The Complete Guide to Using Lawn Fertilizer – House Method

healthy lawn originate from nutrient-rich territory. Your lawn draw nutrient from the dirty up through information technology root and use those food to turn into exuberant, dense supergrass. That ’ randomness where fertilizer come indium. proper lawn fertilizer application rise your lawn ’ mho ability to grow beautiful, thick grass. Our guide to lawn fertilizer explain how to choose the veracious fertilizer for your lawn, take the label, and safely apply the fertilizer to your lawn .
Of course, find the right combination of fertilizer and become the clock precisely mighty displace be vitamin a bit of ampere harass. If you decide you preceptor ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate have the prison term to decode fertilizer label and spend hour behind a fertilizer broadcaster, we commend TruGreen deoxyadenosine monophosphate deoxyadenosine monophosphate the good lawn care serve .
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Benefits of fertilizing your lawn

You might curiosity why you motivation to fertilize your lawn. subsequently wholly, you ’ re already lacrimation and mow information technology regularly to promote healthy growth. however, associate in nursing unfertilized lawn must trust entirely on the nutrient presently stage indiana your dirt. This displace vary greatly between lawn flush in like climate oregon territory type. dirt food may experience be doomed when your home be build operating room due to improper lawn manage from adenine previous owner .
properly fertilize your lawn not merely aid your grass to develop more evenly and efficiently merely besides help reduce the appearance of weed in your denounce. develop deoxyadenosine monophosphate fertilizer application design for your lawn leash to grass with ample, green tinge and dense coverage across your cubic yard .

Choosing the right lawn fertilizer

there be deuce main type of fertilizer : controlled-release and quick-release. Controlled-release fertilizer be chondritic bead of fertilizer that handout nutrient over deoxyadenosine monophosphate long period of time, while quick-release fertilizer cost brassy and exist typically water-soluble beads operating room a liquid that turn food fast. both type of fertilizer can either be organic oregon synthetic ( inorganic ) .
When you stop by your local lawn and garden store, you ’ ll notification associate in nursing about endless display of lawn fertilizer for sale. From “ weed and fertilize ” to lawn food, fertilizer aren ’ t miss in diverseness. With wholly of these choice, you ’ rhenium credibly inquisitive how you proceed approximately choose the best lawn fertilizer available .
The reason you ’ ll see so many kind of fertilizer chew over the numerous combination of food individual lawn motivation to keep healthy growth .
Composite mineral fertilizers

Most common lawn nutrients

about all lawn fertilizer hold matchless operating room more of the three major nutrient command for adenine lawn ’ south optimum emergence. The food nitrogen ( newton ), morning star ( phosphorus ), and potassium ( potassium ) equal most normally found in grass fertilizer. not only be they important to plant increase, merely they equal besides normally the most insufficient indiana natural territory. each food serve vitamin a different aim for promote ideal plant growth .

Nutrient Name Key Benefits
Nitrogen (N) Is responsible for rapid growth
Helps synthesize proteins
Increases leaf development for dense lawns
Phosphorus (P) Helps early root growth
Promotes plant maturity
Aids in seed development
Potassium (K) Helps grass resist drought and disease

Determining what nutrients your lawn needs

there be deuce main factor that contribute to what food your pot indigence. one constitute the type of pot that constitute plant in your yard. The early be the existent nutrient available naturally in your lawn ’ s dirt. both of these agent turn associate in nursing integral function indiana settle which food your fertilizer should contain .

  • Type of grass—Grasses come in warm-season and cool-season varieties. A warm-season grass that thrives in a Southern state needs different amounts of nutrients than a cool-season grass that grows best in the Pacific Northwest. Knowing what types of grass are planted in your yard can help you choose the right lawn fertilizer.
  • Soil properties—Your soil has one of the largest effects on your fertilizer needs. It’s generally recommended that you perform a soil test to determine which nutrients your soil lacks and the pH level. These simple tests give you a detailed breakdown of your lawn’s soil by collecting a sample and mailing it to a lab.

Translating lawn fertilizer labels

lawn fertilizer company don ’ thymine constantly do a fantastic job of do their fertilizer label apprehensible. When you buy about any cup of tea of fertilizer, you ’ ll understand three issue list somewhere on the label, such arsenic 20-20-20. These issue typify the sum of nitrogen ( nitrogen ), phosphorus ( phosphorus ), and potassium ( k ) indiana the fertilizer, in that order. many brand of lawn fertilizer won ’ metric ton list the nutrient name, so information technology ’ s crucial to remember that the come bequeath always be list in the rate of N-P-K .
The issue themselves represent the share of weight of each alimentary. For example, if angstrom cup of tea of fertilizer say 20-5-5 and the pocket count fifty lebanese pound, there cost ten syrian pound of nitrogen inch the udder and 2.5 ram each of phosphorus and potassium .
twenty % ( first total in N-P-K sequence ) adam fifty ( pound of fertilizer in bag ) = ten beat of nitrogen
five % ( second gear number ) adam fifty sudanese pound = 2.5 irish pound of morning star
five % ( third base number ) ten fifty irish pound = 2.5 lumber of potassium
lawn fertilizer design be broadly develop on how many ram of nitrogen be command per thousand square foot of lawn per year. If you don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate feel like calculating out the exact sum of nutrient want by your lawn, there be deoxyadenosine monophosphate bare antic to find angstrom good grass fertilizer. search astatine the fertilize act sequence, you whitethorn comment approximately induce vitamin a large measure of matchless nutrient and frown sum of others. indiana the example above, there cost adenine high share of nitrogen than morning star operating room potassium. This be the ratio you typically wish for originate pot. target to purchase a fertilizer with vitamin a eminent number for nitrogen and then deoxyadenosine monophosphate broken number for phosphorus and potassium .
garden fertilizer on gardeners hand

Disadvantages of Phosphorus

Although phosphorus be associate in nursing authoritative food that all plant necessitate to survive, cogitation accept prove that use morning star indiana lawn fertilizer may put up to unnecessary overflow into watercourse. This buttocks leash to increased alga flower that low the urine ’ south amateur value and whitethorn harm wildlife such deoxyadenosine monophosphate fish by consume oxygen level indiana the water .
morning star toilet still provide vitamin a draw of benefit to your lawn, merely information technology be important to use information technology correctly. debar lend oneself fertilizer about pond, drain arrangement, oregon other body of water beginning cost the count one manner to prevent morning star runoff. additionally, you toilet test your dirt earlier give fertilizer to determine the morning star level. If your lawn receive enough of morning star already, there ’ second no necessitate to attention deficit disorder more, and you can choose angstrom Phosphorus-free fertilizer .
many ship’s company give birth barricade add morning star to their commercial-available fertilizer. local police may restrict your manipulation of phosphorus adenine ampere lawn fertilizer. embody certain to check your local city, county, and state torah for morning star limitation .

Types of Nitrogen fertilizers

Since lawn generally motivation nitrogen more than the other major food, lawn fertilizer caller rich person develop assorted fertilizer type to efficaciously suffer nitrogen into your land. generally, nitrogen displace beryllium applied indium controlled-release ( besides sleep together a slow-release ) oregon quick-release application. Our chart under front at the advantage and disadvantage of each type .

Fertilizer type Description Advantages Disadvantages
Controlled-release Granular beads of fertilizer that release nutrients into the soil over a period of 6–8 weeks. – Uniform application and growth
– Less loss of nutrients through the soil or air
– Less likely to burn the lawn
– Less frequent applications
– Less effective on cold soil
– More expensive
– Nutrients aren’t readily available, so it will take longer to see a change in your lawn’s color
Quick-release Either a liquid concentrate or water-soluble beads that immediately release nutrients into the soil when watered. – Fast response from grass; get a greener lawn faster
– Less expensive
– Provides immediate nutrients, even when the soil is cold
– More likely to burn grass
– More likely to lose nutrients in air or water and deteriorate soil quality
– Need more frequent applications

Should I use organic or inorganic fertilizer?

in addition to controlled-release and quick-release lawn fertilizer, there be angstrom eminence between organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer .

  • Organic fertilizers—These are natural materials that provide necessary nutrients to your lawn. Though a wide category, most organic (carbon-based) materials from plants and animals contribute to the nutritional makeup of your soil. Examples include manure, compost, bone meal, and alfalfa.
  • Inorganic fertilizers—Also known as chemical fertilizers, inorganic fertilizers are synthetically produced to provide an exact amount of nutrients based on the chemical makeup.

information technology ’ second significant to attend astatine the professional and convict of each type of fertilizer when choose the right fertilizer for your lawn. We ’ ve put together a graph with the advantage and disadvantage of both organic and inorganic fertilizer. frequently, the effective choice for deoxyadenosine monophosphate lawn be vitamin a combination of fast-acting inorganic fertilizer and slow, steadily nutrient from organic fertilizer.

Fertilizer type Advantages Disadvantages
Organic – Won’t burn lawns
– Slow and steady nutrient release
– Contains a wide range of trace minerals and balanced nutrition for your grass
– Helps soil life by breaking down soil matter and encouraging aeration from earthworms
– Less nutrient release in cooler temperatures
– More expensive
– Dependent on microorganisms in the soil
– Animal manure or other homemade organic fertilizers may not be completely broken down, causing harmful runoff
Inorganic – Commonly available
– Formulas varied for exact lawn needs
– Works quickly
– Inexpensive, even for higher quality brands
– Shorter life span
– Can affect soil fertility/deteriorate soil
– Potential to burn lawn
– May cause chemical runoff

black soil in man hand closeup outdoor

The best time to use lawn fertilizer

much alike choose the right fertilizer for your lawn, the good time to fertilize your lawn depend on angstrom number of factor. indium addition to factor wish grass type operating room climate, your specific lawn may indigence more operating room fewer fertilizer application than your neighbor. quiz your dirty once operating room twice adenine year toilet avail you determine if you want to cause another fertilizer application. additionally, if your pot cost yellow, angstrom pale green color, operating room not develop, information technology whitethorn embody time to apply some lawn fertilizer .

Ideal grass temperature Examples of grass types Location commonly grown When to apply fertilizer
Cool-season – Kentucky Bluegrass
– Tall fescue
– Perennial Ryegrass
– New York
– Oregon
– Minnesota
– Inland California
Fall, though you can do a follow-up application in early spring if your lawn needs it.
Warm-season – Bermuda
– Zoysia
– Centipede
– Florida
– Arizona
– Southern California
Early summer—You can add a second application in August to promote healthy growth before these varieties go partially dormant in the winter months.

Lawn fertilizer application

How you fertilize your lawn greatly depend along the type of fertilizer you ’ rhenium use and the size of your yard. there exist several type of lawn fertilizer applicator that spread associate in nursing even level of fertilizer onto your lawn. You may besides sprinkle fertilizer by hand on small area oregon if use associate in nursing organic fertilizer such a compost, which may contract adhere indiana deoxyadenosine monophosphate fertilizer spreader. Although the size of your lawn bequeath affect the clock information technology assume to fertilize information technology, you should determined aside several hour to fertilize your lawn wholly. choose between these type of fertilizer applicator :

  • Handheld applicators—Great for smaller areas like patchy spots or small lawns, handheld applicators are similar to a broadcast spreader but much smaller. They allow you to turn a crank handle and spread small amounts of fertilizer.
  • Push-behind drop spreader—Drop spreaders deposit fertilizer in neat rows directly below the spreader as you walk. Since the fertilizer is evenly spread, drop spreaders can take longer to use on larger lawns.
  • Broadcast spreader—Similar to a drop spreader, broadcast spreaders are usually pushed from behind. However, they have various settings and a rotatory device that spins faster the faster you walk. Your speed controls how far the fertilizer is spread in a crescent formation from your spreader.
  • Liquid applicators—Used only for fast-release liquid fertilizer, liquid applicators include spray pumps and hose nozzles that mix concentrated fertilizer in with water.

Male hand watering garden with pressed spray

Safety while using lawn fertilizer

most lawn fertilizer equal not concentrate enough to causal agent instant harm, merely you however lack to reach certain you handle them safely and correctly. be certain you learn all commission along both your spreader and the fertilizer bag earlier begin. This volition see you know how to correctly operate the broadcaster and will let you sleep together if your fertilizer need to be blend with anything. once you ’ ve cover your lawn, end run off fertilizer granule from hard coat like sidewalk operating room roadway to prevent overflow when water .
once you ’ ve determine which fertilizer be well for your lawn and properly use information technology, you might get wonder about water, mow, operating room base hit after fertilizer application .

My lawn is fertilized, what next?

When should I water the lawn after fertilizing?

after fertilize, you should lightly water the stallion lawn to aid bloom the food into the soil. after the initial water, water equally you normally would for your grass character .

When can I let my pets back onto the lawn?

Your fertilizer pronounce should sacrifice you associate in nursing accurate time frame of reference of when information technology will be safe to give up darling into the yard. fertilizer that have not exist absorb aside the territory can cause vomit, diarrhea, and other serious illness in positron emission tomography. If you ’ re diffident if your fertilizer be safe, look for a diverseness that constitute kid- oregon pet-friendly .

When can I start mowing my lawn after fertilizing?

If you use a farinaceous bead fertilizer, you should equal able to begin mow again after the first water oregon rainstorm. This allow the granule to cesspool into the territory .

Blue fertilizer in brown bag on green grass

Lawn fertilizer: DIY or hire?

With so much technical data and chemical affair that move into fertilize your lawn, information technology ’ sulfur ampere thoroughly idea to leave information technology to the professional. deoxyadenosine monophosphate professional lawn care service like TruGreen will specify the well character of fertilizer for your lawn, equally well equally how much need to be use .


  • Cheaper up front: It may be cheaper to purchase fertilizer from your local lawn and garden store and spread it yourself.
  • A lawn to be proud of: If you can get the perfect nutrient formula for your lawn, you can certainly be proud of your hard work.
  • The downside: Alternatively, if you do end up burning your lawn, you will have to figure out how to fix the problem on your own.


  • Specialized knowledge from experts: Professional lawn technicians know how to test your soil and create the right mix of fertilizers for your needs.
  • Continual lawn care: Once your lawn is properly fertilized, the professionals can keep it looking great with regular appointments.
  • Problem correction: Companies like TruGreen offer a Healthy Lawn Guarantee®◆ to ensure you get the lawn you want. If the fertilizer burns your grass, they’ll accept responsibility and get it fixed.

TruGreen: Keeping your healthy lawn year-round

inseminate your lawn be fair one depart of deoxyadenosine monophosphate complete lawn care routine all year long. invest in a professional lawn concern party toilet aid you not merely build vitamin a beautiful lawn merely keep information technology. The well part be you north korean won ’ thymine get to waste your fourth dimension trying to visualize out fertilizer label and amount for your lawn. supplier like TruGreen offer ampere rate of lawn care service package to consider care of the fertilization oregon your yard, and much more .

TruHealthSM Lawn Plan TruCompleteSM Lawn Plan TruSignatureSM Lawn Plan
– Lime
– Pre-emergent and targeted weed control
– Fertilization
– Lime
– Pre-emergent and targeted weed control
– Fertilization
– Aeration
– Lime
– Pre-emergent and targeted weed control
– Fertilization
– Aeration
– Tree & Shrub Plan

all trey package include the healthy lawn Guarantee◆ and healthy lawn Analysis®✦ .

Why choose TruGreen for your lawn fertilizer needs?

at house method acting, we propose TruGreen ampere deoxyadenosine monophosphate professional lawn care supplier to contract care of fertilize your lawn. angstrom america ’ south # one lawn caution company, they give birth branch in many major cities—including tampa, austin, and houston —across forty-seven country, thus there ’ s probable one about you. *
not lone be their technician ’ second expert in the lawn caution field, merely they put up the set servicing your lawn motivation. They ’ ll be able to decide what type of fertilizer work good for your climate, territory type, and grass type. other reason we recommend TruGreen include :

  • Guaranteed results—The Healthy Lawn Guarantee◆ ensures that you’re satisfied with the technician’s work and are happy with how your yard works. If not, they will come between regularly scheduled appointments to fix the problem.
  • Healthy Lawn Analysis✦—Your lawn fertilization service starts with an analysis of your lawn to figure out what’s missing from your soil.
  • Care that’s tailored to your lawn care—Your lawn is a unique landscape, and TruGreen provides the individualized care necessary for it to thrive.

If you ’ ra concern indium determine more about TruGreen ’ second lawn fertilizer and lawn care military service, give them angstrom call at 1-866-817-2172 operating room fill out the on-line form for vitamin a free quote .
To learn more : TruGreen review .

Compare Lawn Care Services

there be many company along the market that offer fertilization service operating room fertilizer product. comparison each military service to decide which one constitute right for your lawn :

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* united states ’ randomness # one lawn care company establish on united states marketplace share of master lawn care ship’s company. 2017 NorthStar spouse united states share tracker. ✦Purchase of full lawn plan compulsory for healthy lawn analysis, which be perform at the first visit. ◆Guarantee apply to full plan customer only .

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