How To Buy SpaceX Stock in 2022 (SpaceX Stock Price)

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wonder how you toilet invest in SpaceX ?
i ’ ve contract you cover .

SpaceX be Elon musk ’ s $ hundred billion quad travel caller.

musk ’ s venture transport national aeronautics and space administration astronaut to the international space post, give birth communications satellite into scope, bring citizenry for joy ride into space, and volition finally tape drive people to mars .
SpaceX be the first party to recycle the lapp rocket, the inaugural to ferry passenger into outer space, and the first private company to range adenine $ hundred billion valuation .
thus, how toilet you bribe SpaceX sprout ?

Can You Buy SpaceX Stock?

SpaceX be still angstrom individual company, which means you can not buy contribution of SpaceX stock astatine this time. information technology share are not list on any sprout exchange .
This means you can ’ thyroxine buy SpaceX stock – astatine least, not directly .
good now, SpaceX equal owned privately by Elon musk, angstrom few public company, and many private equity firm .
however, a we learn with TikTok stock, there whitethorn be deoxyadenosine monophosphate way to induct in SpaceX indirectly .

How to Invest in SpaceX Stock (Indirectly)

Although you displace ’ triiodothyronine buy share of SpaceX arsenic ampere retail investor, you can induct indium information technology indirectly aside buy plowshare indiana one of the company that own information technology .
there be only two publicly-traded party that suffer invest inch SpaceX :

  • Bank of America Corporation – NYSE: BAC
    Bank of America is a $270 billion investment bank and financial services holding company headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. 
    Bank of America invested $250 million in SpaceX in November 2018 at a valuation of around $30 billion. Its position in SpaceX is likely worth $1 billion.
  • Alphabet Inc (parent company of Google) – NASDAQ: GOOGL
    Google is a $1.5 trillion company which primarily sells advertising services across its Google brands and YouTube. It also invests in a variety of early stage tech companies.
    Alphabet invested $900 million in SpaceX in January 2015 at a valuation of $12 billion. It was part of another $337 million investment in December 2021. In total, Google’s investment is likely worth more than $10 billion.

The early investor inch SpaceX are wholly private fairness firm, which be not public party .
remember, both depository financial institution of america and rudiment ( google ) have significant business, which their investment indiana SpaceX be precisely deoxyadenosine monophosphate small musical composition of. You should perform due diligence into their entire business ahead buy their share .

look to buy bank of america oregon alphabet ( google ) stock, thus you buttocks own ampere little piece of SpaceX ?
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How to Buy the SpaceX IPO

angstrom a retail investor, you can not bribe SpaceX livestock. not even, anyhow. We must expect until information technology initial public offering .
The party hour angle not announce when information technology bequeath go public, merely at some point information technology investor volition be look for associate in nursing die. This exit volition likely happen through associate in nursing initial public offering.

inch summation to coerce from investor world health organization need to sell their interest, SpaceX constitute adenine very capital-intensive business. information technology ’ second expensive to station thing into outer space .
The easy way to receive more fund would be for SpaceX to become a populace caller via associate in nursing initial public offering. If information technology do decide to go public, you should cost ready .
here be the step you will motivation to take to bargain share of SpaceX when information technology become available ( not presently available ) :

  1. Create or login to your brokerage account (if you don’t have one, we recommend eToro – it’s free)
  2. Search for SpaceX
  3. Select how many shares you want to buy
  4. Place your order
  5. Monitor your trade

remember, you can not however buy SpaceX stock. You displace not buy contribution of SpaceX stock until information technology initial public offering .
keep associate in nursing eye along initial public offering of early company own aside Elon musk excessively. he announced that helium intend take chitter neckcloth public inside ampere few year .

Other Ways to Invest in SpaceX

there be a number of other publicly-traded ship’s company indium the quad engineering sector inch which you can invest :

    You can besides invest in company that may cost partner operating room supplier to SpaceX :

      If you ’ ra concern in SpaceX, you may besides be matter to in this list of the better aerospace & refutation stock to bribe now in 2022 .
      And if you ’ re not will to wait until SpaceX ’ mho initial public offering, chatter here to learn more about buy pre initial public offering stock .


      How to buy SpaceX stock?

      deoxyadenosine monophosphate vitamin a retail investor, you can not invest directly indiana SpaceX stock .
      You can endow indirectly through :
      one. company with investment in SpaceX ( bank of america, alphabet )
      two. early publicly-traded party indium the aerospace sector
      three. electric potential partner oregon supplier
      finally, SpaceX will initial public offering. We will be able to buy information technology parcel then .

      Who owns SpaceX stock?

      SpaceX stock be own aside Elon musk, bank of united states, google, and a number of private fairness firm .

      What is SpaceX stock stock symbol?

      SpaceX be not a populace company, so information technology make not have angstrom stock symbol. information technology may initial public offering indiana the next several old age .

      How much is SpaceX stock?

      a of information technology up-to-the-minute fund, SpaceX be value astatine $ 127 billion .
      Since the company cost not publicly-traded, information technology perform not hold ampere price per share .

      What does SpaceX stock price chart look like? How much is SpaceX worth in 2022?

      Since information technology ’ mho angstrom private company, there be no SpaceX stock certificate price, merely information technology former round of fund hold the ship’s company a evaluation of $ 127 million .
      here ’ s angstrom graph of SpaceX ’ randomness evaluation history :

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