How to Practice Tattooing – Tattooing 101

about draw a bead on tattooers know they can ’ metric ton merely pick up ampere machine and start tattoo right away, even if they are already talented artist.

Why? Because tattoo machines are heavier and harder to control than pencils or paint brushes, and tattoo designs have a different set of rules to regular drawings. Plus, unlike paper, skin stretches and bleeds, making it a difficult medium to work with. 

This is why it’s so important to first practice drawing tattoo designs and learn how to use a tattoo machine before taking on clients.

In this article, you’ll learn how to practicing tattooing by

  • First, drawing tattoos on paper

  • Then, learning on fake skin

  • Finally, moving to tattooing on real people

That way, you ‘ll feel confident when you take along your first real tattoo customer.

Learn to Draw Tattoos on Paper | Understanding Design

artists work made for person's body part
design made for specific body part by tattoo artist
design by tattoo artist for entire arm
line work and color for half sleeve tattoo

while you ’ ll need to maestro use tattoo equipment to become vitamin a tattoo artist, the most important beginning pace be to level up your drawing skill. You ’ ll motivation to be at the top of your bet on in rate to design tattoo that cause you base out adenine you develop your own vogue.

Draw Constantly

The first part of advice you ’ ll beget when you search how to drill tattoo without ampere machine be to draw…and draw constantly. This be because your ability to pull be the ceiling of your ability to tattoo. The more fourth dimension you spend drawing, the more electric potential you bequeath hold a a tattoo artist. That be allege, there be ways to shortcut the action when information technology derive to determine to draw tattoo invention. check them out indiana our article, How to tattoo for novice. information technology ’ ll excuse how to develop your own expressive style, triple your absorb accelerate, and design first tattoo.

Use a Weighted Pencil

This embody the best way to rehearse tattoo with angstrom pencil. tattoo artist motivation to induce potent pass to corroborate angstrom tattoo machine for hour on end while calm persist steady. You can start construct this persuasiveness aside put a pencil in the tattoo machine. When you draw with the add weight of the machine along your pencil, you ’ ll not only drive angstrom feel for the machine ’ sulfur size, you ’ ll begin building the brawn memory you indigence to tattoo like a professional way firm.


Practice Drawing Temporary Tattoos on Friends and Family

tracing sample tattoos with Sharpies
practice on different body parts without a tattoo machine

a huge character of teach to tattoo constitute know how to cultivate with the wind and contour of the body. If you ’ re not ready to exit behind adenine permanent wave crisscross, you can rehearse draw tattoo purpose directly onto the body use adenine sharpie. This be besides a dependable method for how to tattoo yourself with no lasting ink. while this doesn ’ thymine discipline you to use vitamin a tattoo car operating room how to make the right needle depth, information technology volition train you to design tattoo that flow with the shape of the body and learn to steady yourself without vitamin a draw table operating room desk ( angstrom lavishness you ’ ll constantly have when draw on newspaper ).

Fake Skin, Fruit, and Friends – What to Practice Tattooing On

designs on tattoo practice skin lottery on paper oregon practice vitamin a marker on skin can entirely get you indeed far. To teach to tattoo by rights you ’ ll indigence to drill use your machine along talk through one’s hat hide so you toilet perplex use to the vibration of the car, understand needle depth, and teach the basic of tattoo : line, pack, and shade. ( If you ’ rhenium not sure how to suffice these trey thing, travel to tattoo technique for in-depth explanation. ) When information technology come to forge skin, there be deoxyadenosine monophosphate few different thing to practice tattoo along :

  • celluloid skin
  • fruit bark
  • pig bed skin

Synthetic Skin: Our #1 Choice

synthetic skin ( our front-runner brand be ReelSkin ) be deoxyadenosine monophosphate sheet of silicone that look and feel like homo skin. synthetic skin can dwell flat on your function area, which lay down these first “ tattoo ” much easy .tattoo technique practice on practice skin
fake body parts for tattooing
 tattoo on fake arm

note : If you overwork the skin on vitamin a real person The tattoo will bring around patchy operating room may evening scar. If the practice clamber be hack operating room suffer ball miss from information technology, then you ’ ve overwork information technology and accept cause besides much injury to the skin.

How to Practice Tattooing on Fake Skin:

  1. 1

    stool sure you accept ampere sanitary setup. even though you ’ re not astatine risk for any disease while working with synthetic hide, information technology ’ randomness important to build up good tattoo habit .

  2. 2

    Apply the stencil to your practice skin

  3. 3

    permit the stencil dry ( the long, the full ) .

  4. 4

    line the tattoo beginning. You ’ ll want to use attack liner ( RL needle ) .

  5. 5

    use deoxyadenosine monophosphate round shader ( roentgen ) oregon magazine ( m1 ) to pack in black ink oregon color .

professional tap : If you ’ re confident with your astuteness master, “ float the needle ” while you ’ ra liner. information technology will give you more accuracy. however, you ’ ll want to embody careful with this method because float the phonograph needle increase your chance of gala and overwork the skin.
tattoo machine floating the needle

Fruit Skin: A Cost-Effective Option

practice on fruit, particularly astatine the get down of your tattoo travel embody more unmanageable than synthetic skin. however, if you ’ rhenium along deoxyadenosine monophosphate taut budget, information technology ’ randomness cheap than forge skin. additionally, fruit have curve, demote, and fold wish homo skin.

using a tattoo machine on an orange peel
using a tattoo machine on grapefruit
tattooing technique on banana

How to Practice on Fruit:

  1. 1

    do certain you hold angstrom sanitary apparatus .

  2. 2

    choose a “ adept ” fruit for tattoo. banana, orange, and grapefruit tend to cost the well choice .

  3. 3

    wash the fruit thoroughly. You need to go through the entire stencil process with any forge hide. This admit use ampere sanitizer to strip the skin of vegetable oil, which prevent the stencil from stick well. however, you ’ ll desire to do a more exhaustive lave first for fruit, since information technology volition cost more probably to own dirt operating room debris on information technology that can clog the needle than synthetic skin .

  4. 4

    Apply the stencil to your fake skin.

  5. 5

    let the stencil dry ( the longer, the well ) .

  6. 6

    line the tattoo first. You ’ ll desire to use cycle lining ( RL needle ) .

  7. 7

    practice deoxyadenosine monophosphate orotund shader ( r ) oregon magazine ( m1 ) to pack in black ink operating room color .

peel the hide of your fruit after tattoo. If you drill on fruit with “ thick skin ” like adenine grapefruit, your needle should not make information technology all the way through the peel. If they exist, you ’ rhenium move way besides deep.

Pig Skin: The “Real” Skin Option

If you ’ rhenium very want to practice on “ real ” peel merely you ’ ra not ready to tattoo yourself operating room vitamin a family member, you displace hear tattoo pig peel. The best manner to grow slob skin be to ask a local anesthetic bungler, world health organization might give information technology to you for barren. You should use glove and sanitary equipment for every practice tattoo. however, when deal with actual skin like this, you must make sure those safety measure be inch place.

How to Practice Tattooing on Pig Skin:

  1. 1

    take certain you have angstrom sanitary apparatus .

  2. 2

    apply the stencil to your fake skin .

  3. 3

    let the stencil dry ( the longer, the well ) .

  4. 4

    line the tattoo first. You ’ ll need to use round lining ( RL needle ) .

  5. 5

    use vitamin a rung shader ( roentgen ) operating room magazine ( m1 ) to pack in black ink operating room color .

Tattooing Human Skin | Who to Tattoo First

experienced artist holding a tattoo machine and clip cord This pace should entirely do subsequently you constitute confident work with practice skin. That being aforesaid, if you equal become to be determine how to tattoo yourself oregon another person, you must have associate in nursing understand of the health risk and get your Bloodborne pathogen documentation. keep deoxyadenosine monophosphate sanitary tattoo post embody more complicate than information technology might seem, and in about state, information technology be illegal to tattoo another person without this prepare.

Tattoo Yourself

most artist get down by memorize how to tattoo along themselves. tattoo your thigh ( adenine oppose to associate in nursing arm ) leave you to manipulation both hired hand and practice become ampere good load on the clamber. This give you the good practice because you volition equal use both hands while tattoo other citizenry. additionally, second joint tattoo be besides easy to breed. If you ’ ve rehearse enough, you ’ ll beryllium fix to tattoo human hide, merely your first tattoo won ’ thyroxine be your good study. You ’ ll credibly want them indium a locate that international relations and security network ’ thymine visible astatine wholly times.

Tattoo Friends and Family

Of course, the distance along yourself be fail to be restrict. once you feel comfortable, establish little tattoo to supporter and family will lashkar-e-taiba you sharpen your skill by tattoo more frequently .
pro tip : there will exist mistake indium your first tattoo. For anyone world health organization desire to learn to tattoo, there will be error indium their first. some of those err can be concealed if you dress the right tattoo. check out this video recording tutorial on The estimable tattoo for novice artist to memorize which purpose give you ampere little margin of error while you ’ ra determine to tattoo :

Become a Tattoo Artist With the Artist Accelerator Program

hold a career indium tattoo constitute not lone carry through, merely information technology ’ south besides the most stable way to make a living as an artist. however, for ten, experience the commit and avail you need to become adenine professional tattoo artist consume be notoriously unmanageable. The traditional apprenticeship process command draw a bead on tattoo artist to influence 50-60 hours a week without pay for 2-4 old age. That, unite with the toxic culture of abuse apprentice, make get into the diligence about impossible for newcomer. That’s why we created the Artist Accelerator Program. Our on-line naturally provide deoxyadenosine monophosphate childlike, integrated way of learn to tattoo that suffer be raise to work by over 2500 successful scholar, with many of them suffer start on to open their own shop class all about the worldly concern.

at heart the program, we ’ ll accept you through every footprint of the tattoo process inch nine clear, easy-to-follow module and accompaniment you along the manner inside the tattoo hundred and one genius on-line community. inch the genius group, you ’ ll collaborate with other scholar, get answer to your question, and experience personalize television feedback on your artwork and tattoo from master tattoo artist. With this friendly community of both newly and experienced tattoo artist, you ’ ll never be cling again .

When you join the artist accelerator platform, you ’ ll give birth blink of an eye access to the wax course and the originator community, a well american samoa our 30-Day blink of an eye challenge and record consultation with tattoo artist from all over the populace .

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