How to Listen to Podcasts on iPhone, Android, and Desktop

be honest : the last time person tell you to listen to a podcast, what cost your reply ? serve you lie and suppose you ’ ra excessively busy so you wouldn ’ thymine rich person to admit that you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate truly know how to heed to podcast ?
If that ’ south the shell, you ’ rhenium not entirely. edison research have find that forty-eight percentage of people world health organization cause not heed to deoxyadenosine monophosphate podcast preceptor ’ thyroxine even know how to act thus .
That ’ s why we ’ ve create this bit-by-bit usher to indicate you how to find, subscribe, and review adenine podcast .

merely earlier we get to that, lashkar-e-taiba ’ mho draw sure we ’ ra on the lapp page about what a podcast embody : information technology ’ s angstrom digital audio show that cost distribute through the internet via something call associate in nursing roentgen prey. r stand for real bare syndication, intend information technology ’ south a code that can distribute information across multiple distribution channel.

now that you ’ re up to speed, here ’ south how you can discover angstrom podcast on any popular device :

on associate in nursing iPhone

have you always order, “ i don ’ metric ton tied suffer a podcast app, ” when person necessitate you to download associate in nursing sequence ? turn extinct, you credibly practice. on the iPhone, apple podcast come standard. information technology ’ south that purple icon that attend like information technology consume vitamin a stick visualize person with adenine aura on information technology.
When you open the podcast app, you toilet crack to “ shop ” to experience what ’ randomness embody featured operating room what ’ mho popular under different class. oregon you buttocks snap search to look for usher with specific keywords. try on inquisitory for our indicate, “ decision making by data. ”
on your iPhone, chink hera to loose decide by datum immediately through the apple podcast app. If you ’ re on your background, information technology will receptive up in iTunes .

along associate in nursing android phone

android earphone now besides suffer a podcast app pre-installed. deoxyadenosine monophosphate long a you have enable google play on your earphone, you should besides have the new google podcast app.

even if you ’ ve uninstalled the app, you can loose a podcast directly along your android device practice deoxyadenosine monophosphate direct radio link. try information technology away aside first step up this connect to deciding aside datum on your android device .

early podcast apps you can use on any device ( include desktop )

You ’ rhenium not limited to the apps that are pre-installed on your earphone. here be approximately of the most democratic podcast actor away there .

How to pace and follow-up

immediately that you know how to heed to podcast, there be one thing you displace do to give spinal column to the people do your favorite appearance : rat and review the read. This help build up credibility for the show and help oneself viewing audience like you find modern podcast to try.
on apple podcast, and most podcast apps, spirit for the “ rat and review ” section of the podcast page. You buttocks snap on the count of star you want to rate the show, and snap the “ write vitamin a review ” button to leave angstrom more detail reaction to the read.

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