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For gasoline fireplace logs, lighting the pilot burner unaccented each fall can be an daunting job for some people. It doesn ’ t need to be. It ’ s in truth quite elementary, once you understand the basic mechanics behind the three-step / three-minute march it takes to turn on your natural gas logs. The process is basically the same with any accelerator appliance but for today let ’ s use gasoline fireplace logs as our case .

Gas Light ON

The obvious first base step to light your boast fireplace is to make sure the gas is turned on. If you haven ’ metric ton used accelerator appliances over the summer you made need to check with your local natural gas company to assure that you have gas available. There is a safety cut-off valve inside your home, but you would know if that had been turned off at the end of last winter .

Find the Pilot Knob

once your boast supply is assured, it ’ s a three-step summons to turn your unit on. Start by finding the restraint knob, which is closely always located at the bottom right corner of a gas fireplace log set. It ’ mho very easy to distinguish as a total darkness node labeled with ON, OFF, and PILOT positions. The ON jell may have further high/low/medium settings, or a tapered bar indicating a built in thermostat that automatically turns the gas fireplace logs on and off according to your temperature preferences. For now, you need to set the knob at “ PILOT ” while you turn on the pilot light.

Ignite Gas Fireplace Logs

Near the on/off node, there should be a crimson or black button, about ¾ of an inch long, labeled “ Igniter ” that just pushes in just like on a gas grillroom. Once you ’ ve found it, press in the ON/OFF/PILOT knob and hold for about five seconds, then push the lighter. Keep holding the pilot node and continue pressing the lighter until the fender flare lights up .


If you ’ re just reigniting the navigate after it went out, hold the navigate knob for about 20-30 seconds, or if lighting for the first time of the year hold it in for about a minute. This allows air to clear from the pipeline as the flare reaches its full moon temperature. Once the fender is ignite and stable, simply turn the knob to the “ ON ” situation and watch your accelerator fire come to life ! All that ’ randomness left to do is experiment with the thermostat settings to find the perfective temperature for your gas fireplace .
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