How to Edit YouTube Videos: A Beginner’s Guide for 2022

Learn how to edit youtube videos with this novice ‘s guidebook. Use YouTube ’ south Studio Editor to cut and trim video recording in minutes and create professional video content. YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform in the world, and it keeps growing year-to-year, reaching closely two billion users in 2021. For video capacity creators worldwide, it means that their video expression more contest than ever. To stand out and be noticed, you don ’ t only need regularly upload videos — it ’ s besides important to make sure they are well-edited and look professional excessively .

How do you edit your YouTube videos? 

There ’ sulfur lots of television editing software for YouTube you can use ( we ’ ll discus it below ), but it ’ second best to start with what you already have — YouTube Studio Editor.

The YouTube video editor is available on all YouTube channels for free, and is very intuitive and comfortable to use. You can do all the basic edits, such as trimming and adding an end screen, correct inside YouTube without relying on any third-party video editing tools. hera ’ s how .

How to edit YouTube videos using YouTube Studio Editor

YouTube Studio Editor is separate of your YouTube channel. To access it :

  1. Go to and sign in to your account as usual
  2. Click your avatar in the top-right corner and pick YouTube Studio
  3. Navigate to Content in the sidebar
  4. Click Details on any of your uploaded videos
  5. Go to Editor in the sidebar

now you ’ re ready to make changes to your videos for YouTube .

  1. Trim the beginning or end of your YouTube videos

The most coarse edit you should make with all upload YouTube television is trimming the beginning or end. Trimming lets you focus your videos on the most lease and important parts, which makes your content more interesting as a resultant role ! here ’ s how to edit a YouTube video with shave :

  1. In the YouTube Studio Editor, click Trim
  2. Drag the beginning or end of your video timeline to the right spot
  3. Click Preview
  4. Click Save

Example of how to trim your YouTube video

  1. Trim the middle of your YouTube videos

Most of the prison term, it ’ s not alone the beginning and end of your videos that need to be trimmed. There might besides be some long takes in the center that could be shortened for a better pace of video. To your YouTube video in the middle :

  1. Choose a video you’d like to edit in the YouTube Studio Editor
  2. Select Trim
  3. Click at the point in the timeline which you’d like to trim
  4. Press Split
  5. Drag the split point in either direction
  6. Create as many extra splits as needed
  7. Click Preview and then Save

Editing and Trimming the middle of your youtube video

  1. Add an end screen to your YouTube videos

If you have a YouTube channel, you want your viewers to stay engaged, even after they ’ ve watch one of your television. The best way to do so is to add an end screen to your videos, recommending your audience to watch another television from your library. That way, your viewers are more likely to watch a few video in a row and possibly even subscribe ! Adding an end screen to your videos is easily :

  1. Open your YouTube Studio Editor
  2. Select a video
  3. Click End Screen
  4. Pick the kind of an end screen action you’d like to see: a template, video, playlist, subscribe button, channel link, etc.
  5. Select the placement and timing of your end screen on the timeline
  6. Click Save

Editing The End Screen Of Youtube Videos

How to edit videos on YouTube so that viewers watch ’till the end

The first step to creating a YouTube channel people are going to like is regularly shooting and upload new video recording. however, if your television contentedness is good ( but the television themselves feel excessively retentive and naked ), you ’ ll lose audience members cursorily. To have your viewers watch videos till the end every meter and engage with your content, merely follow a few easy rules .

1. Keep it simple

Some creators think that putting a batch of campaign in and overdoing it in post-production is the key to success. That ’ mho when you see video with lots of transitions, multiple soundtracks, expensive breed footage and text overlays. While having well-edited video recording is authoritative, you should make sure that the concenter stays on the content of the video, not on all the glitzy elements around it .

2. Tell a story

Every video should have a concept and a narrative. What are you trying to say ? Why is it interesting to others ? How is your video changing its hearing ? Your fib should have a structure ( a beginning, middle and end ) and be engaging enough for people to want to come binding and watch another video recording. tied better when you can create your own style and your report is overarching throughout your whole transmit .

3. Crop your videos

As shown above, cropping video is all-important. You never want to add videos to YouTube heterosexual from your television camera — what are the chances that they contain no filler ? so tactile property exempt to crop a fortune to get to the effect of your video content. If you have to crop a 10-minute video recording to just 3 minutes, sol be it. Your channel will be much better for it.

4. Add a soundtrack and other helpful elements

Watch any popular video on YouTube good now, and you ’ ll poster that they all have some music play in the background. It could be in the intro or at the end. It could play while showing the reel. It could even be on while you ’ re talking ( evening if it ’ south quietly adequate ). The point is that music makes video recording more engage, then make certain to take advantage of it ! YouTube Studio Editor offers a free music library ( here ’ s another associate to a list of copyright free music ) you can add to your videos right before uploading them. Some early YouTube editor ’ s features you could use are subtitles and blur. Blur helps mask any medium or private information, while subtitles allow you to add text that would make your television more accessible overall .

5. Create a Storyboard

Storyboarding can save you a fortune of time design and editing your YouTube video recording. A dear storyboard can help keep your video focused on hitting the right points. They help you understand what transitions you need, and what clips you need to bring together .

What tools can you use for editing YouTube videos

While the AI YouTube television editing software described above is the easiest way to learn how to edit videos for YouTube, there ’ s lots of other high-quality third-party video editing software that you can switch to once YouTube ’ sulfur features won ’ t be adequate for you. We ’ ll tilt a few here, but here ’ s a more thorough review of the most popular video editing software. The default option video editing app on Windows for the longest clock ( since 2000 ) was window Movie Maker, which offered basic edit features, transitions, imports, etc. In 2017, the standalone Movie Maker was discontinued and turned into Video Editor, which is part of the Microsoft Photos app. price : absolve with windows For Mac users, iMovie is a free app with lots of herculean features, from creating trailers to coloring, to cropping, to stabilizing, etc. If you don ’ thyroxine see iMovie in your Applications folder, you can get it for dislodge in the App Store. price : release with Apple For professionals, Apple offers a premium app called Final Cut Pro. It ’ second sold as a erstwhile payment of $ 299. final Cut Pro provides non-destructive editing with every feature even the most discerning professional can think of. Lots of major Hollywood movies have been edited using Final Cut Pro. price : $ 299 The most popular master video recording editing software is Adobe Premiere Pro. part of the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription, this app integrates natively with early Adobe products ( e.g. Photoshop, Illustrator ) and can be used for any video-editing tasks, whether they involve green screens or complex sound recording chase shuffle. price : dislodge test, $ 20.99/month If you ’ ra looking for something in-between consumer and professional markets, Corel VideoStudio Pro is a great choice. This 79.99-dollar video editing app allows 4K edit, has a built-in address to text converter for subtitles, makes it easy to apply filters and provides lots of visualize templates to get startle cursorily. price : $ 79.99

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