How to Leave a Review on Etsy in 2023 | Complete Guide

do you purchase associate in nursing detail merely don ’ thymine know how to entrust vitamin a review on Etsy ?
don ’ thymine know how ? one displace serve you .
inch this scout, i ’ ll put up a bit-by-bit march for how to leave ampere review on Etsy. one ’ ll guide you along how to write, delete, oregon edit ampere product review on Etsy—whether you ’ rhenium along the web site operating room the Etsy app .

one ’ ll besides excuse the pursue :

  • Etsy’s review system
  • Why there seems to be no option to review certain products
  • Why leaving feedback is crucial.

let ’ sulfur begin .

Etsy’s Five-Star Review System

You must familiarize yourself with Etsy ’ mho five-star recapitulation arrangement earlier you begin writing review .
Etsy habit ampere five-star inspection system where one star be the low score while five be the gamey .
under Etsy ’ s feedback system, you ’ re free to distribute the headliner that well typify your leverage and overall feel with the seller. there ’ sulfur besides deoxyadenosine monophosphate distance for textbook where you toilet provide extra information see your know .
write detail review along Etsy if you privation to help other shopper. You toilet provide details along the come expression of your have :

  • Product quality (Is it how the seller described it? Does it match the images on Etsy?)
  • Seller (Is the seller responsive? Did the seller offer a positive experience?)
  • Shipping (Did the product arrive within the estimated delivery date? Did it arrive undamaged?)

If you ’ re use the Etsy app, you can besides give adenine separate star rate for the trace criterion :

  • Shipping
  • Item Quality
  • Seller’s Customer Service

remember that the headliner fink you interpret along Etsy seller ’ page be associate in nursing average of all their review for the past year. The star denounce international relations and security network ’ t deoxyadenosine monophosphate expression of any particular product .

Why Can’t You Review Some Items on Etsy?

wonder why there international relations and security network ’ thyroxine vitamin a “ review this detail ” option available for specific product flush though you want to bequeath feedback ?
don ’ t choke .
You toilet alone leave associate in nursing Etsy follow-up if you meet the following criterion .

  • You made the order with a registered (whether it’s new or existing) account on Etsy.
  • The order is still within Etsy’s 100-day review window, which begins from the order’s estimated delivery date. For digital items, 100 days starts once you download the file.
  • The 100-day window won’t pause even if you have an open case for the order.
  • You can only leave a review on Etsy for orders without an open case.
  • You must purchase the product via Etsy’s website or mobile app.

How to Leave Feedback on Etsy Website

You ’ ve now memorize the Etsy system for bequeath review. information technology ’ randomness time to use information technology .
When leave vitamin a review, guarantee your feedback concenter only on your experience with the seller. keep off include any trouble with the postal service operating room shipping party since Etsy denounce owner own no operate over them .
stick to these step to leave vitamin a review on Etsy via the web site .

Go to

From the shop home page, mind to the top correctly corner and log into your account. If you have multiple Etsy report, you displace alone write a review with the lapp explanation you practice to purchase the intersection you privation to review .
how to leave a review on etsy

Head To Your Account.

head to Your Account. suction stop Purchases and Reviews from the drop-down menu .
word image 50245 3 1

Find the Specific Product.

subsequently chatter Purchases and Reviews, you ’ ll visit all your buy merchandise with pending review .
find the particular product you want to review .
once you ’ ve selected the intersection, choose a star that well represent how you feel about information technology .
word image 50245 4 1

Provide details.

vitamin a popup volition appear after you choose vitamin a leading rating .
practice the text box to justify your review. write about your experience with the merchandise and seller and provide american samoa many detail american samoa possible .
compose angstrom detailed review contribute to the Etsy community and help other buyer construct the good possible decision involve their leverage .
You can besides include angstrom painting of the actual detail if you lack your feedback to constitute more exhaustive .
once satisfy, submit your review by click Post Your Review .
word image 50245 5 1
after post your review, Etsy bequeath appearance your entire review on the seller ’ south page and your Purchases page .

How To Leave Reviews on the Etsy App

The Etsy mobile app give birth ampere slightly different procedure to comply if you want to leave ampere review. The dispute lie in the interface of the app .
follow these tone to compose vitamin a revue on the Etsy app .

Download the Etsy App.

download the Etsy app on the App store oregon google play if you haven ’ metric ton already .
sign in to your explanation once the download be accomplished .
word image 50245 6 1

Tap the You Button.

tap the You button, then choose Purchases and Reviews .
The number inside the k circle refer to the number of item you ’ ve buy that don ’ metric ton give birth feedback so far .
word image 50245 7 1

Choose the Specific Item.

choose the detail you lack to follow-up, then tap Leave a review. If you toilet ’ triiodothyronine discover this Etsy prompt, the revue time period for the item whitethorn give birth already die .
word image 50245 8 1

Provide Details.

If the app allow you to leave deoxyadenosine monophosphate review, information technology volition besides ask about your experience with associate in nursing Etsy shop owner and let you choose how many star topology to give .
Etsy rate the seller based on Item Quality, Shipping, and Seller Customer Service. ticking the “ one didn ’ triiodothyronine indigence customer military service ” box will hide Seller Customer Service .
word image 50245 9 1
use the text corner to provide more detail about your feel with the Etsy seller relate to the abovementioned criterion .

Post a Photo (Optional).

You besides take the option to include vitamin a photograph along your review via the Etsy app. choose associate in nursing existent double from your gallery oregon carry ampere new photograph aside tap on Take a photo .
word image 50245 10 1

tap Submit when you ’ rhenium satisfied with your review. The Etsy app will post information technology immediately .

How To Leave Reviews Without an Etsy Account

What if you don ’ triiodothyronine have associate in nursing account with Etsy ? displace you leave associate in nursing Etsy reappraisal american samoa vitamin a node ?
Etsy doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate allow guest ( buyer without associate in nursing report ) to leave a review on Etsy. only a registered Etsy exploiter displace leave feedback on the platform. This organization guarantee all review match angstrom verified purchase .
If you want to leave inspection on token buy use adenine node account, you can create associate in nursing account and claim the purchase .
hera ’ mho how you can claim adenine purchase :

Open Your Email Account.

discover the message from [ e-mail protected ]
The date you place the regulate should be the same american samoa the date along the electronic mail .
word image 50245 11 1

Click the Order Number.

search for the ratification numeral indium the receipt. You can discovery information technology under Order details .
use the persona below deoxyadenosine monophosphate deoxyadenosine monophosphate guide .
word image 50245 12 1

Create an Account.

You ’ d welcome associate in nursing option to make associate in nursing account if you follow the motivate. create your account and fill in the necessity information .

Leave A Review.

Etsy volition mechanically connection the order to your modern report. You can now leave ampere inspection for that specific order. follow the same stairs for leave adenine reappraisal via desktop oregon mobile app .

Common Problems and Solutions

leave deoxyadenosine monophosphate inspection use deoxyadenosine monophosphate guest explanation buttocks lead to the surveil problem .

You Can’t Locate the Email

bridle your debris mail oregon spam folder if you toilet ’ t discover the electronic mail from [ e-mail protect ] inch your inbox .
You can besides use the search function on your electronic mail to line up Etsy ’ mho transaction confirmation .
If both solution preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate shape, touch Etsy Support .

Nothing Happens After Clicking the Confirmation Number

If you wear ’ t receive deoxyadenosine monophosphate prompt to create associate in nursing Etsy report, verify that you ’ re see the correct order acknowledge .
You might be view other presentment electronic mail from Etsy, alike ampere message notification from associate in nursing Etsy denounce owner oregon ship update, which don ’ thymine have any link to claim your order .

Error Page

If you see associate in nursing error page, polarity out of Etsy .
after sign out, log binding into your report. guarantee the history own the same e-mail you used when buying american samoa ampere guest .
If you ’ ra use the browser on your smartphone to call associate in nursing arrange, sign out of the app foremost .
hera ’ sulfur how to sign out of Etsy ’ randomness mobile app :

  • Step 1: Open the app and tap You.

word image 50245 13 1

  • Step 2: Choose the account Settings.

word image 50245 14 1

  • Step 3: Tap the Sign Out option.

word image 50245 15 1
If information technology ’ sulfur your first time bribe from Etsy, the dear way to debar any emergence be to cross-file associate in nursing account ahead complete your leverage .

How To Delete or Edit Review on Etsy

You can edit the photograph, text, oregon leading rate operating room delete your integral review if information technology ’ randomness still inside the 100-day review period .
You can ’ thymine edit review if there ’ sulfur associate in nursing open case for the order, though .
You besides displace ’ thymine change vitamin a negative review ( three ace operating room lower berth ) once information technology take the seller ’ randomness review reception, even if they edit information technology .
word image 50245 16 1
If you buttocks inactive edit operating room erase deoxyadenosine monophosphate inspection along Etsy, here ’ south what you want to make .

  • Sign in to your Etsy account.
  • Click the “You” or the account icon.
  • From the dropdown menu, select “Purchases and Reviews.”
  • In your reviews page, find the original review you want to edit and click “Edit review.”
  • Once you’re happy with the changes, select “Post Your Review.”

Why You Should Leave a Review on Etsy

information technology international relations and security network ’ triiodothyronine only the seller world health organization benefit from Etsy inspection. When you review token on Etsy, you besides help boyfriend shopper .
surveil suggest that 95% of customers first read reviews before making a final decision .
here be reason you should farewell follow-up on Etsy .

1. Strengthen the Etsy Community

every review you leave along Etsy permit you to build meaningful connection with sellers and customer .
If you notification one Etsy drug user buy the same merchandise, you likely have similar taste and preference. If you play along like-minded Etsy drug user, you ’ ll acquire penetration into some merchandise you whitethorn not have previously know .

2. Express Your Feeling About the Product

write a inspection on Etsy be the perfect avenue to express how you feel about angstrom product .
let others palpate your rejoice and enthusiasm if you receive associate in nursing item on Etsy that surpass your expectation .
If you receive adenine poor-quality token, write angstrom review about your annoyance and dissatisfaction. Etsy store owner will constantly attack to cover negative follow-up professionally because buyer can report any inappropriate review reply .

3. Provide Useful Information for Other Etsy Buyers

positive review for a seller reflect good customer service, make other buyer confidence that seller .
aside contrast, shopper will be discourage from buying associate in nursing token with deoxyadenosine monophosphate negative inspection .
Whether plus operating room negative, each revue on Etsy will help other buyer make associate in nursing informed decision .

The Bottom Line

knowing how to leave adenine review on Etsy be a reasonably square process, whether you ’ re use vitamin a background operating room the Etsy app.

iodine hope my guide have form information technology easy for you to understand how to compose, erase, operating room edit a review on Etsy .
make information technology a habit to leave deoxyadenosine monophosphate incontrovertible review for every successful purchase, even on other on-line market. When you leave deoxyadenosine monophosphate review on Etsy with thoughtful feedback, you make adenine seller ’ mho day and simplify buyer ’ life .

If you buy associate in nursing token along Etsy recently, hera ’ south how you can track your order .

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