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When it comes to pets, it ’ s decidedly the more, the alert ! If you have a family with both dogs and cats, you know how amazing that jazz band can be ( particularly when your frank and cat are doing something adorable like snuggling ). hush, there will be moments where they annoy one another or steal each others ’ food or, in the encase of dogs, do something gross like getting into the cat-o’-nine-tails ’ sulfur bedding material box and eating what it finds there .
Dogs getting into the litter box and eating kat crap is easily one of the top problems owners of both dogs and cats deal with. It can be a huge job trying to keep your puppy out of the litter corner ! Believe it or not, there is a reason your chase is engaging in this demeanor, and there are several ways you can keep them from doing it again .
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Ew, Why Is My frump Getting into the Cat Litter ?

The habit of eating dope, referred to as coprophagia, may be super gross to us, but it ’ second convention doggo behavior. Dogs are scavengers ; they will eat pretty much anything they come across. And they find vomit stern to be particularly delightful treats because it smells like big cat food to them. The reason it does ? A cat ’ s digestive nerve pathway is on the shorter side, then frequently, their dope can contain nutrients such as protein that haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate been in full digested.

In a much rare case, your pup may be chowing down on dope due to a health problem. Certain checkup disorders like diabetes mellitus, Cushing ’ south disease, and intestinal malabsorption / maldigestion can make your frank feel as though they are constantly athirst. The solution is them gobbling down anything that resembles food in the flimsy .

Will Cat Poop or Litter Harm My Dog ?

While most of the time a frump eating kat nincompoop will be okay, it can harm them, so it ’ s a behavior that should be highly discouraged. Cat crap can contain a host of different bacteria and parasites that can make your puppy ill. Bacteria can include salmonella, campylobacter, and clostridium, amongst others. To make matters worse, salmonella can be transmitted from dog to human. Cat stern can besides pass along worms, equally well as a leech responsible for toxoplasmosis ( which your dog can then transfer to you via a nice sloppy pooch kiss ) .
adenine far as litter goes, it can besides be dangerous to your frump in big quantities. If your frank eats enough bedding material, it can result in a obstruction in the intestines. The effective news program is that most dogs would need to eat a long ton of litter for this to occur. however, if you ’ ve caught your chase nosh in the litter box ( specially if you have clumping litter ), keep an eye on their intestine movements. If it seems like your puppy is having trouble going or if their nincompoop looks unlike than common, get them to a vet .

The 7 Ways To Keep Dogs Away from Litter Boxes

Below you ’ ll find seven ways you can help keep your frank out of your cat ’ sulfur bedding material box. They ’ re all relatively childlike, but a couple do require some clock and campaign on your part .


Clean your big cat ’ sulfur litter box frequently

clean out your cat ’ s bedding material box adenine frequently as you can, preferably american samoa soon as potential after they use it. This method acting is one that requires your time. It ’ s most useful for those who are home for the majority of the day ( let ’ s face it, if you work outside the base 8 hours a day, you won ’ t be able to do this ). If you can ’ thyroxine clean the litter box after every function, try to at least check it at least twice a day. The quicker you get in there, the less often your andiron will be able to get a treat .
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Cover the litter box

This one is an easy repair to the problem, but it depends on both your cat and frank to be successful. Covered litter boxes can make some felines nervous because they don ’ thymine like find as though they ’ re trapped. Depending on your computerized tomography, this may not be a good choice. then there ’ s your frump ’ sulfur size. This is great to keep larger dogs out of the bedding material, but if you have a lap dog, they ’ ll be able to fit their pass in for a agile sample easily .


Get automated

If you aren ’ t base frequently enough to clean up after your guy every time they use the litter box, or your cat doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate like the idea of a cover box, you may want to try an automatize bedding material box. These litter boxes are fabulous because they will clean themselves after each use. The downsides are they might make your cat aflutter, they can be pricey, and if your andiron is super-fast, it might be able to get in there before the self-cleaning begins .


Place your cat ’ south bedding material box somewhere high

Cats love to be up above everybody else, so they may enjoy their litter box being up on a counter or table. And, unless your dog is bombastic or particularly apt at climbing, they won ’ t be able to get it. however, if you have limited quad in higher areas and will need to use the space for other things, the mind of a litter box being there might squick you out .


Keep the bedding material box area gated

If changing your guy ’ randomness type of litter box international relations and security network ’ t an option, nor is placing it higher, you might want to try a pet gate. Putting up a favored gate will block access to the litter box for your puppy, and voila, problem solved ! But how will the big cat get to it ? You can get a pet gate that has a small pet door in it to let your big cat in and out. Of course, that will lone work if your dog and kat aren ’ t close in size .


Use a dog-proof door latch

similar to putting your big cat ’ mho bedding material box in a gate area, you can besides confine it to a room then use a dog-proof doorway latch. With one of these, you can leave the door to the litter corner area cracked open adequate for your caterpillar to slip through while ensuring the crack is excessively narrow for your frank. This is another example where your pets being close in size will make this a poor solution .


Train your chase to stay away from the litter box

One concluding choice is to train your cad to stay away from the litter box. Doing this will require the most fourth dimension and effort on your separate. Teaching your pawl the “ leave it ! ” command is credibly the easiest way to go about prepare. Say this command while offering your whelp a treat that ’ south way tastier than computerized tomography crap, and finally, they ’ ll calculate out that being estimable equals a delicious bite. There ’ s no guarantee they won ’ triiodothyronine slip into the litter box the second you leave the room, however, so it might be better to use this in junction with another option from the list.

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decision : Keeping Dogs Out Of Cat Litter Boxes

Your doggo may love hanging out in your caterpillar ’ sulfur litter box and eating nincompoop, but it ’ randomness actually in their ( and your ) best interest that they not. There are excessively many health issues that could arise from doing this ( some of which could be passed along to you ). This behavior can be hard to break, though, since you ’ re basically taking away what ’ randomness akin to a treat. The simplest way to get your frank out of the litter box will be cutting off access to it, getting a different character of litter box, or cleaning the box constantly. once this is done, you can be sure your cad will be much healthier ( if possibly a bite poutier ! ) .

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