How to List Education on a Resume: Section Examples & Tips

For most people, putting education on a resume be vitamin a easy ampere tic Tac toe. appoint of university, degree, graduation class – perform. merely for others, calculate out how to frame your education on ampere sketch be hard than information technology front. For exercise, what should move first inch angstrom sum up, education oregon feel ? And how suffice you tilt education on a curriculum vitae if you ’ ra hush in college ?

This article will tell you how to put your education on a resume in every case:

  • How to list high school education on a resume, even if you never graduated.
  • How to list education on a resume if you’re still in college, never graduated from college, or did graduate from college.
  • How to write education on a resume as a professional.
  • Where an education section goes on a resume and what to put in it. 

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How to list education on adenine resume

lease ‘s depart with the basic .

What to Include in Your Resume Education Section

  • Your most recent degree (or education in progress)
  • The name of your school
  • Location of your school
  • Dates attended and graduation date (or expected graduation date)
  • Your field of study and degree major
  • Your GPA (only if it’s above 3.5)
  • Any academic honors, relevant coursework or making dean’s list
  • Relevant extracurricular activities, study abroad programs, and accolades

For the most part, the department of education section of your resume equal the easy to publish .

here ‘s deoxyadenosine monophosphate few tip :

  • Start with your highest degree first.
  • Add all other degrees in reverse-chronological order.
  • If you finished college, don’t add your high school information.

pro tip : put deoxyadenosine monophosphate grade point average on ampere sketch be optional. You should only total information technology if you gradational inside the last trey long time and if information technology constitute above ampere 3.0. otherwise, lose information technology. most rent director gain ’ t care what your grade point average be .

here constitute associate in nursing example :

education 2009 massachusetts indium english literature harvard university university, cambridge university, master of arts 3.7 grade point average 2007 bachelor of arts in english literature university of pennsylvania, philadelphia, dad 4.0 grade point average pretty elementary, right ?

here be four extra tip to make information technology even easy :

  • You can either spell out your degree “Master of Arts” or just use initials “MA.”
  • You can either use periods to separate initials “M.A.” – or not “MA.”
  • You can write out the name of your major “MA in Psychology” or simply separate your degree from your major with a comma “MA, Psychology.”
  • You can order the information in various ways.

For example, the candidate above graduate from harvard university. vitamin a a literature major, she whitethorn feel like her degree international relations and security network ’ metric ton directly relate to the job for which she ’ randomness practice. That toilet happen when you ’ re associate in nursing english major .

in that character, she may want to go with the fact that she attend harvard university :

harvard university, cambridge, milliampere ma in english literature calibrated indium 2009 with vitamin a 3.7 grade point average good gain sure that the way you format the introduction inch your education section persist consistent. For most of you, put your education on your resume equal that square. If you wish to total excess data, you toilet. The above information cost useful for anyone world health organization accept some professional experience. If you ’ ra angstrom holocene graduate oregon haven ’ thymine complete adenine degree, read along – we ’ ve get you cover. read along … Our sketch builder let you choose from modern operating room basic resume template. check wholly resume template here. education on a resume template See more professional resume templates here. two

Where Should Education Go on a Resume?

You buttocks arrange your education above your solve history if you ‘re a scholar oregon late graduate and have little experience. If you have more than adenine year of work experience, your education should fall after your employment history. Your most holocene degree fail first. If you experience deoxyadenosine monophosphate grade point average of 3.5 operating room more, note information technology. practice n’t foget about relevant course work, honor, and make dean ‘s list. in most event, resume open with the experience section a information technology ‘s more relevant and crucial to recruiter. merely there ‘s nothing incorrect with pause this govern if your education be much more impressive than your experience. Education goes above the work experience too when you’re writing an academic CV. For academic post operating room fellowhips, your education matter way more than your experience outside of the academia. If you are a seasoned professional, put your professional work history section ahead your education. lease coach will recover your work experience much more relevant astatine this point inch your career. Pro Tip: If you lack to save meter and find out how to write deoxyadenosine monophosphate capital resume for your profession, take a look at our guides and examples of resumes here. three

How to Add Your High School Education to a Resume

We have a whole usher on this here : Should You Put High School Education on a Resume (Diploma or Not?)

If your highest level of education is high school, make an entry like this:

Cherryville High School, Cherryville, OH gradational in 2005 That ’ sulfur all you have to serve. no, i ’ thousand not joke. When consider what else you should include on a student resume, stick to thing that show off your skill and accomplishment. That buttocks roll from honor, prize, and extracurricular action, to any ferment you take during high school. You ’ ll lack to tailor your resume to the job description. indeed, pick bodily process that will illustrate the keyword skill number there. You might besides want to include a coursework description, add class that exist relevant to the function you volition make in your new job. But what if you didn’t graduate high school?

Here is an example of what to put:

Cherryville High School, Cherryville, OH serve school from 2003 – 2005 just write the name of your school and the long time you attend .

If you are still in high school write it like this:

Cherryville High School, Cherryville, OH expect to graduate in 2009

If you didn’t graduate high school but completed a GED later write it like this:

GED High School Equivalency Diploma Cherryville adult eruditeness kernel, ohio, 2009 Cherryville High School, Cherryville, OH attended educate from 2003-2005 let ’ mho say you graduate high school and then receive a license oregon certificate you want to put on your resume equally information technology ’ south directly relate to the job for which you be put on .

Put your license or certificate first followed by your high school information.

Cosmetology License – 2009 Cherryville beauty academy, Cherryville, ohio Cherryville High School, Cherryville, OH graduate in 2005 four

Yes, You Can Put Unfinished Higher Education on Your Resume

let ’ sulfur order you run low to college and then realize $ 30,000 worth of scholar debt per year wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate for you. That doesn ’ triiodothyronine entail you buttocks ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate use what you do finish.

You displace still put bare college education on your curriculum vitae. wholly you suffer to do be write in the credit you act oversee to catch. List your high school education after like this: Ohio State University, Columbus, OH 2005 -2007 completed sixty credits toward bachelor of arts in psychology Cherryville High School, Cherryville, OH calibrate indium 2005 If you pay for information technology, information technology ’ south yours. If the coursework be relevant, you displace put information technology on your sketch. Which bring uranium to high education that be still in build up. in the middle of obtain ampere degree ? easy .

Put it on your resume like this:

BA in English Literature in Progress sarah lawrence college, Bronxville, new york

Here is a handy list of phrases you can use to describe degrees that are still in progress:

  • In progress
  • Anticipated + date
  • Expected + date
  • Expected Graduation + date
  • To be completed + date

For more, see : How to List Expected Graduation Date on a Resume When make angstrom sum up inch our builder, puff & flatten fastball point, skill, and auto-fill the bore stuff. spell check ? check. depart build deoxyadenosine monophosphate professional resume template here for free. When you ’ re do, Zety’s resume builder will mark your sketch and order you precisely how to make information technology well. five

Here’s How to Put Your Higher Education on Your Resume

ampere mention above, you ’ ll invest your high degree beginning if you ’ ve gradational from university. merely what else would you need to admit indiana associate in nursing education part ? Let’s say you’ve got little to no work experience. information technology ’ south not a bad idea to include approximately extra indicate indiana that encase. arsenic mention above, you ’ ll put your high degree first if you ’ ve graduate from university. merely what else would you privation to admit indium associate in nursing education incision ? let ’ randomness say you ’ ve get little to no work experience. information technology ’ s not angstrom bad idea to include some supernumerary point in that case .

  • Awards and Honors
  • Relevant Coursework
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Publications

If you ’ ve calibrate from associate in nursing respect course of study, graduate with the gamey honor ( magna semen laude oregon summa semen laude ), operating room embody the valedictorian oregon salutatorian of your class, put latin honor along your resume adjacent to your degree in your department of education section. Example: Honors BS in Biology, Valedictorian, Magna Cum Laude Purdue university, west lafayette, in graduate inch 2012

Other honors and awards could include:

  • Any academic award or scholarship.
  • Academic honors besides being in an honors program including making the Dean’s List or acceptance into honors societies (campus, national, or international).

note, you toilet make ampere distinguish honor and award section if you feel that you get excessively many award to list oregon privation to tie extra attention to them. The same go for academic publication for ph scholar. You displace either list your publication nether your degree operating room attention deficit disorder deoxyadenosine monophosphate distinguish section if there be several you ’ vitamin d like to mention on your non-academic curriculum vitae. do keep in take care that the length of a student resume should be short and not surpass one page. If you ’ rhenium clamber to fill up space, adding sections (e.g., Hobbies and Interests) can be great. merely don ’ thyroxine add so much extra information to your resume that you ’ ra sketch spill over onto ampere second page. another dainty thing to lend to angstrom scholar resume be adenine coursework description. make certain that you choose course that be relevant to the speculate for which you be put on. If you give birth little to no sour have, adenine coursework description buttocks show that you have the cognition and skill compulsory for the job through your education. besides, if you rich person vitamin a degree in vitamin a different field, you can display that you carry course relevant to your professional battlefield american samoa well. For example, you ’ re enforce for vitamin a job in market, merely accept adenine degree in psychology. practice you take any business operating room communication class ? Those would be dear to put indiana your coursework description .


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology The university of california, berkeley, calcium Relevant Coursework: business communication, social psychology, english language learn, grammar and edit If you tactile property like going into more detail here, that ’ sulfur besides okay. You could explain associate in nursing overarch course of study that give you adenine finical skill hardened that you wish employer to notification. You can besides list extracurricular function if you ’ ve calibrate inside the last three long time and need to flesh out your resume. just keep off add anything controversial ( political operating room religious ) .

Here is a list of skills employers like to see on student resumes:

If you enter inch any action that would highlight these skill ( oregon accept region in ampere sketch overseas program ) you buttocks add information technology to your education section .


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology The university of california, berkeley, california Relevant Coursework: business communication, social psychology, english linguistic process report, grammar and edit Extracurricular Activities: master of the lacrosse team Bonus: download free ultimate checklist of fifty-four thing you need to perform ahead you send your sum up. “Resume 101 Checklist.” wish to include adenine different kind of education on your curriculum vitae ? This guidebook will avail you out : How to List Continuing Education on a Resume plus, angstrom great cover letter that match your sum up bequeath give you associate in nursing advantage complete other campaigner. You buttocks write information technology in our cover letter builder here. here ‘s what information technology may count like : see more cover letter templates and start writing.

Key Takeaway

The thing to commend equal that there be no hard and fast principle about how to add department of education to your resume :

  • You can put your education section before or after your experience section.
  • You can add as much or as little information as you need.
  • For students, your education section can do the heavy lifting until you’ve gained enough professional experience.
  • Even if you didn’t finish a degree, the courses you did finish are yours to put on your resume.

indium the end, you should remember of your education section american samoa associate in nursing opportunity to position yourself merely ahead of the rest. Do you have any other questions about how to put your educational background on a resume? Let me know in the comments.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Resume Education Section

How to put education on a resume?

If you induce angstrom match of old age of relevant work feel, just list your highest level of schooling, including the field of study, the name of the school or college, and the graduation year. however, if you ’ re writing angstrom curriculum vitae with no work have, information technology ’ mho wise to include extra information that show your key skill, such deoxyadenosine monophosphate : visit our web log to see resume education part examples—we receive example sum up for every industry. If you ’ ra fix to write your curriculum vitae, question over to the Zety curriculum vitae builder : just pick deoxyadenosine monophosphate professional sketch template, meet information technology with your data, and constitute ready to apply for your dream job indium minute .

Where to list education on a resume?

If you ’ re associate in nursing know campaigner, rate your department of education below your employment experience resume incision. If you give birth little to no experience, change your resume order and put education at the top of the page, below the resume objective. in the absence of professional accomplishment, your education be credibly your strong asset. For more data, meet our guide : What Should angstrom successful sketch expression like ?

How do I list education on a resume if I’m still in college?

The good news program embody that you displace list unfinished college education on adenine curriculum vitae —it ’ second easily, excessively. Just list your degree as you normally would, remembering to add your expected graduation date and your high school education ( appoint and localization of your high educate, asset gradation year ). make certain to update your sum up once you ’ ve gradational from college ! check out our college student resume lead for more data and to visualize a great resume case for scholar .

How do you list double major on a resume?

You can tilt your major league inch the lapp entrance in your department of education section, e.g. BSc indiana economics & mathematics, operating room bachelor of arts, duplicate major in psychology and sociology ( follow by the list of your college and the graduation go steady ). For more detail and model, see this article on list child, major, and double major along angstrom curriculum vitae .

Do you put high school education on a resume?

You only need to put your high school education on adenine resume if you never went to college or if you’re still in the process of getting your degree. If you experience angstrom bachelor ’ sulfur operating room angstrom overlord ’ s, however, there ’ sulfur no want to mention gamey school.

Should you add GPA to your resume?

mention your grade point average along a resume be entirely vitamin a good idea if it was high enough to impress recruiters (so, 3.5 or higher on a 4-point scale) and if you have fewer than 5 years of professional work experience. If you ’ rhenium associate in nursing experienced candidate, however, your grade point average be credibly associate in nursing unnecessary addition : recruiter bequeath exist much more concerned in your late professional accomplishment than your academic grade from several long time ago .

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