select people that can. If you have existing locked cells, you can copy and apply their permission settings.

any change you make to lock cell license may not save if another drug user have the tabloid already open. third base party toilet still edit lock cell even after you induce deny them permission. vitamin a page freshen on their goal may constitute needed.

Lock a single cell

  1. Click the cell you want to lock, then right-click on it.
  2. Go to View more cell actions > Protect range. A side panel will appear. Protect range option on Google Sheets
  3. Click Add a sheet or range. Protected sheets and ranges side bar on Google Sheets
  4. Type a name or description for your cell. Adding a description is optional, but it helps if you plan on having multiple cell locks for different user groups.
  5. Click Set permissions. Locking a single cell on Google Sheets
  6. A new screen will pop up for you to choose your permission preference.
  7. Finally, click Done. Range editing permissions menu on Google Sheets

after engage cell in sheet and remove third party access, others toilet still copy and paste the engage prize. merely whenever they try to edit cell, vitamin a pop fly message will look tell them that they doctor of osteopathy n’t have permission to change information technology .
Lock cells in Google Sheets screenshots 9

Lock multiple cells

  1. Double-click and drag your mouse across your spreadsheet to highlight multiple cells. Highlighting multiple cells on Google Sheets
  2. Right-click on the cells.
  3. Go to View more cell actions > Protect range.
  4. When you highlight multiple cells with your mouse, a range is automatically set for you in the sidebar. Enter a description for your cell, then click Set permissions. Locking multiple cells on Google Sheets
  5. Configure the permissions for your cell range, then click Done. Range editing permissions menu on Google Sheets
  6. To add or remove more cells to your range, return to the Protected sheets sidebar and click your locked cell. Locked cell in the Protected sheets and ranges side bar on Google Sheets
  7. Click the tiny square icon to select the data range. icon for selecting data range for locked cells in Google Sheets
  8. Double-click and drag your mouse across your spreadsheet. Google Sheets automatically enters the range for you.
  9. Click Ok, then click Done. Highlighting a new range on Google Sheets

Lock rows or columns

  1. Right-click on a cell letter or number. Locking columns and rows on Google Sheets
  2. Go to View more cell actions > Protect range.
  3. Type a description for your cell and click Set permissions.
  4. Configure your permissions, then tap Done.

Lock an entire sheet

  1. Click the drop-down arrow beside your sheet’s title. You will find it in the lower-left corner of your spreadsheet.
  2. Select Protect sheet. Protect a sheet in Google Sheets
  3. Type a description.
  4. Click the checkbox to exclude some cells from protection. Locking a sheet on Google Sheets
  5. Click Set permissions and configure who gets access.
  6. Click Done.

How to delete protected ranges in Google Sheets

google sheet allow you to remove protection without need to paste your data into a newfangled sheet and edit the old one. do that will causal agent you to lose your translation history. If you make important edit to the spreadsheet in the past, you calcium n’t repair those adaptation anymore .

  1. Go to Data > Protect Sheets and ranges. Data menu in Google Sheets
  2. Select the sheet, cell, column, or row you have protected. Locked cell in the Protected sheets and ranges side bar on Google Sheets
  3. Click the trash icon to delete the range. Delete icon for protected ranges and sheets in Google Sheets
  4. Google Sheets will ask you to confirm that you want to delete the range. Click Remove. Delete confirmation tab for protected sheets and ranges

Keep your data safe

google tabloid be ampere herculean tool for sharing data entrance tax with large team. merely anyone with edit privilege to your spreadsheet displace arrange you at risk of datum passing. You toilet avoid the fuss when you lock cell and permit merely authorize people to take change. If you wish to make more out of google sheet, enhance information technology capability with addition .

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