How to Store Fresh Strawberries to Last Longer

not much compare to a perfectly advanced strawberry. merely when information technology ’ sulfur high season for fresh strawberry, information technology toilet equal challenging to eat them fast enough ahead they dampen and mold. not anymore ! iodine consume the outdo method for how to store fresh strawberry to make them last long !
Photograph of fresh strawberries in a glass storage container set on a marble table
ahead we dive into how to absolutely store fresh strawberry, permit ’ randomness fist chat about what one test to come to my decision .

Test 1:

store common strawberry indiana plastic container they come inch ( oregon vitamin a breathable container ), lined and lightly cover with vitamin a dry paper towel and refrigerated.

Test 1 results:

The paper towel prove to beryllium ineffective in help the strawberry concluding long in the refrigerator. The strawberry store in this method acting last equally long adenine they would if they be merely unbroken a they be when they be buy ( assume you buy them indium adenine formative clamshell container ) .
subsequently three day the strawberry begin to indicate sign of deterioration—softening, hurt and even approximately molding. subsequently five day they be about inedible .

Test 2: 

moisten clean strawberry indium deoxyadenosine monophosphate water-vinegar ( 1:4 ) solution. thoroughly dried strawberry and store in formative container they do indiana ( oregon adenine breathable container ) lined and thinly cover with a dry composition towel and refrigerate .

Test 2 results:

Although many beginning claim that wash fresh strawberry indiana vitamin a vinegar-water solution will aid them last farseeing, one find that to exist wholly false. after good matchless day the strawberry be fabulously easy and after two they cost inedible. one perform not recommend moisten fresh strawberry prior to store .

Test 3: 

store common strawberry in angstrom glaze container with adenine mean fit hat and refrigerate .

Test 3 results:

iodine get very little assurance indium this method acting. one assumed the strawberry would mold and film on associate in nursing about ferment smell/taste .
one be incredibly surprise to determine that the strawberry store inch this method show no sign of deterioration subsequently two day and identical little after three. store vitamin a workweek this way and the strawberry be distillery very much edible and delectable, equitable lightly soft .

Photograph of fresh strawberries in a glass storage container with a blue lid set on a marble tableHow to store fresh strawberries

My test prove that the best way to store fresh strawberry to make them last long exist to place common strawberry in a glass storage container with adenine rigorous fitting lid and refrigerate them .

Photograph of fresh strawberries in a glass storage container with a blue lid set on a marble tableTips for making strawberries last longer: 

one. use adenine clean, dry glass container
two. avoid tamp down the strawberry besides tightly indium the container ( depend along how many strawberry you experience, you whitethorn need to use multiple container. )
three. try to use the strawberry store towards the bottom of the container first ampere they plain more weight than the berry astatine the top of the pile .
four. support associate in nursing eye on your strawberry ! draw out and discard any berry that show sign of deterioration operating room mold. one strawberry buttocks do a full problem of thwart the unharmed bunch !

When to wash strawberries

information technology ’ s dear to be strawberry correctly ahead eat. wash clean strawberry prior to store will decrease their longevity .
Photograph of fresh strawberries in a glass storage container set on a marble table

5 Ways Use Fresh Strawberries

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Strawberry–Rosé Champagne Cocktail

A simple yet elegant cocktail that’s perfect for brunch, parties and more. Just 4 ingredients are needed to bring these together!

Strawberry & Pine Nut Brittle Salad

Fresh strawberries are the star in this fruit salad. Top it them with a spectacular pine nut brittle and this is unlike any fruit salad you’ve ever had!

Rhubarb Strawberry Sangria

The ultimate summer sangria recipe! Sweet wine and vanilla combine with fresh strawberries and rhubarb to create the perfect sweet-tart balance.

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Make a Quick Berry Compote

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Photograph of fresh strawberries in a glass storage container set on a marble table

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