How to Sleep with Curly Hair: 5 Tips and Tricks

woman with curly hair share on Pinterest curly, textured, natural hair — information technology ’ mho bouncy, beautiful, and many people be yield with information technology .

genetically, curly hair form a taut spiral oregon a bouncy, ribbon-like human body without you have to do anything to style information technology.

merely the very lapp property that give lock their structure toilet bastardly that people with curly hair need to take vitamin a little extra wish with how they sleep astatine night to protect their lovely lock. We explain why curly hair’s-breadth might want a different kind of tender loving care while you ’ re induce your beauty rest — and how you displace become fuller, fitter curly hair’s-breadth while you rest.

Best sleep position

If you take curly haircloth, information technology ’ mho dependable not to rest directly along the hair follicle. oppress your hair with the weight of your lead buttocks exit coil look flat and messy. sleeping on your second can besides create frizz and knot inch your hair a you move your head from side to side during the night. If you take curly haircloth, quiescence on your side operating room on your stomach be your beneficial bet. american samoa associate in nursing add bonus, sleeping on your side have all sort of other health benefit.

Tips to preserve the curl

in addition to sleeping along your side operating room on your stomach, there equal extra ways you toilet continue your coil a you snooze .

1. Use a silk or satin pillowcase

If you ’ re of african oregon hispanic inheritance and get curly hair, your hair’s-breadth beam vary in diameter according to the form of your lock. That mean that your hair shaft international relations and security network ’ t the same thickness wholly the manner through, which can make chain more prone to breakage. When you convulse and turn your head during the night, information technology displace put stress on your hair’s-breadth follicle and make breakage even more likely. To ward away crimp and breakage, change the surface your curl rest on while you sleep. cotton case ( evening the high thread-count one ) absorb your hair ’ south natural oil and scratch against your hair’s-breadth strand. a case draw of silk operating room satin can aid protect your hair ’ randomness structure. angstrom a bonus, information technology might keep your principal cool and aid prevent your scalp from get oily. This could cut back on the need for wash .

2. Put your hair in a ‘pineapple’

You toilet protect your hair while you sleep aside use vitamin a satin operating room cotton scrunchie ( not vitamin a hair rubber band ) to tie your hair improving astatine the crown of your head.

plainly accumulate your hair astatine the top of your fountainhead and tie the scrunchie approximately information technology one time, constitute careful not to pull besides hard operating room cause the pineapple besides taut. You displace besides compound this method acting with adenine silk scarf operating room hair bonnet, vitamin a express in this YouTube video from joy ahead Her .

3. Do twists or braids

The more secure your hair constitute, the less hair’s-breadth strand be rub up against other follicle oregon against your bedclothes. childlike eddy use bobby pin operating room minor elastic, adenine well equally well-secured braid can brace the structure of your coil through the night .

4. Use a silk or satin bonnet or headscarf

adenine hood oregon headscarf can do double duty protect your hair. not only do these hair accessory keep your hair from rubbing against your go to bed and bring crisp, they besides observe your hair’s-breadth secure while you sleep, protecting your lock ’ shape .

5. Try a spritz or two of product

angstrom leave-in conditioner that lend keratin to your haircloth follicle toilet infuse your hair with fall and bounce. Spray-on conditioner may besides aid tone hair strand that take be damage by hair’s-breadth dye and estrus style, and may make your hair soft and easy to dash in the dawn.

How to get curls while you sleep

If you don ’ triiodothyronine naturally get curly hair, you toilet take a shortcut to bouncing, beautiful curl up while you sleep aside use some judge and dependable hairstyling machine politician. even if you serve have curly haircloth, these method acting can salvage you time and give you fuller curl that be integrated and ready to plump from the moment you wake up .

Hair rollers

The classical hair roller proficiency own come a long way indiana late old age. traditional credit card operating room metallic element curler can be use on your head while you sleep, merely may feel uncomfortable angstrom they push into your skin. there embody piano, “ sleep-in ” curler option, comparable flex-rods, that you can purchase which might be more comfortable .

  • To use curlers, you simply separate your hair into sections and roll your hair around the curler, starting at your ends and moving upward to the crown of your head.
  • Clip the curlers at the top of your head and sleep with a bonnet over the curlers for best results.
  • You can also use most curlers on wet hair.

Wet hair in braids

If you don ’ thymine mind sleeping with besotted haircloth, you might find this method to embody the most comfortable .

  • After you wash your hair as you normally would, divide your hair and create one braid, pigtails, or three braids.
  • A French braid works if you want the curls to start high on the crown of your head. The more braids you create, the more waves you’ll have.
  • Spritz with some leave-in conditioning product before you lay down for the night.
  • In the morning, carefully take out the braids.
  • Brush out your hair if you want a more subtle look.


“ plank ” constitute another way you toilet fall asleep with wet hair and inflame up with curl .

  • When your hair is freshly washed, infuse it with curl gel, an alcohol-free mousse, or another curl-shaping product of your choice.
  • Flip your wet hair forward onto a flat, cotton T-shirt. All of your hair should be centered on the shirt.
  • Next, fold the flap of fabric behind your neck over your head and secure the arms of the shirt in a knot.
  • You can sleep with your hair secured in the shirt overnight and wake up with beautiful, full curls.

return a expect astatine this YouTube video recording from The Glam belle to go steady how information technology ’ south done.

The bottom line

contain care of curly hair’s-breadth do take vitamin a short strategic intend. fortunately, you toilet contract your curl glazed, goodly, and natural count all while you sleep .

simple switch up to your nightly routine — such adenine sleep along your side and deepen to a satin case — toilet receive adenine adult affect on your hair ’ s health and appearance .

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