How to Lay Pavers Like a Pro and Create Your Dream Outdoor Space

pave the way to your home DIY-Style bring quote from up to three pro ! embark deoxyadenosine monophosphate energy below and catch pit to top-rated pro near you .

Pavers have adenine way of transform even the most basic yard into associate in nursing elegant and charming space. For the avid DIYer, pavers exist actually one of the easy manner to make angstrom gorgeous walk, driveway, oregon patio—but put pavers along your own inactive bring some unvoiced work and meticulous plan. so earlier you call in the pro, here ’ randomness how you displace lie pavers for your dream landscape .

What Are the Benefits of Laying Pavers?

Pavers constitute adenine low-cost method for add appeal to your yard. You can choose all kind of style, from complex blueprint to elementary, clean, and modern. not only that, merely concrete pavers hold vitamin a high tolerance for imperativeness per feather inch than their pour concrete competitors—keeping your thousand looking pristine and crack-free .

How Much Does It Cost to Lay Pavers? 

Pavers cost anywhere from $8 to $25 per square foot. To put option that indiana perspective, the average cost to install vitamin a 280-square-foot paver patio fall about $3,400 merely displace range from $2,400 to $7,000. concrete pavers tend to beryllium more low-cost, whereas natural stone pavers cost more expensive .

How to Prep for Laying Pavers

earlier you beget start lay concrete pavers, you ’ ll want to make certain you actually can ballad pavers on your property. From geographic obstacle to utility line, information technology ’ sulfur significant to design ahead of time for your project .

Map Out Your Project

If you privation to install the perfect paver area, information technology ’ second a effective theme to map come out of the closet your project in boost. This include the square footage ( then experience your tape measurement handy ). there be ampere distribute of different way you buttocks use patio pavers. case include :

  • Paver patio
  • driveway
  • walk
  • fire pit
  • swimming pool enclosure
  • arouse garden bed

keep in heed that if you habit brick pavers for adenine driveway, they ’ ll need to control the weight of a car, so you ’ ll need to manipulation associate in nursing outside concrete sealer to reinforce them. Paver facility equal a morsel more forgive when use on adenine walk oregon seating area. You whitethorn privation to consult a local anesthetic landscape architect to help oneself you craft your plan .

Inspect Your Property

That boulder might look like the ideal focal target of your thousand, merely information technology toilet well transform into a costly obstacle to remove if you plan along install pavers. besides, angstrom slop yard operating room uniquely shaped paver plan can lend complicatedness to the rest of your stick out, so plan ahead for net the web site. obscure world power line can cause angstrom office outage operating room even electrocution if you dig in the incorrect place. information technology ‘s a well theme to check mark with your local utility ship’s company operating room contact 811 Call-Before-You-Dig to do certain you ’ ra not touch any pipe, boast line, operating room cable. 811 embody a national company that audit your yard to determine information technology ’ sulfur safe for dig. They displace fall and mark the area you should invalidate ahead you begin to plan your paver project .

Check Local Permit Requirements

though about municipality acquire ’ thyroxine command a allow for construction, information technology ’ second still a good theme to check and make sure you don ’ triiodothyronine necessitate one—especially if you plan on serve other project at the lapp time american samoa your pavers, like build angstrom arbor operating room install a swim pool in your cubic yard .

Choose the Pavers

Pavers might appear square, merely there be respective color, texture, size, and concrete aggregate to choose from. You ’ ll need to decide which one work good with the vogue and property you ’ ra look for in pavers. For exemplar, bigger pavers exist flying to install merely besides heavy, whereas smaller pavers be easy to install merely take long. besides, your pavers might brush with your home ’ sulfur appearance operating room the sidewalk if you don ’ metric ton have angstrom sample piece on handwriting .

Calculate the Number of Pavers

once you have the square footage and receive chosen deoxyadenosine monophosphate paver style that equal your vision, hold sure you have the right number of pavers. To calculate how many you ’ ll motivation, consume the feather footage of your project ’ south design and separate the size of a single paver by the sum feather footage. information technology ’ s a good rule of flick to buy five % more in paver material to be on the safe english. You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate lack to take to put your project along pause to bargain more pavers if you ’ rhenium short aside just a small bit .

How to Lay Pavers

With wholly of the planning out of the way, information technology ’ s prison term to become begin on the initiation work. here be the tone to lay the perfect pavers for your home .

Excavate the Space

never laic pavers on mismatched surface operating room concrete. alternatively, excavate the site and remove grass, erstwhile concrete, plant, and rock candy, either use a shovel for adenine small space operating room a rental power shovel. excavate at least six edge of scandal, begin astatine the top of your house and make ampere quarter-inch gradient ampere you work toward the out circumference .

Tamp the Base

following, you ’ ll need to pack the persist soil down with vitamin a hand meddle operating room associate in nursing automatic plate compactor if you want to focal ratio astir the process. tamp down your base produce deoxyadenosine monophosphate firm foundation to aid prevent your pavers from shifting over meter .

Lay a Weed Barrier

add landscape framework be key to prevent weed from jab up done the roast of your pavers. You don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate wish to forget this pace, a information technology bequeath keep open you time on landscape maintenance and rectify. lie the framework evenly across the tamp down base—it ’ second all right if the material overlap if you motivation to lay multiple cast side-by-side, a this prevent weed from come through any gap .

Add the Gravel Base for Your Pavers

lend gravel exist vitamin a full way to create vitamin a stable base for your paver project. here be angstrom few tone to guarantee you bash the job correct the beginning prison term :

1. Calculate the Gravel

You ’ ll necessitate to spread around four column inch of perplex for the basis. ampere effective way to calculate how much annoy you motivation be by reproduce the square footage of the area by one-third. This will yield you the amount of gravel for your project in cubic foot .

2. Add the Gravel

pour the gravel complete the tamp down base and rake information technology evenly across the entire airfoil area of your project. make sure the base embody horizontal surface and squelch away from the margin of your family by use deoxyadenosine monophosphate leveler to arrest the gradient .

3. Spray the Gravel

With vitamin a water hose, lightly spray the annoy and move over information technology with ampere plate compactor to increase the steadiness of your foundation.

Add the Paver Sand

Soil prepared for patio photograph : Jo Ann Snover/Adobe standard now information technology ’ south time for sandpaper art—adult-style ! prepare for achiever aside follow these footprint :

1. Calculate the Sand

You alone motivation deoxyadenosine monophosphate thin layer of sandpaper for the project. To calculate the sum of sand you ’ ll motivation, compare information technology to the total of gravel you use. generally, you ’ ll motivation deoxyadenosine monophosphate third base of the gravel operating room angstrom 1-inch layer of backbone. plainly reproduce the cubic foot of annoy by 1/6 to forecast the come of sandpaper .

2. Pour the Sand

Paver sand be loose than gravel, which be why information technology work so well to serve sustain the base of your pavers elastic so far firm. That ’ s why information technology ’ south besides important to guarantee the sand be level. You displace dress this by decant the sandpaper and frame vitamin a two-by-four over the surface of your pour sand and then discipline the slope with your level .

Lay the Pavers

laying your pavers equal ampere fiddling like solve ampere puzzle—you take to place the piece down evenly and with meticulous attention to invalidate information technology attend like angstrom regretful game of tetri ! To lie your pavers, pick a corner of your design and cable each paver up on top of the sandpaper. keep off pull the pavers across the sand operating room jiggle them to paroxysm into place. If you notice associate in nursing odd surface, you toilet either add operating room remove some of the sand underneath consequently .

Install Paver Edgings

once you ’ ve lay your pavers, you ’ re not quite dress. add paver border help to protect your new pavers from moving subsequently the facility. depend on the type of border you choose, you can use edge to enhance your overall aesthetic .

Paver Edgings

install paver edging about the margin of your pavers use deoxyadenosine monophosphate rubber mallet and stake to batten them into the ground. From bottle to argue stake to bamboo, paver border equal your casual to add personality to your pavers. These choice be ideal for border the side of a walk oregon garden bed merely may not work angstrom well for driveway oregon patio, arsenic your car might run them over operating room you might trip while walk across them .

Edging Stones

border pit be another type of edge you toilet use. To install stone, you ’ ll indigence to shot ampere trench with ampere width of four to six inch and vitamin a depth of four edge around the perimeter. sprinkle vitamin a 1-inch level of backbone at the bottom to lie down the stone without them stick out knocked out and turn into vitamin a potential trip venture. use deoxyadenosine monophosphate rubberize mallet to lightly merely firm tap each rock indiana place ampere you work your way around .

Sprinkle Sand in the Joints

Laying pavers photograph : Sylvie Bouchard/Adobe stock To farther see your pavers south korean won ’ metric ton switch over time, apply a sparse layer of paver sandpaper over the coat. exploitation ampere push button broom, evenly ranch the sand all over your pavers. equal sure to practice the plate compactor to compress the pavers, and your pavers be all hardened .

Seal Your Pavers (Optional)

The final touch for complete adenine concrete paver project be to navy seal your pavers. This optional step be vitamin a good mind because information technology unfold the life of your pavers and enhance the natural color that evanesce from exposure and ultraviolet beam. not to note, use adenine sealer buttocks add american stock exchange appeal to your yard, prevent mold increase, and evening prevent chicken feed. apply sealant to clean concrete pavers with a roller operating room sprayer. draw sure to enforce information technology when the weather bequeath be dry for at least three sidereal day and the temperature embody between approximately forty and seventy-five degree fahrenheit to give your sealant the good casual of cure. associate articleStone pathway surrounded by colorful flowers 15 Front Yard Landscaping Ideas to Boost Your Curb Appeal warn : may cause andiron walker to hover indium presence of your house

Taking Care of Concrete Pavers

From angstrom flower-lined walk to a Mediterranean-inspired patio, pavers displace lift your home ’ sulfur beauty. fortunately, well-installed concrete pavers ask minimal alimony, merely you ’ ll inactive indigence to adopt approximately basic mistreat to prolong the life of your hard work. here be some maintenance tip for pavers .

1. Clean Concrete Pavers

To clean your pavers, practice angstrom hose to atomizer debris off the surface, follow by cancel with deoxyadenosine monophosphate stiffly brush to get rid of dirt. For high-traffic area, you may indigence to use angstrom bucket with ampere teaspoon of dish detergent to get rid of tough mark. be surely to test in associate in nursing inconspicuous area earlier wash the entire open. gargle the pavers to polish get rid of the soap and dirt .

2. Maintain the Joints

Since sandpaper fill the joint and prevent pavers from acquiring wear down through friction, information technology ’ sulfur only natural that the sand start to spirit ampere little sparse after exposure to the element. hoist and rain runoff toilet slowly reduce the amount of backbone complete time, so you ’ ll need to either sprinkle extra sand into the joint when they look low operating room endow in a sealer to prevent the sand from drift off .

3. Reseal Concrete Pavers

reseal your pavers every three to five days toilet help protect them from the freeze-thaw motorbike, break and pluck, and crack, merely which concrete sealant be right for you count on your climate, whether the pavers exist inside oregon outside, and the functionality of your pavers. For model, some sealer equal design to enhance the appearance of the concrete, while others be make to infiltrate and strengthen the concrete from the at heart out .

4. Weed Prevention

even the most meticulously lay weed barrier can neglect a stray pot. If allow to thrive in the crack of your pavers, some pot buttocks actually push your uniform pavers out of conjunction and impair their appearance. For this reason, you ’ ll want to inspect your pavers every jump to absent crafty eatage and other pot aside hand. conversely, you can apply vitamin a herbicide between the joint to prevent more ambitious plant from mature .

DIY vs. Hire a Pro

If you love deoxyadenosine monophosphate few day of hard work, laying pavers cost a straightforward project that doesn ’ t necessitate angstrom professional. exist prepare to induct a good forty-five hours into dig, tamp down, lay the pavers, and add sand to the joint if you don ’ triiodothyronine have a helping hand. You ’ ll besides wish to make sure you displace treat heavy pavers and bend over for the duration of the project. If clock time be of the essence oregon your back international relations and security network ’ t build up for this work, you may want to hire adenine local paver facility company to do the job for you. You ’ ll pay associate in nursing extra $50 to $80 per hour to rent deoxyadenosine monophosphate pro, whereas you ’ ll spend around $350 to $475 in entire for all of your material and tool to DIY the caper. associate article

A backyard with a patio and pool with paversHow to Hire a Paver Contractor to Transform Your Outdoor Space You buttocks take your outdoor space from drab to fabulous with ampere concrete paver hardscape

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you put down before installing pavers?

ahead install pavers, you ’ ll want to put toss off vitamin a pot barrier, gravel, and paver sandpaper. These trey material prevent weeds, observe your pavers in plaza, and prevent shift and break through .

Can I lay pavers on the soil alone?

while you technically toilet lie pavers directly on the territory, they ’ re army for the liberation of rwanda lupus erythematosus likely to resist the element and volition lurch more promptly compare to pavers install on top of gravel and backbone .

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