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Trying to figure out how to tie a knot in a shirt? It’s a super easy and a great way to accentuate your waist or create a waistline!

Let’s talk about how to tie a knot in a shirt

If you ’ re wearing an outsize tee, or want to create or accentuate a girdle when wearing a hedge, tying your tee in a knot is a perfect solution. So let me show you how to tie a knot in a shirt .
But first permit ’ s address a few questions about knotting a shirt .

Which shirts are best for knotting your tee? 

Most jersey sour for knotting, but an outsize tee withs some stretch will decidedly work the best .
besides, if you watch the television below, you ’ ll see how I tuck the bottom of the tee underneath. If your tee is besides large, it might cause some bulk when you tuck it under. so choose one that ’ s not super thickly or really oversized.

Do your shirts stretch out from knotting your t-shirts? 

I haven ’ t had any issues with shirts stretching out. They get wrinkled from being in the knot, but vitamin a soon as I wash them, they go back to their original shape .

Is it best to knot your shirt in the middle or on the side?

This is wholly personal preference. I like knotting my t-shirts a little off to the side, but you can do it in the in-between or on the very side. Whatever spirit best for you !

What happens when I lift my arms?

This is one of my most frequently asked questions when I talk about knotting my tees. Do my stomach or undergarments show when I lift my arms with a knotted tee ? hera ’ s my answer…I preceptor ’ thymine truly lift my arms that much during the day. Are you lifting your arms often during the day ? ?

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But besides, when you knot your tee, pull your nautical mile tight sol the knot is tight but the tee still has some diarrhea. You don ’ thymine want all the framework pulled tightly into the tee. The relax will allow for batch of movement without exposing everything .

Watch the video to see how knot my shirt

Here’s how I knot my t-shirts

  1. Gather your tee into a “ ponytail ”

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  2. Wrap it around itself and create a knot. Pull your ravel close so it won ’ thyroxine come unleash .
  3. Make surely your tee international relations and security network ’ thyroxine pulling tightly into the ravel .
  4. Tuck the bottom of your tee under so it hits around your natural shank .


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