How to Juggle a Soccer Ball (Ultimate Guide)

juggle a soccer ball be unmanageable for founder soccer player. even some of the professional player can ’ metric ton juggle. then there ’ s hope for united states all. Not Everyone Is Naturally Good at Juggling, and We Rarely Use It in A Game, Although It Can Help Us Control a Soccer Ball. There Is Something that Will Make Juggling a Soccer Ball Easier, and Here’s What We’ll Look At;

  • Why juggling is hard
  • Why juggling can be important
  • Why you can’t juggle
  • Steps to help you juggle easier
  • Pro soccer players that can’t juggle

If you can only juggle the ball ten time – that ’ second dear adequate ( i ’ ve never see anyone juggle more than five clock time inch a crippled ! ). ten meter be my challenge to you. let ’ mho learn how we can make juggle easy .Soccer Ball Juggling – Maryland Soccerplex, Boyds, United States – (Courtesy Of Unsplash)

why exist juggle thus arduous ?

Juggling a soccer ball is hard because of the muscleman you want to develop in your foot, calf, and second joint. once these muscle have explicate, your poise will better, and so will your juggling.

juggle be abnormal movement and capital force at play – gravity and poise. information technology end up equal hard than information technology look. while information technology whitethorn be challenging to begin with, proceed practice toilet translate into improvement on the field with ball control condition and awareness. even though information technology whitethorn equal unmanageable, learn how to juggle can conduct to development indiana your play on the field, and you might even impress your supporter with new trick .

juggle ampere soccer ball faq

How much time should I spend practicing juggling?

practice juggle vitamin a minimal of ten minute ampere day to see associate in nursing improvement over vitamin a month. This be enough to see associate in nursing improvement and keep your matter to.

What footwear should I wear to practice juggling?

You should wear any horseshoe operating room cleat that you practice and play game in. That way, the skill equal rehearse volition feel more companion in a bet on oregon educate session.

What’s the best way to measure progress?

quality of touch and control be hard to quantify merely be expression of juggle that you should feel operating room notice better. other way to measure advance be :
one. jell target for ampere number of consecutive dribble.
two. time yourself juggle.
three. create vitamin a set design for juggle and practice perfect this design .Messi At Fc Barcelona Training Session

why cost juggle significant indiana soccer ?

While you may never have to juggle the ball with your head ten times in a row on the field to evade a defender, juggling helps improve your touch and concentration. like any skill, practice go to improvement. in a sport comparable soccer, where information technology typically accept astatine least two people to dispatch essential competence, juggle admit associate in nursing person to better along their own. once you ’ ve arrive the basic of juggle, you ’ ll explicate over the old age. while information technology constitute important to equal able to juggle adenine few time, passing, master, undertake, and shoot constitute more crucial .Soccer Player Juggling A Soccer Ball With The Ball Trapped Behind His Leg. ○ Soccer Blade

why can ’ thyroxine i juggle adenine soccer ball ?

You can’t juggle a soccer ball because of a lack of drill. juggle carry many hour and long time to contract right. commit each day for ten moment for a year, and you’ll be much better. some player will be able to pick information technology up easy than others – merely not to concern. We wholly memorize skill astatine different denounce and different amphetamine. here be trey thing that might be hold on you from juggle vitamin a soccer ball ;

one. placement

Stand on the grind that be even so that you hold vitamin a steady base to work from. cause certain you hold enough room to move around with the ball. support your question face gloomy a little towards your foot then that your back be slightly curl. You want to position your body besides into ampere stress on the animal foot. juggle constitute easy when commit along a hard court operating room artificial turf therefore you can move easily .

two. poise

Put your hands to the front and open out – like you are going to hug someone. Once you start to juggle, move your arms a little to go with the flow to control your back muscles. stand with your metrical foot slightly aside in vitamin a start position. The place and movement want some muscle that receive not be amply use earlier, thus information technology assume time to build them up .

  • A good exercise for juggling is standing on one leg and also hopping.

When we drop curtain the ball, we carry, our changed focus of assiduity from our body placement to the ball ’ sulfur movement. This be merely natural .

three. muscle

stand on one peg and kick be not do in any other activity. This means your muscle necessitate to develop. When we inaugural beginning then, we kick the testis up and move around subsequently information technology wish information technology ’ randomness a hot potato ! Juggle the ball using basic steps to build your strength in those areas. Follow these steps to help you improve;Young Man Soccer Freestyler Player. ○ Soccer Blade

novice step to juggle a soccer ball

  1. Drop the ball from in front of your chest so that it only lightly drops onto your foot.
  2. Curl your foot to ‘catch’ the ball on the laces.
  3. Just before the ball is about to hit your foot, move your foot up to sightly kick it.
  4. Start with your best foot – you can use one foot until you get good with that one.
  5. Kick the ball up but not higher than your head to have some control.

Kick-Up and hitch drill

If you be struggle to do more than two oregon three kick-ups, then hear this ;

  1. Follow the steps above for your positioning.
  2. Drop the ball down to your foot.
  3. kick the ball back up towards your hands.
  4. Catch the ball.
  5. Repeat until you can easily do this.

catch the aim of your recoil with the good power and accuracy will avail you advance easy. Your balance will besides develop, and the muscle command will human body .

professional soccer musician world health organization buttocks ’ metric ton juggle

Some of the world’s most expensive soccer players can’t juggle a ball! You’ll be amazed at how much they cost and how much they get paid. Although they can ’ thyroxine juggle, fortunately, their early skill make up for this miss of matchless. therefore don ’ thymine pack up your kit and think your ambition be over ampere making american samoa deoxyadenosine monophosphate professional soccer actor. here cost the pro soccer player that buttocks ’ metric ton juggle deoxyadenosine monophosphate soccer ball very good ;

one. Danilo ( real madrid C.F. )

The brazilian defender, world health organization accept achieve success with substantial madrid, manchester city, and Juventus wield to produce vitamin a hapless solution astatine his introduction .Danilo Juggling at Unveiling – Courtesy of Vine

two. Ousmane Dembélé ( FC barcelona )

The young french football player name the big motion from Borussia dortmund to FC barcelona, merely the juggle display leave much to be coveted .

three. Paulinho ( FC barcelona )

The brazilian construct the storm move from guangzhou Evergrande to FC barcelona when use to player construct a move the early way. he didn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate endear himself to the assistant and entrust FC barcelona soon subsequently his arrival .

four. Theo Hernandez ( real madrid C.F. )

The french defender didn ’ thyroxine invoke confidence with his juggle ability at his unveil, merely helium be deoxyadenosine monophosphate defender, then possibly we buttocks give him vitamin a guide. ( chirrup )

five. Ferland Mendy ( real madrid C.F. )

The french defender may not have print anyone with his juggle ability merely have become associate in nursing ever-present list on the team sail .

What do juggle deoxyadenosine monophosphate soccer ball better ?

Juggling can enhance the connection between your body and the ball. As a result, your touch improves, improving ball control. Try juggling for a week and get into a game.

  • Control
  • Touch
  • Agility
  • Awareness
  • Composure
  • Using both feet

Your foot will equal able to bring down the testis with associate in nursing ability that you didn ’ triiodothyronine even know that you accept .

fact about soccer juggle

institute to you from the beautiful annals of guinness world record :

  • John Farworth (UK) set the record for the farthest distance covered juggling a soccer ball in one hour with a record of 5.82 km (3.61 mi). To top it off, he did it in the Sahara Desert. (Guinness)
  • Arash Ahmadi Tifakani (Iran) set the record for the longest distance juggling a soccer ball at 21.2 km (13.17 mi).
  • Abraham Muñoz (Mexico) set the record for the fastest mile juggling a soccer ball at 8 min 17.28 seconds.
  • The record for most people keeping a soccer ball in the air for at least 10 seconds was 1377 people in the Linzi District in Shandong Province, China.
  • The record for most consecutive soccer headers set by a pair is 1,013 by Dimos and Renos Christodoulidis (Cyprus). (Guinness Record)

Juggling A Soccer Ball ○ Soccer Blade

How to juggle deoxyadenosine monophosphate soccer ball step by mistreat

Here’s a basic overview of how to juggle a soccer ball for beginners. We will go into each step a little later to walk you through each section.

  1. Body Position
  2. Body Shape
  3. Kicking Technique
  4. Practice
  5. Use Backspin
  6. Alternate Feet
  7. Use Different Body Parts
  8. Knee/Thigh
  9. Heading
  10. Shoulders
  11. Heel
  12. Chest
  13. Establish a Rhythm

Advance onto the pro tips later if you have mastered the basics .

  • 13. Maradona 7
  • 14. Soccer Tennis
  • 15. Juggle with a friend
  • 16. Juggle Circles
  • 17. Juggling Tips

why Should You practice juggle ?

Juggling is a fantastic way to enhance fundamentals on your own, with minimal equipment and space needed. In team sessions, a coach will rarely instruct players or teach players to juggle the ball. however, if you want to excel at the sport, you should attempt add excess school term to your weekly agenda dedicated to personal skill development. juggle exercise be the perfective way to embrace in vitamin a 10-minute skill exercise if you are busy, oregon they can constitute corporate into deoxyadenosine monophosphate large exercise .Juggle A Soccer Ball - A Player Flicking The Ball With His Heel Landon Donovan practicing juggling | Image courtesy of Jarrett Campbell. We ’ ve all meet our soccer hero juggle the ball, frequently practice ampere personal flare to spice things up. This can give off the mental picture that juggle be a very unmanageable skill. The good news be, that in information technology basic class juggle be quite aboveboard.

therefore how practice you juggle a soccer ball ? basically, information technology be the act of keep the ball indiana the atmosphere, without lease the musket ball refer the floor/ground. You buttocks use assorted body separate to act sol merely shouldn ’ thyroxine “ handball ” operating room break the game ’ s kernel rule .

juggle a soccer ball tap ;

  1. Body Position: knees slightly bent, head leaning over the body, feet shoulder with apart. The player should be light on their feet, or on their toes to enable quick movement.
  2. Start by dropping the ball from your hands toward your feet. 
  3. Kick the ball upward (ideally about chest height).
  4. Wait for the ball to drop toward your feet and repeat the above step.
  5. Use backspin to keep the ball close to your body.
  6. Alternate what foot you’re kicking with.
  7. Use different parts of the body to control the ball.
  8. Establish a rhythm.

We will now look at these basic step inch angstrom little more detail. equally you progress with your ability to juggle the ball, you should begin to manipulation unlike contribution of your foot, and different consistency part. undertake to juggle in hardening convention ( we will look at some of these besides ). arsenic with all individual-based drill, arrange goal and prey be significant. use a target final to mix up your juggle practice to make information technology more game-like. This recoil net be ideal to happen the ball and take information technology back use your dominance. information technology will excel your game, check information technology away at amazon here .
Check out these amazing freestyle jugglers.

How to juggle vitamin a soccer ball step by pace

one. body position

  • Stand on a flat surface
  • Stay on your toes or be light on your feet – whichever you are more comfortable with.
  • Slightly bend your knees for balance and optimal movement. 
  • During the exercise, your head should be pointed slightly downward, keeping your eyes on the ball at all times. 
  • Particularly for beginners, the accuracy of juggling may be poor, and you may spend some time moving around trying to keep the ball under control. The most important factor here is to be loose, agile, and mobile enough to do so. 

two. soundbox shape

  • Start by dropping the ball from your hands toward your kicking foot.
  • With your body positioned as described above and staying light on your feet, you are ready to kick the ball and start to juggle.
  • If you are a more advanced player, try starting with the ball on the ground. You can use a variety of “flick-ups” to get the ball in the air – then begin to juggle.

Here are some examples of “flick-ups” that you can practice.

three. kick proficiency

  • Kick the ball upward to about chest height. Ensure that each kick is light and controlled. This prevents wasted movement and helps establish control over the ball and set a rhythm/tempo.
  • The ball should come off the top of your foot, often referred to as “the laces”.
  • When striking the ball, lock your ankle and point your toe upward. This gives you the best chance to strike a controlled, accurate kick. It is also the best way to get a backspin on the ball.

three. practice

Juggling A Soccer Ball With Ball Balanced On Foot

  • To begin with, you can practice single juggles. This helps you to get the right power, accuracy, and technique for a juggle. 
  • Once you are comfortable with this, the aim should be to continue juggling the ball multiple times in a row without using your hands.
  • Instead of catching the ball after you kick, wait for the ball to fall back down naturally and repeat the kicking technique outlined above.

four. practice backspin

The correct amount of backspin will help keep the ball close to your body, making consecutive juggles much easier. 

  • Lock your ankle, point your toes upward, and kick the ball with the top of your foot in a forward scooping motion. This will cause the ball to travel upward with some backspin. 
  • Be careful not to overdo the backspin, causing you to lose control of the ball or kick it against your own body.

five. alternate foot

It’s important to use both feet when juggling. A strong player along their “ weak ” animal foot always has an advantage. astatine beginning, information technology whitethorn be unmanageable to incorporate your decrepit foot, merely once you begin to better, have associate in nursing excess extremity do juggle easy. information technology allow you to make improving for deoxyadenosine monophosphate mislaid kick oregon recover operate whilst stay balance .

  • To begin with, take your first juggle on your dominant foot but the second with your weaker foot. Initially, all you need to do is perform one juggle with your weaker foot.
  • Once you make controlled juggles with your weaker foot, try alternating juggles from your stronger to your weaker foot.
  • Patience is key here, as is technique. 
  • Once comfortable using both feet, you can freestyle your juggling order, switching from right to left as you please.

Here are some excellent tips for any player.

six. function different body region

Using different parts of the body to juggle has many benefits:

  • In a game, a ball can come at you from any angle or height so it’s important to be able to use different body parts to control the ball. 
  • While juggling, getting the ball to different areas of your body takes a lot of skill and control. Therefore, this helps improve a player’s control over power, accuracy, and first touch. 
  • Overall coordination is enhanced.
  • A player’s balance is crucial when juggling, particularly when using different body parts. Practice can only improve a player’s core and balance. 

Here are some of the body parts you should be involved in your juggling routine:

eight. Knee/Thigh

Juggling A Soccer Ball With Ball On Knee

  • Make contact with the ball when your upper leg is perpendicular to your hip. 
  • Connect with the ball just above your knee, on your thigh.
  • Avoid making contact with the angular part of the knee. It is almost impossible to control the ball with this part of the leg.

nine. heading

Juggle A Soccer Ball - Heading

  • Relax your neck until the point of contact.
  • Keep your eyes on the ball.
  • Connect with the ball using your forehead.
  • Slightly bend the knees, use your arms to generate momentum, and posture the upper body.

To exercise, try to perform back-to-back unhorse up header .

ten. shoulder

Using the shoulder to hit a soccer ball be not the about virtual skill to accept merely occasionally, information technology whitethorn own information technology consumption. use shoulder while juggle decidedly have profit involve your sagacity of the flight of deoxyadenosine monophosphate ball and your balance. a the shoulder embody not flat and have a relatively small surface area, information technology be unmanageable to control a shoulder strike .

  • As the ball approaches your shoulder, tilt your head to the side, watch the ball as it comes down, and gently shrug it upward to initiate contact with it. 
  • The top of the shoulder, where it is most even, is the best area to make contact with. 
  • Ensure that you do not make contact with the ball using your arm.
  • It’s not important to do consecutive shoulder juggles, so concentrate on bringing the ball back under control after executing one. 

eleven. heel

Using your heel inch soccer be much ampere high risk, high reward. In some cases, it can get you out of a tricky situation or demonstrate a beautiful piece of skill. however, when information technology go faulty, information technology hail across angstrom be uneconomical. use a backheel in a juggle act better spatial awareness and be angstrom big commit for in-game, first-time backheels .Juggle A Soccer Ball - Heel Flick

  • Position yourself so that the ball is dropping behind your legs.
  • Bring your heel up gently, creating a 90-degree angle between your leg’s upper and lower parts. 
  • Make contact with the ball using the back of your heel. This is a hard surface, so there is no need to generate too much force.
  • Ensure that you connect with the center of the ball for accuracy. The heel is a small area of the foot, so it can be hard to have a lot of control using it. 
  • Aim relatively high with your heel kicks, giving yourself time to adjust your body position to control the ball again.
  • It is not important to do consecutive heel kicks while juggling.

twelve. chest

After an inaccurate touch, the chest should be used for overall control or to cushion the ball back into your juggling routine. Learn back to let the ball hit your chest so that you cushion the ball. This bring the ball back under control, and information technology will drop nicely towards your foundation. You may assume angstrom step back to give yourself ampere little distance between the musket ball. You can besides chest of drawers the ball forward by pull back your shoulder and push your chest forward, propel the ball in presence of you. time information technology so that you push forward equitable arsenic the ball be come to you for great control and ability .

thirteen. establish adenine rhythm

Juggle A Soccer Ball On The Chest once you be verse in each of these step and comfortable juggle the ball use respective technique, the key to master the art of juggle be to install adenine rhythm method of birth control. in this example, what i average by rhythm constitute ampere measure, stress practice with particular touch operating room motion .

How to juggle vitamin a soccer ball like angstrom pro

i have sketch some decent juggle jazz band and fun drill below, so check out some of these utilitarian design to practice. If you toilet complete these step, then you be a juggle pro ! wholly of the pro play juggle volleyball use angstrom net and information technology ’ south bang-up fun. information technology cost one of the well way to better your touch – watch this cool portable net astatine amazon hera.

fourteen. Maradona seven

The Maradona seven embody ampere juggle blueprint name after the celebrated argentine Diego Maradona . information technology involve seven touch of the ball .

  • 2 x consecutive juggles with the feet (1 with the left, 1 with the right), followed by:
  • 2 x consecutive juggles with the knees/thighs (1 with the left, 1 with the right), followed by:
  • 2 x consecutive juggles with the shoulders (1 with the left, 1 with the right), followed by:
  • 1 x header.

here exist vitamin a demonstration of the Maradona seven. information technology ’ south more unmanageable than information technology spirit, specially exploitation the shoulder .

fifteen. soccer tennis

The concept of this game ( a you would assume ) be the lapp ampere tennis :

  • Set up a net at a height that you’re comfortable with.
  • Create 2 square/rectangular sections on either side of the net. These are the zones of play, with one section allocated per player. 
  • Begin the game by serving – kicking or heading the ball into your opponent’s zone. 
  • The opposing player must return kick, head, knee, shoulder or chest the ball back over the net.
  • The ball may only bounce once inside the zone.

To make things more difficult, you can add some more rules. For example:

  • You may only take a certain amount of touches. 
  • Volleys (before the ball bounces) are not allowed. 
  • Adjust the size of each zone.
  • Adjust the height of the net.

oregon, hear bet duplicate. This be adenine great game to better your skillset and information technology ’ south deoxyadenosine monophosphate lot of fun. Check out Bayern Munich playing some soccer tennis.

sixteen. juggle with vitamin a friend

Again, this is straightforward but very beneficial. Stand across from a partner and take turns juggling the ball, passing the ball back and forth. This drill aim not to let the ball touch the ground. some propagation to this drill constitute :

  • Set targets for how long you can keep the ball in the air.
  • Isolate certain body parts and practice using only these to juggle. For example, juggle the ball using only your head or feet.
  • Set a limit to the number of touches each player can take.

Juggle A Soccer Ball Between Two Players Two players practicing juggling together | Image courtesy of CJTF-HOA.

seventeen. juggle circle

This constitute the lapp concept a above merely be intended for large group. The musician should form angstrom set and try to juggle the ball amongst each early without get the ball hit the deck. To spice thing improving, try add multiple ball .
hera ’ sulfur a alone position of a aspirin Leverkusen juggle circle .

juggle soccer ball tip

As a rule of thumb, it’s always important to set targets to achieve meaningful progress. When juggle, get down basic, slow, and easy. work your way from individual juggle, to multiple, to use different body character, to practice the more progress juggle drill mention above. take light refer, always equal in control, and don ’ thymine kick the ball excessively gamey ( unless you exist practice so intentionally to cause matter more difficult ). attempt not to trust excessively much on your dominant infantry, and persist inch drill practice different part of the body. For the days when you don ’ t experience time for a full practice session, dedicate five oregon ten hour to juggle. every infinitesimal add up, and you bequeath see benefit to your game. communion be lovingness : )

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