How to stream on Facebook

How to stream on Facebook: Web browser

How to stream on Facebook
One of the simplest ways to live stream on Facebook is straight from your vane browser using a built-in or external USB webcam .
A webcam may be all you need if your only drive is to share your thoughts and engage with your audience in real number time. ( If you ’ re in the market for one, be certain to check out our blog on the best webcam for streaming. )
It ’ sulfur besides possible to hot current through your browser with a higher-end camera, such as a digital camcorder or mirrorless television camera. To do thus, you ’ ll need a HDMI-to-USB adapter to bring the video sign into your computer. then Facebook can recognize the camera as if it were a plug-and-play webcam.

once you ’ re all set with a camera, here ’ s how to stream on Facebook through your web browser :

    1. Log in to your Facebook account and access Facebook Live from:
      • Your News Feed – Click on the camera icon that says “Live video” below where you’d enter text for a post.
      • A Facebook Page you manage – Click on the “Live” button in the “Create” box near the top of the feed.
    2. Choose whether you’d like to go live now or make an event of it with the “Create live video event” option. If you’re going live now, be sure to toggle “Create a test broadcast before going live” before you hit “Select.”
    3. Choose “Webcam” under “Select a video source” at the top.
    4. If prompted, give Facebook and your browser permission to use your camera and microphone. (If you don’t see this pop-up, you may have to go into your browser settings to enable camera/microphone access.)
    5. Select your camera and microphone from the “Camera controls” box.
    6. Where it says “Add post details” on the right, customize the stream to your liking: give it a title and description, upload a thumbnail image, decide if you’d like to cross-post to any other Facebook Groups (that you manage, or that allow live video), etc.
    7. In the “Create live video” pane on the left, confirm where you’d like to post and when (“Now” to start as soon as you hit the “Go live” button, or “Later” to schedule a stream for another time).
    8. Within the same pane, enter the “Interactivity” submenu and determine if you’d like to use any of the features there (i.e., Polls, Questions, Graphics, Prompts).
    9. Hit “Go live” or “Schedule live video” at the bottom of the pane on the left side of the screen. (If the button is greyed out and unclickable, confirm that your camera is connected and that you’ve filled out your post details.)

That ’ s it. Remember to press “ End live video ” at the bottom of the paneling on the leave side of the screen when you ’ re done .
Facebook will post a replay to your Timeline soon after. This manner, viewers who missed it can play back your know video. You can prevent this by clicking the loss “ Delete television ” text on the seance end screen. From the like screen, you can besides trim your video recording or make a nip .
To see and manage all your current, scheduled, and past live video, click the three-by-three bunch of dots in the top nav and then find “ Creator Studio ” in the drop-down menu ( under “ Professional ” ) .

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